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If you’re planning your excursion from Bahawalpur to Multan, two bustling urban centers nestled in the heart of Punjab in Pakistan. You might be contemplating the most budget-friendly approach to reach your destination. Travelers going from Bahawalpur to Multan often prefer the railway for its affordability and scenic views. The train journey provides a unique opportunity to witness the picturesque landscapes of Punjab while reaching your destination comfortably. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Bahawalpur to Multan train ticket price, the train schedule, and the available options to help you plan your trip seamlessly.

Bahawalpur To Multan Train Ticket Price

Bahawalpur To Multan Train Ticket Price Today

Before commencing your expedition, it is imperative to acquaint yourself with the prevailing rates of train tickets. The fares for train journeys can fluctuate contingent on your chosen travel class and the specific type of train you select. Below, you’ll find an outline of the approximate ticket prices for the most commonly selected classes:

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BerthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Karachi ExpressRs. 600Rs. 650Rs. 1250Rs. 700Rs. 1300
Rehman Baba ExpressRs. 300Rs. 350Rs. 1450Rs. 850N/A
Hazara ExpressRs. 350Rs. 400N/ARs. 600N/A
Awam ExpressRs. 350Rs. 400N/ARs. 600N/A
Zakariya ExpressRs. 350Rs. 400Rs. 1150Rs. 600N/A
Pakistan ExpressRs. 300Rs. 350N/AN/AN/A
Khyber MailRs. 350Rs. 400Rs. 1150Rs. 600Rs. 1250
Jaffar ExpressRs. 600Rs. 650Rs. 1250Rs. 700Rs. 1300
Karachi ExpressRs. 600Rs. 650Rs. 1250Rs. 700Rs. 1300

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Bahawalpur to Multan Train Timetable

A successful journey commences with a thorough grasp of the train schedule. Trains traversing the Bahawalpur to Multan route adhere to a varied timetable throughout the day. Here is a glimpse of some of the renowned trains and their respective schedules:

Train NameDeparture TimeDestination Arrival Time
Khyber Mail11:10 AM12:50 PM
Awam Express9:54 PM11:20 PM
Bahauddin Zakria Express7:52 AM9:50 AM
Jaffar Express12:29 AM1:55 AM
Karachi Express4:26 AM5:50 AM
Shalimar Express5:27 PM6:50 PM
Pakistan Express12:55 AM2:20 AM
Tezgam5:30 AM6:50 AM

Bahawalpur to Multan Train List

Travelers journeying from Bahawalpur to Multan have a selection of trains to choose from to make their transit both convenient and enjoyable. This train list provides options catering to various preferences and requirements.

  • Khyber Mail
  • Jaffar Express
  • Awam Express
  • Karachi Express
  • Pakistan Express
  • Rehman Baba Express
  • Zakariya Express
  • Karachi Express
  • Hazara Express

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Overall Conclusion

Traveling from Bahawalpur to Multan by train offers an affordable and comfortable option to explore these two enchanting cities. The Bahawalpur to Multan train ticket price is budget-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of travelers. Don’t forget to check the train schedule and choose the class that suits your preferences to enjoy a memorable journey through the heart of Punjab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I book a train ticket from Bahawalpur to Multan?

You can book train tickets online through the official website of Pakistan Railways or visit the nearest railway booking office.

Are there any discounts available for students or senior citizens?

Yes, Pakistan Railways offers discounts for students and senior citizens. Make sure to carry valid identification to avail of these discounts.

Can I purchase a ticket on the day of travel?

While it’s possible to buy tickets on the day of travel, it’s recommended to book in advance to secure your seat, especially during peak travel seasons.

Are there any dining facilities on the trains?

Many trains offer dining car services where you can enjoy meals and refreshments during your journey.

How long is the train journey from Bahawalpur to Multan?

The train journey typically takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the specific train and its stops along the route.

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