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As industry-leading experts in the field of agricultural machinery, we understand the importance of selecting the ideal tractor that meets your agricultural needs while ensuring the cost-effectiveness of your purchase. Regarding reliable and efficient tractors, Millat Tractors Limited, a leading company in Pakistan, stands out. In this post, we’ll discuss the updated Millat Tractors prices list in Pakistan for 2024, exploring the features that make them an ideal choice among farmers.

Millat Tractors Prices List

Overview of Millat Tractors

Millat Tractors Limited, established in Pakistan in 1964 and known for producing top-quality tractors and agricultural machinery, has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency in agriculture over time. Thanks to Millat’s diverse range of tractors that meet farmers’ and agricultural workers’ specific needs. Millat Tractors has long been at the forefront of agriculture technology advancement. Through a commitment to meeting evolving agricultural demands, this section explores their history, achievements, and contributions in shaping Pakistan’s agricultural industry.

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Millat Tractors Prices List in Pakistan 2024 (Updated)

To facilitate your tractor selection process, let’s explore the current prices of Millat Tractors in Pakistan for the year 2024. Keep in mind that these prices may vary based on the specific model and its features.

Millat Tractors ModelsHorsepowerPrices in Pakistan
MF-375-2WD75 HPRs. 3,345,000
MF-385 – 4WD85 HPRs. 4,585,000
MF-385 2WD85 HPRs. 3,465,000
MF-260 2WD (Turbo)60 HPRs. 2,550,000
MF-375 4WD75 HPRs. 4,500,000
MF-360 4WD60 HPRs. 3,795,000
MF-240 2WD50 HPRs. 2,190,000
MF-360 2WD60 HPRs. 2,690,000

Why Should We Choose Millat Tractors?

When shopping for a tractor, Millat should be at the top of your list. Here is why:

  • Affordable and Reliable: Millat Tractors provides cost-effective tractors that deliver on reliability. Engineered to withstand the rigors of agricultural work, ensuring long and dependable service lives.
  • Expert Support and Maintenance: Millat Tractors provides unrivaled support and maintenance services, backed by our team of expert technicians. This ensures your investment remains in optimal condition with minimum downtime.
  • Versatility in Action: Millat Tractors were built for versatility, taking on various agricultural tasks from plowing and tilling to hauling and transport. Whatever challenge comes their way, these versatile tractors are up for the task at hand.

Features of Millat Tractors

Farmers in Pakistan favor Millat tractors due to their robust features and appeal among agricultural communities.

Fuel Efficiency

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and highly fuel-efficient engines, Millat tractors consume less fuel than any other tractor in their class. This engineering for efficiency sets them apart, contributing to remarkable fuel savings.

High Horsepower

Millat Tractors are known for their powerful engines, typically between 50HP and 85HP, enabling them to handle various tasks from plowing fields to transporting heavy loads.

Easy Maintenance

Millat tractors are built for effortless maintenance, featuring straightforward procedures that minimize downtime. This ensures they remain in peak condition at all times.

Comfortable Cabins

Carefully designing Millat Tractor cabins to offer maximum comfort, we feature air conditioning systems, comfortable seats, and user-friendly controls. This creates an inviting work environment for both drivers and passengers alike.

Latest Models of Millat Tractors With Prices

Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest Millat Tractors prices in Pakistan offered by Millat Tractors:

Millat 240

A 50HP tractor designed for general-purpose use, equipped with power steering, a hydraulic lift, and a comfortable cabin. The price of the Millat 240 is approximately Rs. 2,190,000.

Millat 350 Plus

A 50HP tractor crafted for general-purpose use, featuring power steering, a hydraulic lift, and a comfortable cabin. The price of this tractor is Rs. 9845900.

Millat 385

An 85HP tractor built for heavy-duty use, featuring power steering, a hydraulic lift, and a comfortable cabin with air conditioning. The price of the Millat 385 is approximately Rs. 3,465,000.

Millat 470

Another 85HP tractor is designed for heavy-duty tasks and is equipped with power steering, a hydraulic lift, and a comfortable cabin with air conditioning. The price of the Millat 470 is approximately Rs. 6188890.

Millat 755

A 75HP tractor is built for heavy-duty tasks and is equipped with power steering, a hydraulic lift, and a comfortable cabin with air conditioning. The price of the Millat 755 is approximately Rs. 5063700.

Millat Tractors Prices in Pakistan

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Final Verdict

In short, Millat Tractors is more than just a machinery provider; it’s a dedicated partner in the success of the agricultural community. With a commitment to innovation, a versatile range, and various horsepower options, Millat Tractors stands out as a reliable and efficient choice for farmers. Buying a Millat Tractor ensures operational efficiency, expert support, easy maintenance, and overall customer satisfaction.

As the agricultural landscape in Pakistan evolves, Millat Tractors remains steadfast in its commitment to being an indispensable partner to farmers. For those striving for agricultural excellence, Millat Tractors is a commitment to a thriving and prosperous farming community. Choose a Millat Tractor and elevate your agricultural endeavors to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Millat Tractors suitable for small-scale farming?

Absolutely, Millat Tractors offers models with varying horsepower, making them suitable for both small and large-scale farming.

How often should I perform maintenance on my Millat Tractor?

Regular maintenance is recommended, and Millat Tractors are designed for easy maintenance procedures.

Can I purchase Millat Tractor spare parts easily?

Yes, Millat Tractors provides easy access to genuine spare parts through their authorized dealers.

Do Millat Tractors come with a warranty?

Yes, Millat Tractors typically come with a warranty, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

Are Millat Tractors fuel-efficient?

Yes, Millat Tractors are known for their fuel efficiency, thanks to advanced technology and efficient engines.

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