Namak Haram Drama Cast, Writer, Story & Air Time

Namak Haram is a romantic drama with talented actors in the cast that Hum TV airs. “Imran Ashraf”, and “Sarah Khan” are the leading actors in this serial. This series is getting attention from audiences all over the world. Both lead characters are seasoned actors in the drama industry, known for delivering blockbuster serials. Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan gave the most romantic and liked drama “Raqs-e-Bismil. This serial was a blockbuster in the career of both actors. Namak Haram Drama is based on a real story and all actors in this serial gave them to perform the roles best.

Namak Haram Drama

Namak Haram Drama Story

In “Namak Haram,” the plot unfolds as a tale of long-forged family vengeance between Murad and Amin Qureshi. After dedicating 27 years to planning within the walls of Amin Qureshi’s house, where he served as Amin’s assistant, Murad’s quest for revenge takes a surprising twist when Amin’s daughter, Asma, becomes entangled in the scheme. As the story unfolds, what started as Murad’s resentment toward Asma transforms into an unexpected romance, adding a captivating twist to the narrative.

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Namak Haram Drama Cast

  • Imran Ashraf as Mureed
  • Sarah Khan as Asma Qureshi
  • Babar Ali as Amin Qureshi
  • Sunita Marshall as Malaika
  • Aniqa Zehra Khaaja as Aimal
  • Mohsin Ejaz as Mustafa Bahi
  • Sajawal Khan as Aimal’s Fiance
  • Salma Asima as Asiya
  • Nabeela Khan as Amin’s Sister

Namak Haram Serial Information

The serial Namak Haram was written by famous Pakistani drama writer Saqlain Abbas who has also written dramas like “Tere Bina” and “Gali Me Chand Nikla”. The serial Namak Haram is directed by famous Pakistani director Shaqielle Khan who has directed famous dramas like “Mohabbat ab nahi hogi”, “Gumaan”, “Choti Si Zindagi”, “Hum sub Umeed se hain”, and “Sada Suhagan”. The producer of this drama serial is Momina Duraid. Momina Duraid produces the television drama series ‘Namak Haram’ under the banner of her production house, MD Productions.

Where To Watch Namak Haram Drama?

Watch “Namak Haram” on HUM TV’s Official Channel and their YouTube platform. Notably, the “HUM TV” YouTube channel secures the third position in Pakistan’s entertainment category. Witnessing a daily increase in subscribers, the channel recently gained an impressive 1 million new subscribers in the last month alone, reaching a total of 33.1 million subscribed users. Stay tuned for the latest episodes and updates on this thriving digital platform.

Day & Air Time

The serial was telecast on 23rd November 2023 Thursday at 08:00 PM on Hum TV. The Duration of this serial is 40 minutes. The success ratio of this series “Namak Haram” is very high seeing. Because people are watching this serial with very love.

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Final Thoughts

In summation, “Namak Haram” captivates with its compelling story of family retaliation and deepens the narrative by incorporating the subtleties of love and transformation. It is a monument to the writers’ storytelling skills that they have constructed a plot that goes beyond the confines of conventional drama, providing audiences with a complex and intense visual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the leading actors in the serial “Namak Haram”?

“Imran Ashraf,” and “Sarah Khan,” are the leading actors in the cast of “Namak Haram.”

Where can I watch “Namak Haram”?

“Namak Haram” can be watched on HUM TV’s Official Channel and their YouTube platform, where HUM TV holds the third position in Pakistan’s entertainment category.

When does “Namak Haram” air, and what is its duration?

The serial airs on Thursdays at 08:00 PM on Hum TV, with each episode having a duration of 40 minutes.

What is the success ratio of “Namak Haram”?

The drama has seen a high success ratio, with increasing viewership and love from the audience since its telecast on 23rd November 2023. People are watching the serial with great affection.

Is “Namak Haram” based on a real story?

Yes, “Namak Haram” is based on a real story, adding authenticity and depth to the plot.

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