Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Maize & Wheat Seeds

In Pakistan agriculture sector has long been the backbone, contributing significantly to GDP and providing jobs to millions across its borders. At its heart lies seed selection, one that is critical in deciding farmer yield. Here we explore the agri seeds price in Pakistan by delving deeper into their intricate world of influencers as well as the types of seeds used by farmers themselves.

Agri Seeds Price

Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan 2024

The year 2024 marks another year of agricultural promise and understanding of Agri seed prices being key components. As farmers prepare their fields for planting, knowing the cost of seeds is essential for budgeting and planning. Let’s dive into the details of Agri Seeds Prices in Pakistan for 2024.

Seed NameWeight in KGMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Canola seeds5kgRs. 1,500Rs. 1,600
Barseem seeds5kgRs. 2,700Rs. 3,000
Maiz hybrid20kgRs. 29,000Rs. 30,000
Sorghum seeds10kgRs. 1,300Rs. 1,500
Turnip seeds1kgRs. 600Rs. 700
Paddy seeds5kgRs. 7,000Rs. 9,300
Cotton seeds fuzzy1kgRs. 500Rs. 700
Okra seeds1kgRs. 1,000Rs. 1,500
Gram seeds30kgRs. 7,000Rs. 7,200
White radish seeds1kgRs. 500Rs. 1,000
Wheat seeds50kgRs. 52,000Rs. 56,000
Raya seeds5kgRs. 1,400Rs. 1,500
Onion seeds1kgRs. 900Rs. 1,150
Moong seeds10kgRs. 1,600Rs. 1,900
Sufi Canola seeds5kgRs. 1,500Rs. 1,600
Bottle gourd seeds1kgRs. 500Rs. 600
Carrot seeds10kgRs. 7,000Rs. 7,500

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Factors Influencing Agri Seed Prices

  • Crop Yield and Demand: Crop seeds that have high demand tend to command higher prices. Additionally, expected yield can have an impactful influence on these prices. However, farmers often pay more for seeds that promise a bumper harvest.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Transport issues or seed production challenges can cause supply chain disruptions that cause price fluctuations in seed. Such disruptions could create temporary shortages or surpluses that affect seed prices in various ways.
  • Government Policies: Government policies can have an enormous impact on Agri Seed Prices. Policies that promote specific crops or foster seed production could cause price variations to occur.

Types and Prices of Agri Seeds

Wheat is a staple crop in Pakistan, and the Dilkash wheat seed is a popular choice among farmers. The price for this seed typically falls within the range of Rs.104 to Rs.112 per kilogram. Canola is an oilseed crop that has gained popularity among Pakistani farmers. The price of canola seeds in Pakistan hovers around Rs.280 to Rs.300 per kilogram. It’s important to note that hybrid canola seeds may be slightly higher in price. Super Raya seeds are another option for farmers looking to cultivate oilseed crops.

The price of super raya seeds in Pakistan typically ranges from Rs.290 to Rs.310 per kilogram. Maize is a versatile crop used for various purposes, from food to animal feed. The price of maize seeds in Pakistan is approximately Rs.145 to Rs.150 per kilogram. It’s important to emphasize that these prices are subject to change based on market conditions and other variables. Farmers should stay informed about the latest price trends and make informed decisions when purchasing agri seeds.

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Overall Conclusion

As Pakistan’s agricultural sector continues to evolve, the Agri Seeds Price in 2024 serves as a critical factor in the decision-making process for farmers. Understanding the prices of various seeds, such as wheat, canola, super raya, and maize, empowers farmers to make informed choices that can impact crop yield and overall agricultural prosperity. Keeping a close watch on market dynamics and staying updated on seed prices is essential for a thriving agricultural community in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the prices mentioned for agri seeds in Pakistan fixed, or do they vary throughout the year?

Prices for agri seeds in Pakistan can fluctuate throughout the year due to factors like demand, supply, and crop performance. Farmers need to monitor these prices regularly.

What should farmers consider when choosing agri seeds for their crops?

Farmers should consider factors such as soil type, climate, crop requirements, and market demand when selecting agri seeds for their crops.

Are there any government initiatives or subsidies to support farmers in purchasing agri seeds?

The government of Pakistan may offer various agricultural subsidies and initiatives to support farmers, including subsidies on seeds. Farmers should check with local agricultural authorities for information on available programs.

How can farmers stay updated on the latest agri seed prices in Pakistan?

Farmers can stay informed about agri-seed prices by consulting with local agricultural associations, seed suppliers, and online agricultural resources that provide price updates.

Are there any recommended best practices for storing agri seeds to maintain their quality and viability?

Proper storage conditions, including temperature and humidity control, are essential to maintain the quality and viability of agri seeds. Farmers should follow the recommended storage guidelines provided by seed suppliers.

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