Master Molty Foam Price in Pakistan | Rate List Updated

Molty Foam stands out as an exceptional option in Pakistan when it comes to finding comfort during sleep, and many individuals consider it their go-to mattress brand. Not only does it provide supreme relaxation but its durability and support also make it a favorite among many users. In this guide, we will look at the Master Molty Foam price across Pakistan while exploring their range of features and capabilities.

Master Molty Foam Price in Pakistan

Master Molty Foam Price List Updated

Master Molty Foam ProductPrice in Pakistan
MoltyFoam Firm Mattress 78×42 – 5 InchRs. 15,000
Molty Sleep Mattress 78×72 – 7 InchRs. 41,200
Molty Sleep Mattress 78×72 – 9 InchRs. 55,200
MoltyFoam Coolgel Ortho 78×72 – 8 InchRs. 68,600
MoltyFoam 2 in 1 Mattress 78×60 – 8 InchRs. 35,200
Master MoltyFoam 4 inches (1.5 inch)Rs. 11,900
Master MoltyFoam Queen Bad Mattress – 78*66 InchesRs. 15,700
Five Star Molty Foam King Size 6″ Spring MattressRs. 24,900
MoltySleep Mattress 78×42 – 7 InchRs. 24,500
Molty Foam Mattress Cool Gel Technology 7 ZoneRs. 40,900

Master Molty Mattress Price in Pakistan

There’s no question about it; Molty Foam mattresses have quickly become one of the most coveted choices in Pakistan. Their popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, but one key reason lies within the exceptional sleeping experience they offer. Crafted with premium materials, these beds mold around your body’s contours for improved muscle ache relief and restful night sleep.

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MoltyFoam Firm Mattress 78×42 – 5 Inch

MoltyFoam Firm Mattress (78×42 inches and 5 inches thick) uses high-pressure technology and high-resilience foam for an ultimate sleeping experience. Fresh Guard technology protects against allergens and dust mites to provide allergy sufferers a soothing night’s restful rest, at a competitive price point of Rs 15,000. Plus it comes with customizable firmness levels.

MoltyFoam Firm Mattress 78×42 – 5 Inch

Master MoltyFoam 4 inches (1.5 inch)

The Master MoltyFoam 4-inch mattress costs Rs 11,900 in Pakistan and features high-resilience foam and high-pressure technology, along with Fresh Guard technology to stay fresh and clean. An added memory foam topper adds comfort for enhanced sleeping comfort, making this a fantastic choice both for home use as well as travel purposes.

Master MoltyFoam 4 inches (1.5 inch)

Master MoltyFoam Queen Bed Mattress (78*66 Inches)

Priced at Rs 15,700. Crafted with high-grade HR foam for enhanced durability and comfort compared with traditional foams, Fresh Guard technology protects against dust mites, while High-Pressure Technology ensures back support.

Master MoltyFoam Queen Bed Mattress (78*66 Inches)

MoltySleep Mattress 78×42 – 7 Inch with 5-Zone

The design offers pressure relief and ergonomic support at Rs 24,500, featuring independent pocket coils to provide superior support and durability in this high-quality mattress.

MoltySleep Mattress 78x42 - 7 Inch with 5-Zone

Five Star Molty Foam King Size 6

Spring Mattress at Rs. 24900 comes with a lifetime guarantee and features premium materials to offer maximum softness for an easy night’s rest.

Five Star Molty Foam King Size 6

MoltyFoam 2 in 1 Mattress 78×60-8 Inch

The MoltyFoam 2-in-1 Mattress comes at Rs 35,200 and perfectly balances softness and firmness. They are crafted using Asli foam using high-pressure technology and feature Fresh Guard technology to combat bacteria and dust mites.

MoltyFoam 2 in 1 Mattress 78x60-8 Inch

Molty Sleep Mattress 78×72-7 Inch

The Molty Sleep Mattress was specifically created to offer ergonomic support and pressure relief, featuring five zones designed to cover different body parts. Ensuring restful nights backed by its 10-year warranty. its price is Rs. 41,200.

Molty Sleep Mattress 78x72-7 Inch

Master Molty Mattress Cool Gel Technology 7 Zone Price

For Rs 40,900, the Molty Foam Mattress Cool Gel Technology 7 Zone offers pressure-relieving memory foam combined with high density aerated cool gel memory foam to offer support and comfort during a deep night’s rest. Finished off with stretch knit fabric covers to offer ultimate sleep comfort, it guarantees quality nights rest.

Molty Foam Mattress Cool Gel Technology 7 Zone

MoltyFoam Coolgel Ortho 78×72-8 Inch

At Rs 68,600 offers cool gel beads and air flow technology for an extremely comfortable night’s rest. Seven zone technology provides targeted support while Fresh Guard technology keeps your mattress clean.

MoltyFoam Coolgel Ortho 78x72-8 Inch

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Conclusion Of Master Molty Foam Price

Master Molty Foam prices in Pakistan reflect the quality and innovation this brand brings to the bedding industry. From customizable firmness levels to cutting-edge technologies, Molty Foam offers a range of options to suit various preferences. Investing in a Molty Foam mattress not only ensures a good night’s sleep but also contributes to the longevity of your furniture.

Frequently Asked Quetsions (FAQs)

Are Molty Foam mattresses worth the price?

Absolutely. The comfort, durability, and innovative features justify the price, offering long-term benefits and quality sleep.

Which Molty Foam mattress is best for back pain?

The MoltySleep Mattress with its 5-zone design provides excellent support for back pain sufferers.

Is Fresh Guard technology effective against allergens?

Yes, Fresh Guard technology protects against allergens and dust mites, making Molty Foam mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers.

Can Molty Foam mattresses be used for travel?

Certainly. The portable and easily foldable Master MoltyFoam 4-inch mattress is an excellent choice for temporary sleeping accommodations during travel.

Are there any discounts available on Molty Foam mattresses?

Prices may vary, and occasional promotions or discounts may be offered by retailers. It’s advisable to check with authorized dealers for current offers.

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