Glass Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | All Types & Brands Rate List

Glass is an essential material in various industries, serving as the fundament of buildings, vehicles, and everyday objects. In Pakistan, its price plays a vital role in the construction, automotive and manufacturing sectors. This article investigates the dynamics of the glass price in this country. Taking a close look at factors that affect costs as well as types of glass available and current market rates.

Glass Price in Pakistan

Current Glass Price in Pakistan

Glass prices vary in Pakistan depending on factors like type, quality, and thickness. According to the latest estimates, prices can range anywhere from Rs. 106 per piece up to as high as Rs. 440 per piece. Consumers and businesses need to take this into account when embarking on construction projects or purchasing glass for other reasons.

Glass TypeSizePrice in PKR
Green Glass5mmRs. 178
Clear3mmRs. 106
Clear10mmRs. 370
Clear12mmRs. 440
Brown12mmRs. 183
Brown5mmRs. 182
Reflective Brown5mmRs. 218
CC Green Brown5mmRs. 164
Clear6mmRs. 193
Clear4mmRs. 141
Green Reflective5mmRs. 218
Blue Glass5mmRs. 182
Reflective Blue5mmRs. 218
Clear5mmRs. 142
WC Blue5mmRs. 150
WC Green Brownish5mmRs. 153
Clear8mmRs. 274
CC Blue5mmRs. 155
Clear3.5mmRs. 124
Green8mmRs. 357

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Types of Glasses Available in Pakistan

When it comes to glass products, Pakistan boasts an array of offerings. Here are some of the most commonly found varieties:

Reflective Glass to Light Glass

The reflective glass features a reflective coating that reduces solar heat gain and glare, making it suitable for modern architecture to increase energy efficiency while simultaneously adding aesthetic value. Reflectivity levels may differ according to building design needs; providing plenty of options.

Bulletproof Glass

Ballistic glass (also referred to as bulletproof glass) is specially engineered to withstand firearm projectiles and other ballistic threats, making it suitable for use in high-security environments like banks, government buildings, and armored vehicles.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact-resistant glass is specifically engineered to withstand severe impacts without shattering, making it the perfect material for hurricane-prone regions and locations with extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, this type of glass also serves to protect against flying debris that could otherwise cause significant damage and is an important tool against flying debris strikes and damage claims.

Flexible or bendable glass

Flexible or bendable glass is an exciting breakthrough that allows glass to bend without cracking, opening up a wealth of opportunities in architecture and design. Specifically, its bendability enables architects and designers to create unique curved structures previously impossible with traditional glass.

Strike-Resistant Glass (Bomb Proof)

Bomb-proof or strike-resistant glass, commonly referred to as “bomb-proof,” is engineered to withstand explosions and heavy impacts, making it perfect for use in high-security applications, including military installations and government buildings, protecting against terrorist threats or acts of vandalism.

Laminated Glass Sheet

Laminated glass was created with safety in mind. This multi-layered material comprises multiple glass sheets laminated together using polyvinyl butyral (PVB), with an interlayer made up of PVB that helps protect it against shattering upon impact and minimizes the risk of shattering upon shock or impact.

Factors Influencing the Price of Glass

Numerous factors impact glass prices in Pakistan. Understanding these elements is vital both to consumers and businesses:

  • Quality and Thickness
    Glass quality and thickness have an enormous influence on its cost; thicker and higher-grade glasses tend to be more costly due to increased durability and clarity.
  • Size and Dimensions
    Glass sheets or pieces come in all shapes and sizes; larger pieces tend to cost more than smaller ones.
  • Market Demand
    Market demand plays an integral part in pricing glass products, with periods of high construction activity often seeing glass prices increase as demand for them soars.
  • Currency Exchange Rates
    As imported glass can often be subject to currency fluctuations, fluctuations can impact its price in local markets.
  • Transportation Costs
    Shipping and handling can have a dramatic effect on the final price of glass products.

Best suppliers of Glass in Pakistan

There are many suppliers play an important role in providing Pakistan with top-grade glass products, with some notable names including:

  • Ghani Glass
  • Al-Rehman Fibre Glass Traders
  • Pak Safety Glass Works
  • Brother Glass
  • GlassKote Pakistan
  • Pakistan Aluminum Glass
  • Welcome Aluminum and Glass Works
  • Farooq Glass Industries
  • Sharif Glass House
  • Al-Fattah Aluminum & Glass Works
  • Balochistan Glass Private Limited
  • Usman Fiber Glass
  • AGI Ahmed Glass Industries
  • Gunj Glass Works Limited
  • Y&M Glass Company
  • Noor Fibre Glass House
  • Madin Glass Industry

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Conclusion About Glass Price

In Pakistan, the cost of glass is a dynamic and multifaceted aspect of various industries. Consumers and businesses must carefully consider the type, quality, and factors affecting pricing when planning projects or making purchases. The diverse range of glass options available allows for flexibility in meeting specific needs and preferences. Understanding the market dynamics surrounding glass pricing is essential for making informed decisions in this vital industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I determine the right type of glass for my project?

To select the appropriate glass type for your project, consider factors such as your project’s purpose, location, and specific requirements. Consult with a glass expert or supplier for personalized recommendations.

What factors influence the rate of glass in Pakistan?

Several factors affect glass prices in Pakistan, including quality, thickness, size, market demand, currency exchange rates, and transportation costs.

Where can I purchase specialized glass in Pakistan?

You can purchase specialized glass from authorized glass suppliers, manufacturers, or glass retailers in Pakistan. It’s advisable to research and compare options to find a reliable supplier offering competitive prices and high-quality products.

Are there any eco-friendly or energy-efficient glass options available in Pakistan?

Yes, many eco-friendly and energy-efficient glass options are available in Pakistan. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, for example, can help improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. Discuss your sustainability goals with glass experts to explore suitable options.

Can I install specialized glass types myself, or should I hire a professional?

The installation of specialized glass, especially for complex applications like bulletproof or bendable glass, is best left to experienced professionals. Improper installation can compromise safety and performance. Hire qualified glass contractors for such projects.

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