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When it comes to the intricate world of construction and interior design, even the tiniest elements can play a pivotal role in elevating the overall aesthetics and functionality of a space. Among these often-overlooked components, the chokhat, particularly the iron chokhat, takes center stage in Pakistan.

Renowned for its robustness and security, the iron chokhat is a metal frame essential for door and window installations. This article takes a deep dive into the domain of chokhat price in Pakistan, shedding light on the factors influencing these costs, and highlighting the numerous benefits associated with opting for iron chokhats.

Chokhat Price in Pakistan

Iron Chokhat Price in Pakistan Today

Steel chokhats (sometimes known as iron chokhats ) come in various sizes and qualities to suit different needs. Their price can fluctuate based on factors like size, material quality, design intricacy, and supplier reputation – on average the range lies between Rs 2,000 to 9,750 making them budget-friendly options available to various customers with differing budget constraints.

Chokhat Prices of 4 Inches Thickness

GaugeChokhat SizeThicknessPrice
203×74 inchesRs. 3400
143×74 inchesRs. 6800
163×74 inchesRs. 5950
223×74 inchesRs. 2040
183×74 inchesRs. 4080
183.5×84 inchesRs. 4680
203.5×84 inchesRs. 3900
223.5×84 inchesRs. 2590
143.5×84 inchesRs. 7800
163.5×84 inchesRs. 6825
142.5×74 inchesRs. 6600
182.5×74 inchesRs. 3960
162.5×74 inchesRs. 5610
222.5×74 inchesRs. 2000
202.5×74 inchesRs. 3100

Chokhat Price of 9 Inches Thickness

GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
143×79 inchesRs. 8600
203×79 inchesRs. 4760
183×79 inchesRs. 5780
163×79 inchesRs. 7750
143.5×89 inchesRs. 9750
223.5×89 inchesRs. 4000
183.5×89 inchesRs. 6630
203.5×89 inchesRs. 5460
163.5×89 inchesRs. 8775
162.5×79 inchesRs. 6600
222.5×79 inchesRs. 3300
142.5×79 inchesRs. 7425
202.5×79 inchesRs. 4620
182.5×79 inchesRs. 5600

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Factors Impacting Chokhat Price in Pakistan

A variety of key elements contribute to price variations across Pakistan for chokhat. By understanding them, buyers can make informed decisions while fulfilling their specific requirements. Below are a few elements affecting pricing:

Material Quality:

Iron chokhats come in various material grades with differing degrees of durability and resistance to environmental conditions, with higher-grade materials often commanding a premium due to their longevity and reliability.

Size and Dimensions:

When considering the price of a chokhat frame, size plays an integral part. Larger frames or those with non-standard dimensions require additional materials and resources in production. Therefore increasing overall costs.

Design Complexity:

Chokhat designs can range from straightforward and utilitarian to intricate and ornate, and their complexity (such as patterns and embellishments) will have an effect on pricing due to the increased craftsmanship required in their creation.


The finish or coating on an iron chokhat affects its rust resistance. Frames with premium coatings might cost more due to better protection and aesthetics.

Advantages of an Iron Chokhat

Opting for an iron chokhat offers a plethora of benefits that go beyond its cost. Here are some compelling reasons why homeowners and builders alike lean towards iron chokhats:

  • Durability and strength: Iron Chokhat offers outstanding durability and strength, easily withstanding heavy loads and impacts for extended use.
  • Security and Safety: Due to its robust composition, iron chokhat can enhance security at both residential and commercial properties by acting as a deterrent against attempted forced entry attempts.
  • Fire Resistance: Being naturally fireproof provides added peace of mind should any fire break out unexpectedly.
  • Low Maintainance: Iron requires only minimal upkeep compared to wooden materials like cedar; providing long-term protection from rust.
  • Iron Chokhat’s Aesthetic Appeal: Available in an array of designs and finishes, iron chokhat adds visual charm and enhances properties’ overall aesthetics.

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Conclusion Of Chokhat Price

In the realm of construction and interior design, investing in quality components is a choice that pays off in the long run. Iron chokhats exemplify this principle, offering durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. The wide price range for chokhats in Pakistan offers options for all budgets, letting people balance quality and affordability. By considering the factors that influence chokhat prices and understanding the advantages of iron chokhats, homeowners and builders can make well-informed decisions that contribute to the overall excellence of their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are iron chokhats more expensive than other materials?

Iron chokhat prices can vary based on factors such as size, quality, and design. While they might have a higher upfront cost than some materials, their durability and longevity often justify the investment.

Can I customize the design of my iron chokhat?

Yes, iron chokhats offer design versatility, allowing you to customize the frame’s appearance to match your aesthetic preferences and the overall design of your space.

How often should I inspect and maintain my iron chokhat?

Regular visual inspections and minor maintenance efforts, such as cleaning and lubrication, can help prolong the lifespan of your iron chokhat. A yearly inspection is generally recommended.

Are there any eco-friendly options for chokhats?

Some suppliers offer environmentally friendly coatings for iron chokhats that reduce their impact on the environment. It’s worth exploring such options if sustainability is a priority for you.

Can I install iron chokhats on both doors and windows?

Absolutely. Iron chokhats are versatile and can be tailored to fit both door and window openings, providing a consistent and secure framing solution for your entire property.

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