Massey Ferguson MF 375 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 | Rate List

Pakistan’s agricultural landscape pulses with the power and resonance of the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor. While Massey Ferguson MF 375 Tractor Price plays an essential role, this agricultural workhorse offers more than meets the eye. Let’s explore its robust features, specifications, and price dynamics that make it an agricultural workhorse such a formidable force for Pakistani farmers.

MF 375 Tractor Price

Review of Massey Ferguson MF 375 Tractor

The Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor has quickly become a cornerstone in Pakistani agriculture. Renowned for its reliable build, ease of operation, and versatility, it quickly rose to fame among farmers. Attractively priced with plenty of power under its hood, this powerful machine proved adept both for small-scale farming operations as well as larger agricultural projects in Pakistan. Let’s discover why so many farmers rely on it today.

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Millat MF 375 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Understanding the cost dynamics of the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor in Pakistan is vitally important for prospective buyers. The MF 375 Tractor price varies based on factors like location, dealership, and current market conditions. So it’s best to keep up-to-date by regularly consulting authorized dealers or the manufacturer’s website to remain informed about price changes or adjustments. As a general guideline, base models start around Rs 3,345,000 while additional features incur extra charges. However, farmers should consider both their specific needs and budget constraints when making this agricultural investment decision.

Massey Ferguson ModelHPOld PriceNew Price
MF 375-4WD75 HPRs. 4,165,000Rs. 4,500,000
MF 375-2WD75 HPRs. 3,102,000Rs. 3,345,000

Features of the Massey Ferguson MF 375 Tractor

Explore the impressive features that define the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor, solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in Pakistan’s agricultural landscape.

High Engine Power:

At the heart of the MF 375 is a high-powered diesel engine, boasting 75 horsepower. This robust engine provides the torque needed for demanding farming tasks, ensuring optimal performance in fields of all sizes.

Efficient Fuel Consumption:

In an era where efficiency matters, the MF 375 excels with its fuel-efficient design. Farmers can maximize productivity without incurring excessive fuel costs, making it an economically viable choice.

User-Friendly Operation:

Massey Ferguson prioritizes user convenience with intuitive controls and ergonomic features. Even novice operators can quickly adapt to and operate this tractor with ease, enhancing overall efficiency on the field.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is paramount in agriculture, and the MF 375 doesn’t compromise. Equipped with advanced safety features, it provides peace of mind to farmers working in challenging conditions, ensuring a secure working environment.

Specifications of the MF 375 Tractor

Delve into the detailed specifications of the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor to gain a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities:

Engine Power at 2,250 rpm75 (B.S) hp*
Torque at 1,400 rpm276 Nm
PTO Power at Rated Engine Speed69.5 hp**
Compression Ratio15.3:1
Fuel FilterDual, High Capacity
Stroke127 mm
Air Cleaner TypeOil Bath
Air Pre-CleanerOver Bonnet, Air Swirl
TypeDiesel / 4.41
Throttle ControlHand and Foot
Bore101 mm
Oil CoolerWater Cooled
Starting AidThermostat
No. of Cylinders4
Capacity (liters)4.1
ExhaustVertical Muffler
Fuel Tank108 liters
Engine Sump7.66 liters
Cooling System15.2 liters
Hydraulic System38.0 liters
Steering Box1.75 liters
Oil Bath Air Cleaner0.75 liters

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Final Words

Ultimately, the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor stands as an indispensable piece of agriculture in Pakistan’s landscape, embodying reliability, versatility, and affordability. Thanks to the MF 375 Tractor powerful engine, advanced features, and reasonable price. The Massey Ferguson MF 375 has quickly become the go-to option for farmers across Pakistan.

From impressive performance metrics and capacities through to comprehensive specifications and capacities; its impressive specifications show just how committed Massey Ferguson is towards supporting farmers. Whether used for small-scale operations or extensive projects alike. However, the Massey Ferguson MF 375 stands as an invaluable symbol of agricultural prowess in Pakistani fields alike!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize the MF 375 tractor to suit my specific requirements?

Yes, additional features and customizations are available, but they may incur extra costs. It’s advisable to consult with authorized dealers to explore customization options.

What makes the MF 375 tractor a popular choice among Pakistani farmers?

The MF 375 tractor’s popularity stems from its robust build, reliability, versatility, and affordability, making it a well-rounded solution for diverse farming needs.

How can I stay updated on the MF 375 tractor’s price variations?

Regularly checking with authorized dealerships or the manufacturer’s website is the best way to stay informed about any price adjustments or promotions.

What safety features does the MF 375 tractor offer?

The MF 375 is equipped with advanced safety features, ensuring a secure working environment for farmers even in challenging conditions.

Is the MF 375 tractor suitable for small-scale farming?

Yes, the affordability and versatility of the MF 375 make it suitable for both small-scale farming and larger agricultural projects.

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