Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket Price 2024 | Fun Factory | Play Area

Emporium Mall in Lahore, Pakistan, is an iconic shopping and entertainment complex, representing modern retailing and leisure in Pakistan. Visitors to Emporium Mall often opt for Bounce Ticket activities. Therefore we will explore Emporium Mall Bounce ticket price here so that you can plan an exciting outing with family or friends! In this article, we provide all of this vital information!

Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket Price

Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket Price 2024

Emporium Mall’s Play Area provides visitors of all ages with fun and engaging activities to keep them occupied for hours of enjoyment, with ticket prices depending on the activity. One of the most sought-after is Bounce Tickets. This provides a fun day out with family or friends! Tickets cost Rs.600 for 45 minutes of playtime while full Bounce tickets provide up to two hours of fun-filled activity!

For a cost-effective family or friend-filled adventure, the Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket Price for 2024 may be the answer! At Emporium Mall 2024, specific bounces can be enjoyed for only 600 Rupees for 45-minute sessions. Those seeking even greater excitement can acquire all bounce tickets for only 800 Rupees for a two-hour duration. So be sure to plan accordingly as extensions won’t be permitted once your allocated time has run out!

Ticket TypePriceTiming
Specific Bounces of Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket PriceRs.60045 Minutes only
Full Bounces ticket price in Emporium Mall 2024Rs.8002 Hours

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Emporium Mall Bounce Timing

Tickets are affordable and opening hours are convenient. With the Emporium Mall Bounce is available from 11 am to 11 pm on weekdays and up until 12 am on weekends. Customers can rest easy knowing their experience is safe as all visitors adhere to safety rules and regulations.

Emporium Mall Fun Factory Ticket Price

Emporium Mall’s Fun Factory experience comes complete with its own set of ticket prices. Therefore, it offers three attractive packages of varying rates depending on its features. Basic Cards cost 100 Rupees while Only Fun Cards start at 500, providing an affordable option for everyone. Deal 1 provides an ideal starter experience; just recharge 1000 rupees to receive a 100 bonus!

For something a bit more challenging and ambitious, step up to Deal 2. Consider Deal 2, which requires a recharge of 2000 Rupees but rewards you with a 500 bonus. Or opt for Deal 3 with its amazing 900 bonus upon 3000 recharge. Furthermore, Fun Factory also provides special offers that come with bonuses between 100 to 1500 Rupees depending on the recharge amount.

Fun Card TypeRate
Just Fun CardRs. 500
Basic CardRs. 100

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Final Termination

Emporium Mall in Lahore, Pakistan, offers a diverse range of entertainment activities for visitors. The Bounce Ticket, with its affordable pricing and convenient timings, is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Additionally, the Fun Factory experience provides various options to suit different preferences and budgets. So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled day in Lahore, consider Emporium Mall and its exciting offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the age limit for the Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket activities?

The Bounce Ticket activities at Emporium Mall are suitable for visitors of all age groups. There is no specific age limit, making it a great option for both children and adults.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance to purchase Bounce Tickets at Emporium Mall?

Reservations are not required to purchase Bounce Tickets at Emporium Mall. You can buy your tickets on the spot, making it a convenient choice for spontaneous visits.

Are there any discounts available for children or group bookings for Bounce Tickets at Emporium Mall?

Emporium Mall may offer discounts for children or group bookings, but it’s recommended to check their official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on any ongoing promotions.

What safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of visitors at Emporium Mall Bounce?

Emporium Mall Bounce takes safety seriously. Professional staff constantly monitor the activities to ensure that all visitors follow safety rules and regulations. Additionally, safety equipment is provided to all participants.

Are there any additional attractions or facilities within Emporium Mall that visitors can enjoy along with the Bounce Ticket activities?

Yes, Emporium Mall offers a wide range of attractions and facilities, including shopping outlets, restaurants, and entertainment options. You can explore the mall’s diverse offerings in addition to enjoying the Bounce Ticket activities.

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