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Paint has the remarkable ability to transform the appearance of our living spaces, breathing new life into our surroundings. In the realm of paint brands, Berger Paint stands as a prominent choice among homeowners in Pakistan. If you’re contemplating the use of Berger Paint for your next project, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with its pricing, suppliers, and the benefits it brings to the table. Embarking on a painting project can be both exciting and daunting, and understanding the dynamics of Berger Paint price can be a game-changer in this journey.

Berger Paint Price

Current Berger Paint Price in Pakistan

One of the key aspects of any painting project is cost. Berger Paint prices in Pakistan may differ significantly based on factors like paint type, quantity required, and surface area covered. However, current estimates range from Rs 765 up to an extensive Rs 7,684. This range enables Berger to meet diverse budgetary constraints and project needs alike. perfect for touch-up jobs as well as large renovations!

Berger Distemper Price in Pakistan:

Distemper TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
SPD Smooth Emulsion3.64 LitreRs. 2,548
Silk Emulsion1 LitreRs. 2,112
LIFEplus + Emulsion3.64 LitreRs. 6,812

Berger Enamel Oil Paint Price in Pakistan:

Enamel Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
NU Enamel New0.91 LitreRs. 1,101
VIP Super Gloss Enamel Metallic0.91 LitreRs. 1,289

Berger Weather Shield Price in Pakistan:

Weather Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Weather coat Exterior Emulsion1 LitreRs. 1,586
Weather Pro4 LitreRs. 4,323

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Berger Wall Putty Price in Pakistan:

Putty TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Berger Exterior Wall Putty20 KgRs. 7,684
Berger NU PuttyGallonRs. 765
Berger Wall Putty6 KgRs. 1,368

Berger Matt Finish Price in Pakistan:

Matt Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Elegance Matt Emulsion4 LitreRs. 5,909
Berger All-Rounder Matt EnamelGallonRs. 5,400

Berger Timbercoat Price in Pakistan:

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Timbercoat Sanding Sealer0.91 LitreRs. 2,072
Timbercoat Clear Wood Lacquer0.91 LitreRs. 1,805
Timbercoat Acid Catalyzed Matt Lacquer0.91 LitreRs. 1,686
Timbercoat Polyurethane Lacquer0.91 LitreRs. 1,805
Timbercoat Thinner0.91 LitreRs. 1,160

Berger Seepage Solution Paint Price in Pakistan:

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Water Based Primer3.64 LitreRs. 3,599
Seepage Solution2 KgRs. 1,725

Benefits of Berger Paints

Selecting Berger paint offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond simply adding color to your walls. Here are a few features that have made Berger a top choice among homeowners:

1. Extensive Color Palette
Berger Paint offers an extensive color selection that allows you to explore your creative side and transform your living spaces according to your tastes. Whether it’s creating an eye-catching accent wall or neutralizing an otherwise chaotic room, Berger Paint has the option to meet every mood and style imaginable.

2. Durability and Longevity
Investing in high-quality paint results in surfaces that stand the test of time, such as Berger Paint’s famed durability – meaning your walls retain their beauty for many years after application – saving money with less frequent repainting costs over time.

3. Smooth and Even Finish
To achieve a beautiful paint finish, Berger Paint’s formulation and application properties offer an even surface for flawless application, contributing to an attractive yet professional appearance on walls across your space. With such smooth textures that provide visual harmony for all walls.

4. Protection and Maintenance
Berger Paint goes beyond aesthetics by providing protective features to safeguard walls from external elements such as moisture, stains, or UV rays. With moisture resistance, stain resistance, or UV radiation protection features included within its formulations, these attributes help preserve the condition of painted surfaces to keep them looking brand new for years.

5. Eco-Conscious option

Berger Paint offers eco-conscious homeowners sustainable paint choices that prioritize sustainability without compromising quality, which aligns with modern trends of responsible consumption and creates a greener living environment.

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Conclusion Of Berger Paint Price

In the wast domain of home improvement, the choice of paint plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall appeal and ambiance of your living spaces. Berger Paint, with its diverse color range, durability, smooth finish, and protective attributes, emerges as a reliable and popular choice for homeowners in Pakistan. While the price of Berger Paint varies based on factors such as type, quantity, and additional features, the investment in quality paint yields lasting benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Berger Paint prices consistent across all retailers?

While Berger Paint maintains a general pricing structure, minor variations might occur based on specific retailers and geographic locations. It’s advisable to explore different options to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Does the cost of Berger Paint reflect its quality?

Absolutely. Berger Paint’s pricing is a testament to its commitment to delivering superior quality, durability, and an impeccable finish. Investing in Berger Paint ensures a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Can I find Berger Paint color samples before making a purchase decision?

Certainly. Many retailers offer Berger Paint color samples, allowing you to visualize different shades and make an informed choice that suits your preferences.

Is Berger Paint suitable for both interior and exterior applications?

Yes, indeed. Berger Paint offers a versatile range that caters to both interior and exterior painting projects. Whether you’re revamping indoors or outdoors, Berger Paint has the right solution.

Can I hire professionals for applying Berger Paint?

Of course. Many professional painters and contractors opt for Berger Paint due to its ease of application and excellent results. Hiring experts ensures a flawless finish that enhances your space.

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