How to open a Jazz Cash Account? Updated Method 2024

The Jazz Cash Account also known as (Mobi Cash), originally launched as Mobicash by Mobilink (Jazz), quickly rose to become one of the premier services for bill payments, money transfers, mobile loads, and other financial services in 2012. Since its inception as Mobilink Microfinance Bank, it has undergone several transformations. Initially merging with Waseela Bank to become Mobilink Microfinance Bank. However, boasting a 64% market share thanks to its affiliation with Waseela Bank.

Its Jazz Cash serves as a virtual bank account registered with the State Bank of Pakistan linked with mobile numbers and CNIC. Furthermore, making banking tasks effortless by simplifying processes while managing transactions effortlessly from within homes. This article details updated methods for opening a Jazz Cash Account in 2024.

Jazz Cash Account

Eligibility criteria to open a Jazz Cash account

Anyone aged 18 and possessing a valid ID card can open a Jazz Cash, giving them access to money transfers or receipts from any JazzCash Agent across Pakistan.

Jazz Cash Account methods

There are two simple methods of creating an account through Jazz Cash: through either a three-digit code (*786#) or its mobile application.

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Through three-digit code dialing (*786#)

Creating an account using this method is straightforward. Jazz or Warid users can follow these steps:

  1. Dial *786#.
  2. Enter your CNIC Issuance date.
  3. Set a four-digit MPIN (this is your secret code).
  4. Receive a confirmation message, signaling the successful creation of your account.

Through Mobile App

This method is equally simple but involves a few more steps:

  1. Download the Jazz Cash app from the Play Store.
  2. Enter the number for which you wish to create an account. Click the next button.
  3. When you click, the button, a form will open before you. You must now enter your details to complete the form.
  4. Enter your full name.
  5. Enter your CNIC number.
  6. Date of issuance of CNIC.
  7. enter your email address.
  8. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. OTP number message will be sent to your mobile number.
  10. They wanted to know the name of your mother to verify. You need to provide the full name of your mother.
  11. Select birthplace, then click the next.
  12. Choose a password that has four numbers (MPIN).
  13. Today, the account has been successfully registered on the JazzCash account. You are now successfully registered on the JazzCash account.
  14. It is possible to deposit money at any charge to this account through any retailer.

How Do I Make a Transaction From My JazzCash Account?

That’s the way you complete a transaction using your mobile phone account.

  1. Jazz and Warid customers can dial *786# at any time from any part of the country and follow the instructions for making a purchase.
  2. Users from other networks require a mobile application to log into their mobile accounts.
  3. Your transactions will be accompanied by the digital receipt, which will be sent to you from the number 8558.

How to check Jazz Cash balance without an App?

Dial *4444# on your Jazz SIM to quickly check the remaining balance in your Mobile Account.

Jazz Cash App Biometric Verification Methods

The Verification through biometric methods is key to Jazz Cash accounts. Once registered for Mobile Account registration, funds may be deposited without incurring fees at any JazzCash Agent without incurring tax liability for deposits made. Biometric verification involves scanning both thumbprints for authentication.

How to create a JazzCash Account on other Networks (Zong, Ufone, Telenor & Onic)?

Opening a Jazz Cash account on other networks involves two procedures: biometric verification at JazzCash Agents or Jazz Franchise, and the mobile app method. For the app method, users on different networks can create their MPIN through the JazzCash Mobile App.

How To Deactivate Jazz Cash Account

If you lose your device and need to secure your Jazz Cash account, promptly call 051-111-124-444 to block your account.

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Opening a Jazz Cash account is a game-changer in the realm of financial services, providing convenience and accessibility to users across Pakistan. The two methods cater to different preferences, making it user-friendly for all. With biometric verification ensuring security, Jazz Cash stands as a reliable choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any age restriction for opening a Jazz Cash account?

Yes, the eligibility criterion requires individuals to be 18 years old.

Can users on different networks create a Jazz Cash account?

Absolutely. Both biometric verification and the mobile app method are available to users on Zong, Ufone, and Telenor networks.

How can I check my Jazz Cash balance without using the app?

Simply dial *4444# on your Jazz sim to check your remaining balance.

Is there a cost associated with depositing money into a Jazz Cash?

No, depositing money into your JazzCash account through any JazzCash Agent is free of cost.

What should I do if I lose my device and want to block my Jazz Cash account?

Call 051-111-124-444 to quickly block your account in case of a lost device.

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