Most followers on Instagram in Pakistan in 2024

Nobody could resist scrolling through Instagram and following their favorite celebrities. Instagram has quickly become one of the go-to platforms for sharing moments, showcasing talents, and connecting with fans. But have you ever wondered who has the most followers on Instagram? Take a look at some of these most-followed accounts below.

Most Followed Instagram Accounts in Pakistan

List of Most Followed Instagram Accounts in Pakistan

1Ayeza Khan13.8MActress and model574
2Hania Aamir12.3MActress903
3Aiman Khan11.9MActress1,926
4Sarah Khan11.5MActress19,90
5Mahira Khan10.9MActress1,296
6Iqra Aziz10.7MActress2,346
7Sajal Ali10.1 MActress and model549
8Minal Ahsan10.1MActress2,390
9Imran Khan9.4MPolitician and former cricket captain15,201
10Kinza Hashmi8.9MActress1,171
11Sana Javed8.7MActress729
12Imran Abbas8.6MActor and model3,007
13Mawra Hocane8.4MActress and model1,251
14Feroze Khan8.2MActor and model709
15Maya Ali7.9MActress1,993

Top 5 Most followed Account on Instagram

1- Ayeza Khan

Pakistani beauty and actress Ayeza Khan leads Instagram in terms of followership with 13.3 million with 587 posts. Her charismatic charm has won her fans across the world and made her one of their favorites.

Most followers on Instagram in Pakistan

2- Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan the wife of Pakistani actor Muneeb Butt, boasts over 11.7 million followers on Instagram with 1,865 posts. Due to her adorable personality and natural talent, Aiman has amassed an immense fan base on this platform.


3- Sarah Khan: Most followers on Instagram

Sara Khan is the wife of Pakistani singer Falak Shabir and with an impressive 11.1 million Instagram followers with 19,38 posts is next on our list. Sara’s glamorous looks and acting talents have attracted audiences across the nation.

Sarah Khan most follower account in Pakistan

4- Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani icon and beloved actress who continues to reign supreme on Instagram with 10.8 million followers with 1,289 posts. Her timeless beauty and astonishing performances have cemented her place as one of the premier names in entertainment.

Mahira Khan

5- Hania Amir: Most followers on Instagram

Hania Amir, the versatile and talented Pakistani actress, has amassed an impressive following on Instagram with 10.9 million with 769 posts devoted to fans. Her charismatic personality and relatable posts have made her a beloved figure on the platform, and she continues to gain more followers with each passing day.

Hania Amir

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Top 10 Most Followed Pakistani Actors on Instagram

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz, known for her exceptional acting talents, is one of Pakistan’s fastest-rising celebrities on Instagram with over 10.5 Million followers with 2,316 posts already and counting! Her fan base continues to increase rapidly.


Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali, with over 10.5 million followers on Instagram with 534 posts, is another prominent personality on social media. Her charming presence both on and off-screen has earned her an extensive and dedicated fan base.

Sajal Ali

Minal Khan

Minal Khan, with over 9.9 million followers on Instagram with 2,366 posts, has made waves among Instagram users for both her stunning looks and talent. Her impressive following on this platform speaks volumes.

Minal Khan

Imran Khan Niazi

Prime Minister Imran Khan currently boasts over 8.9 Million Instagram followers with 15,115 posts. Through social media, he is able to communicate with a wide range of audiences and gain their trust.

Imran Khan PTI Most followers on Instagram

Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi, the talented Pakistani actress, commands a considerable following on Instagram, with 8.6 million with 1,263 posts devoted to fans. Her popularity on the platform is a testament to her acting skills and charm, making her a favorite among audiences of all ages.


Top 15 Most Followed Accounts on Instagram

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas, with over 8.3 million followers and 2,930 posts on Instagram, is a well-recognized figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. His captivating presence on social media has given him an extensive fan base that continues to be charmed by his talent and charisma.

Imra Abbas

Sana Javed

Sana Javed boasts 8.3 million followers on Instagram with 747 posts, thanks to her extensive fan following after appearing in various TV dramas and films.

sanajaved followers on Instagram

Mawra Hocane: Most followers on Instagram

occupy the 12 spot on this list with both amassing an astounding 8.2 million followers with 1,202 posts. This Instagram celebrity’s captivating personality and engaging posts have won her huge popularity.

mawrellous Most followers on Instagram

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan sits comfortably at number eleven with 8 million followers on Instagram with 667 posts. Thanks to his attractive looks and exceptional acting skills, garnered him significant admirers across social media platforms.

Feroz Khan followers on Instagram

Maya Ali

Maya Ali is the most-followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram with 7.8 million followers with 1,957 posts. Thanks to her charming presence and genuine nature which have garnered her widespread fan support.

Maya Ali most followers on instagram

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Conclusion of Mostly Followed Accounts on Instagram In Pakistan

Instagram has become an invaluable platform for celebrities and influencers to connect with their audiences and showcase their talents. Pakistani celebrities who have become social media influencers thanks to Instagram have captured millions of hearts around the world, which is reflected in their immense fan loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Instagram rankings subject to change?

Yes, the number of followers on Instagram can fluctuate as users gain or lose followers.

Are there other Pakistani celebrities with a significant following on Instagram?

Absolutely! Pakistan has a diverse and talented entertainment industry, and many celebrities have a substantial following on Instagram.

How does Instagram influence a celebrity’s career?

Instagram provides a platform for celebrities to connect with their fans and showcase their work, which can positively impact their career and popularity.

What type of content do these celebrities post on their Instagram accounts?

Celebrities often share behind-the-scenes glimpses, personal photos, and updates about their projects, and interact with their followers through engaging content.

How can fans show support for their favorite celebrities on Instagram?

Fans can show support by following their favorite celebrities, liking their posts, leaving positive comments, and engaging with their content.

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