Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | All Models Rate List

Energy solutions continue to advance rapidly and batteries have become an essential component in modern lives. From solar systems and vehicles to backup power sources and solar home systems, selecting the appropriate battery can have significant ramifications on performance and reliability. One brand that stands out in this arena is Fujika’s wide selection of batteries tailored to various needs and budgets. The focal point of this article is the Fujika Battery price as we investigate different categories and associated costs, the factors affecting prices as well as identify reliable suppliers within Pakistan.

Fujika Battery Price

Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

When it comes to the price of Fujika batteries in Pakistan, there is a wide range to consider. The cost can vary based on factors such as battery type, capacity, and specific features. Generally, the Fujika battery prices can start as low as Rs. 4,500 and climb up to Rs. 50,310 for certain high-performance models. This broad price spectrum accommodates the diverse energy needs of consumers across the country.

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Fujika Solar Range Battery Price

For those who wish to harness the sun’s energy efficiently, Fujika’s Solar Range batteries offer a practical solution. Conceived as efficient energy stores that deliver round-the-clock power availability, prices for Fujika’s Solar Range batteries start from approximately Rs 4,154 and go as high as Rs 10,448 depending on the size and model specifications of each battery in this line-up.

Solar BatteryPrice
FJ Solar 100Rs. 9,594
FJ Solar 60Rs. 6,394
FJ Solar 110Rs. 10,448
FJ Solar 90Rs. 8,570
FJ Solar 50Rs. 4,154
FJ Solar 55Rs. 5,394

Fujika Light Range Battery Price in Pakistan

Fujika’s Light Range batteries offer an economical solution for devices that consume lower amounts of power; their price can range between Rs. 6,494 and Rs. 11,144 depending on size and model.

Battery ModelPrice
FJ 85Z/ZLRs.9,629
FJ 75Rs.8,570
FJ CR 65/LRs.7,547
FJ 50/LRs.6,494
FJ 70/LRs.8,044
FJ 95LRs.11,448

Fujika Maintenance Free Batteries Price

Maintenance-free batteries offer many consumers convenience. Fujika’s Maintenance Free batteries offer different sizes and models to meet individual energy needs at prices between Rs 4,592 and 50,392, offering options that suit varying budgets and needs.

Fujika Batttery ModelPrice
FJ TL 1800Rs.31,590
FJ55L MFRs.7,166
FJ 110L/R MFRs.14,274
FJ TL 1500Rs.26,325
FJDIN 55 MFRs.13,455
FJ 65 MFRs.8,717
FJ TL 1200Rs.29,250
FJ55R MFRs.7,166
FJDIN 66 MFRs.16,680
FJ GEN 50 MFRs.4,592
FJ 100L/R MFRs.12,636
FJ TL 3000Rs.50,310
FJ60L MFRs.8,073
FJ TL 2500Rs.40,950
FJ TL 1600Rs.31,590
FJ TL 1000Rs.20,475
FJ60R MFRs.8,073
FJ 72L/R MFRs.9,477
FJ 80L/R MFRs.11,115
FJ55L MFRs.7,166
FJDIN 88 MFRs.21,066

Fujika Medium Range Battery Rate

When your power needs are somewhere in the middle, Fujika’s Medium Range batteries offer an optimal compromise between power and affordability. Their price range for Medium-Range batteries spans from Rs 10,448 to Rs 17,960 to suit different energy demands and preferences.

Battery ModelPrice
FJ 125Rs.15,000
FJ 105Z/ZLRs.12,039
FJ 135Rs.16,000
FJ 150Rs.17,960
FJ 140Rs.17,199
FJ 100ARs.10,448
FJ 110Z/ZLRs.13,221

Fujika Heavy Range Battery Price in Pakistan

Fujika’s Heavy Range batteries offer significant power for applications that demand it, such as industrial use or heavy-duty equipment. Their price range in Pakistan stretches from Rs. 19,540 to Rs. 29,601, providing plenty of options within this category.

Battery ModelRate List
FJ 260Rs.29,075
FJ 200Rs.22,464
FJ 265Rs.29,601
FJ 180Rs.20,700
FJ 210Rs.25,272
FJ 195Rs.22,113
FJ 175Rs.19,540
FJ 250Rs.28,841

Factors Influencing Fujika Battery Price In Pakistan

As with anything related to battery prices, it’s crucial to gain an understanding of all the factors influencing their final figures. When it comes to Fujika battery prices in Pakistan, numerous factors play a part in shaping its cost – here we explore these key influences on their price.

Battery Type and Model

The type and model of battery you are considering play a significant part in determining its price. Various battery types designed for solar energy storage, maintenance-free operations, or heavy-duty applications typically carry different price points. Likewise, models featuring more features or larger capacities often command a premium due to their additional functionalities.

Capacity and Power Output

A battery’s capacity and power output have an indirect relationship to its cost; batteries with greater capacities or higher outputs typically cost more as they store and provide more energy, making them suitable for applications requiring increased amounts of power.

Technological Features

Innovative technological features can have a tremendous effect on the cost of Fujika batteries. Batteries equipped with advanced technologies such as increased cycle life, rapid charging capabilities, or smart monitoring systems often command higher prices.

Energy Efficiency

Batteries offering greater energy efficiency often come at a premium price point; however, energy-efficient batteries may ultimately save costs in the form of reduced consumption costs through enhanced utilization of stored energy reserves.

Raw Material Costs

The materials used in battery production are lead-acid or lithium-ion. Directly impact overall costs. Fluctuations in raw material prices can lead to shifts in battery prices as manufacturers adjust accordingly to market demands.

Best Suppliers of Fujika Batteries in Pakistan

When you’re looking to purchase Fujika batteries, it’s essential to collaborate with reliable suppliers. Reputable suppliers ensure not only the authenticity of the product but also provide after-sales support. Some of the best suppliers of Fujika batteries in Pakistan include authorized dealers, recognized retailers, and reputable online platforms.

  • Japan Battery Service
  • Naushahi Battery
  • Punoo Battery Service
  • Wajid Sons Car Battery
  • Sultani Battery House
  • Subhan Battery Center
  • Javed Battery Center
  • New Aiwan Batteries
  • SF Batteries
  • Pak Battery Traders
  • Rashid Auto Batteries

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Overall Conclusion

In a world where energy plays a pivotal role, having a dependable battery solution is non-negotiable. Fujika batteries have proven their mettle by offering a diverse range of options catering to various energy needs. As you explore the prices of Fujika batteries in Pakistan for 2024, remember that your choice should align with your energy requirements, budget, and long-term goals. Whether you’re embracing solar power, seeking maintenance-free solutions, or requiring heavy-duty performance, Fujika has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Fujika batteries suitable for residential solar setups?

Yes, Fujika offers a Solar Range battery series designed to store energy from residential solar panels efficiently.

Can I find Fujika batteries in local markets?

Fujika batteries are available through authorized dealers, recognized retailers, and online platforms, making them accessible to consumers across Pakistan.

Do Fujika batteries require frequent maintenance?

Fujika’s Maintenance Free batteries are designed to minimize maintenance requirements, offering convenience to users.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Fujika battery?

When selecting a Fujika battery, consider factors such as your energy requirements, device compatibility, and budget.

Are there any warranties offered with Fujika batteries?

Fujika typically provides warranties with their batteries, but it’s advisable to check with the supplier for specific warranty details based on the battery model.

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