GI Sheet Price in Pakistan Today | Galvanized Iron Sheet Rate

As construction and infrastructure industries expand and evolve, sourcing cost-effective yet reliable materials is of utmost importance. Galvanized iron sheets (GI sheets), also known as galvanized iron sheets, have become an indispensable staple of Pakistan’s construction industry and are used extensively for roofing, cladding, and various other applications. But what factors affect the GI sheet price in Pakistan regarding quality and benefits? Now, let’s venture into this vital element of Pakistan’s construction sector!

GI Sheet Price

GI Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

When it comes to the price of GI sheets in Pakistan this year, there’s a range that potential buyers should be aware of. GI sheets are a versatile material with various applications, but what’s the cost attached? As of now, the price of GI sheets in Pakistan varies between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 5000 per square foot. This range provides options for both cost-conscious consumers and those seeking higher-end specifications.

GI Sheets MeasurementPrice
⅗*6Rs. 2500
⅗*7Rs. 2900
⅗*8Rs. 3300
⅗*10Rs. 5000

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GI sheets Available Dimensions in Pakistan

Pakistan offers an assortment of GI sheets designed to meet diverse construction needs. These sheets come in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses. They are enabling builders and contractors to select those best suited to their projects from standard sizes to customized options. Providing both flexibility and practicality when choosing their dimensions.

Unit GaugeThickness / MassUnit Area Sheet Weight
150.0710 in2.969 pounds
220.0336 in1.406 pounds
260.0217 in0.9063 pounds
80.1681 in7.031 pounds
290.0172 in0.7188 pounds
190.0456 in1.906 pounds
110.1233 in5.561 pounds
270.0202 in0.8438 pounds
180.0516 in2.156 pounds
250.0247 in1.031 pounds
160.0635 in2.656 pounds
130.0934 in3.906 pounds
300.0157 in0.6563 pounds
230.0306 in1.281 pounds
200.0396 in1.656 pounds
210.0366 in1.531 pounds
140.0785 in3.281 pounds
120.1084 in4.531 pounds
100.1382 in5.781 pounds
240.0376 in1.156 pounds
90.1532 in6.406 pounds
170.0575 in2.406 pounds
280.0187 in0.7813 pounds

Types of GI Sheets Available in Pakistan

There are various types of GI sheets in Pakistan. Some of the most popular are mentioned below.


This variant of the galvanized iron sheet provides specific properties tailored for specific applications. This material is notable for its enhanced corrosion resistance due to the galvanization process, which makes it suitable for outdoor structures and roofing applications. SECCN2’s designation indicates its unique composition and attributes.

ST02Z GI Steel Sheet

ST02Z GI steel sheets are part of the galvanized iron sheet family and are known for their versatility and durability. The ST02Z variant might signify specific manufacturing or processing characteristics. Construction and industrial projects alike value these sheets for their strength and corrosion resistance properties, making them popular choices.


SGCC GI sheets are galvanized iron sheets that are manufactured according to the SGCC standard. These sheets find widespread use in construction projects due to their corrosion resistance and durability. Their designation likely signifies compliance with specific quality standards that ensure consistent and reliable performance over time.


The SECCN5 GI sheet, a specialized galvanized iron sheet, is designed to provide optimal corrosion protection in harsh weather conditions and environments exposed to chemicals. Its designation, SECCN5, indicates its specific composition and properties.

CS-B GI Sheet

The designation CS-B refers to a galvanized iron sheet that is recognized for its versatile applications in construction and manufacturing. This may indicate specific quality standards or manufacturing processes employed during its manufacture.

Great strength GI Sheets Available in Pakistan

DC51D GI Steel Sheet

The DC51D GI steel sheet is a type of galvanized iron sheet that has undergone the galvanization process to prevent corrosion. This makes the sheet more durable and suitable for various construction applications that expose it to moisture or external elements, such as environments with extreme conditions or weather patterns.

DX51D Steel Sheet

The DX51D steel sheet, designated as such, represents a form of galvanized iron sheet renowned for its strength, malleability, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, certain manufacturing processes or alloy compositions might give this particular variant its unique properties and contribute to its unique characteristics.

DX51D-AZ150 Sheet with Aluminum Zinc Coating

This galvanized iron sheet comes equipped with an aluminum-zinc coating to increase corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications that demand maximum protection from rust and environmental elements.

DX51D-AZ120 Aluminium Zinc

DX51D-AZ120 refers to galvanized iron sheets coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy for enhanced corrosion resistance, with its name likely representing specific characteristics like the thickness or composition of its coating. These sheets are often found in environments requiring maximum durability.

Factors Affecting GI Sheet Price in Pakistan

Why does the GI Sheet price fluctuate within certain ranges? There are various factors which contribute to such variations:

Raw Material Costs

Iron prices play a critical role in determining GI sheet prices, with fluctuations affecting overall production costs and retail prices of these sheets.

Galvanizing Process

Galvanization is the practice of applying a protective layer of zinc coating to iron sheets to guard against corrosion. The quality and thickness of galvanization can have an impact on their durability and price; their quality may even impact how durable or expensive their sheets will become over time.

Sheet Thickness and Dimensions

Thicker GI sheets with larger dimensions tend to fetch higher prices due to the increased amount of raw materials required in their production. Likewise, their thickness and dimensions have an effect on load-bearing capacity as well as resistance from external factors.

Market Demand and Supply

Market dynamics such as supply and demand fluctuations can have an effect on GI sheet prices, sometimes significantly. When demand exceeds available supply, prices may increase; conversely, if supply falls, prices could decrease and vice versa.

Benefits of GI Sheets

  • Durability and Longevity: GI sheets offer several key advantages over their alternatives, most notably durability and longevity. Galvanization enhances their resistance to rust and corrosion for outdoor applications and makes GI sheets the ideal solution.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: GI sheets offer cost-effective roofing and cladding solutions when compared with other materials. Their competitive pricing and long lifespan make them an attractive option for many construction projects.
  • Ease of Installation: The flexibility and lightweight nature of GI sheets make installation an easy process. From roofing to cladding installations, their lightweight nature allows for hassle-free handling and installation processes.
  • Versatility: GI sheets are extremely versatile materials, finding applications not only in roofing and cladding applications but also for manufacturing water tanks, automotive components, and agricultural equipment.
  • Thermal Efficiency: GI sheets offer excellent thermal properties, reflecting much of the sunlight away and helping maintain cooler indoor temperatures during hot weather.

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Conclusion of GI Sheet Price

As we conclude our exploration into the world of GI Sheet price in Pakistan, it’s evident that these versatile materials offer a range of benefits and applications. With a price range spanning from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 per square foot, GI sheets provide cost-effective solutions for roofing, cladding, and various other construction needs. Understanding the factors influencing their prices helps consumers make informed decisions that align with their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are GI sheets suitable for industrial applications?

Yes, due to their durability and resistance to corrosion, GI sheets find extensive utilization in industrial settings.

Can GI sheets be painted or coated?

Yes, GI sheets can undergo painting or coating processes to elevate their appearance and offer supplementary protection.

Are there environmentally friendly options for galvanized sheets?

Yes, some manufacturers offer eco-friendly galvanized sheets with reduced environmental impact.

Can GI sheets be used for interior applications?

While GI sheets commonly find use in exterior applications, they also have potential for specific interior uses, such as partitions and false ceilings.

Are there any alternatives to GI sheets for roofing purposes?

Yes, alternatives include aluminum sheets and polymer-based roofing materials, each with its own set of advantages and considerations.

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