GM Cables Price In Pakistan Today 2024 | Updated Rate List

When considering the creation of a secure and efficient electrical system, the significance of selecting suitable cables cannot be overstated. Electrical wiring is at the heart of every infrastructure, and choosing the appropriate cables can have a dramatic effect on not only safety but also overall system performance. That is where GM Cables comes to mind. The GM cables price increasing day by day due to their durability and performance.

GM Cables has built up an excellent reputation among individuals and professionals alike in Pakistan’s market for their reliable solutions and high-quality offerings, earning unwavering trust. Let’s explore more specifically the GM cable rates and benefits to see why so many prefer this choice among individuals as well as professionals alike.

GM Cables

GM Cables Price in Pakistan 2024

GM Cables, known for their superior performance and durability, come with a price tag that reflects their value. The cost range for GM Cables in Pakistan this year varies, catering to different needs and budgets. Generally, their prices can range between Rs. 3,100 to Rs. 25,745, depending on the type, gauge, and length of cable required for your specific electrical project.

Cable TypeUnit LengthPrices
1×1 mm90 metersRs. 3100
1×2.5 mm (stranded cable type)90 metersRs. 6341
1×2.5 mm90 metersRs. 6213
1×10 MM90 metersRs. 25745
1×4 mm90 metersRs. 10593
1×1.5 mm (stranded cable type)90 metersRs. 4109
7/0.2990 metersRs. 7830
1×1.5 mm90 metersRs. 4028
RG790 metersRs. 5980
3/0.2990 metersRs. 4400
1×6 mm90 metersRs. 15533

GM Cable 3/29 Price in Pakistan

For those seeking an optimal electrical solution, the GM Cables 3/29 Pure Copper Wire presents an attractive option. Priced at ₨ 4,430, this cable offers both quality and reliability, making it a viable choice for various applications.

GM Cable 7/44 Price

If you require a cable with a 6mm² size, look no further than the GM Cable 7/44. This cable comes in a convenient 90-meter coil and boasts an affordable price of ₨ 20,400, making it a cost-effective solution for your wiring needs.

GM Cable 7/29 Rate

The GM Cables 7/29 Pure Copper Wire combines performance with competitive pricing. With a price tag of ₨ 9,586, this cable proves that quality doesn’t have to come at a high cost, offering value for money in the Pakistani market.

GM Cable 7/36 Price

For those in search of a reliable cable solution at a reasonable price, the GM Cables 7/36 Pure Copper Wire fits the bill. With a competitive price of ₨ 12,948, this cable provides the assurance of quality without stretching your budget.

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Factors Affecting GM Cables Price

Several factors contribute to the variation in GM Cables’ prices. These factors are not only important to understand but also impact your decision-making process:

Cable Type and Application

Different cable types, such as power cables, control cables, and flexible cables, serve diverse electrical applications. The specific application you have in mind will influence the type of cable you need, thus affecting the cost.

Cable Gauge

The gauge or thickness of the cable wire determines its current-carrying capacity. Cables with higher gauges can handle more current, which might impact the price.

Cable Length

The length of the cable required for your project directly affects the overall cost. Longer cables will naturally cost more than shorter ones.

Brand Reputation and Quality

Established brands like GM Cables, known for their quality and reliability, might have slightly higher prices. The assurance of performance and durability can justify the investment.

Best Suppliers of GM Cables in Pakistan

In a market flooded with options, identifying the best suppliers of GM Cables in Pakistan can save you time, effort, and potential headaches. Here are some reputable suppliers you can consider:

  • Light House Mandia
  • Hafiz electric Store
  • Awan Electric Store
  • Javed Electric
  • Rizwan Electric
  • Modern Electric
  • Naeem Brothers Electric Store
  • Gulshan Electric
  • Fiza electric Store
  • Pakistan Electric and Colling store
  • Raza Brothers Electric Store
  • Usman Irfan Electric Store
  • Ayub Bhutta Electric Store
  • Ammad Electric
  • Zeeshan Electric
  • Zaib Bilal Electric Store
  • Jamala Sons Electric
  • 5 Start Electric Store
  • Al Muneed Electric
  • Daniyal traders

Benefits of GM Cables

Opting for GM Cables brings with them many advantages that make them a sought-after product, far exceeding just their price. Their benefits go well beyond cost considerations to provide added value:

Increased Safety

GM Cables are produced according to stringent quality standards that ensure safe electrical installations. Reduced risk of short circuits and electrical hazards are further advantages.

Longevity and Durability

These cables are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions and stresses, offering a longer lifespan for less maintenance costs in the long run.

Efficient Performance

GM Cables have been engineered to offer optimal electrical conductivity. Reduce power loss and increase efficiency in electrical systems.

Wide Application Range

From residential to commercial and industrial settings, GM Cables provides solutions that fit a range of applications. Their versatility makes them the go-to option for multiple projects.

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Overall Conclusion

In the realm of electrical systems, making the right cable choice is paramount. GM Cables has etched its name as a reliable and high-quality solution provider in Pakistan. The GM Cables prices in 2024 reflect their value, offering a range of options to meet varied needs. Understanding factors that affect their price, identifying trustworthy suppliers, and appreciating their benefits can guide you toward an informed decision. Whether you’re working on a residential project or a large-scale industrial endeavor, GM Cables can prove to be an investment that pays off in terms of safety, performance, and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GM Cables suitable for both residential and industrial projects?

Yes, GM Cables are versatile and cater to a wide range of applications, from residential to industrial settings.

How does the cable gauge impact the price of GM Cables?

Cables with higher gauges can handle more current and may have a slight impact on the price due to enhanced capacity.

What makes GM Cables a reliable choice?

GM Cables are known for their enhanced safety, durability, and efficient performance, making them a reliable choice for electrical projects.

Are GM Cables priced competitively?

GM Cables’ prices are competitive considering their quality, safety features, and long-term performance benefits.

What are GM Cables, and why are they popular in Pakistan?

GM Cables is renowned for its high-quality electrical solutions, making it a trusted choice in Pakistan due to its reliability and performance.

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