Oman Visa Price in Pakistan 2024 | Fees & Requirements

Oman, located in the Arab region, is an attractive destination for Pakistani workers looking for work. With abundant employment opportunities, Oman also boasts an efficient visa processing system that makes living, working, or visiting friends and family feasible for Pakistanis. Over time, they have refined the application process further, streamlining it and making it more user-friendly. In this article, we explore Oman visa price in Pakistan and requirements specific to Pakistani visitors planning a visit in 2024.

Oman Visa Price in Pakistan

Oman Visa Price in Pakistan

Traveling to Oman from Pakistan requires a keen understanding of the visa requirements and associated costs. Knowing the visa prices is crucial for planning your journey, whether you’re visiting for leisure or employment. This section’ll explore the various visa types available for Pakistanis traveling to Oman and the associated fees. From sponsored visas to unsponsored ones, we’ll provide detailed insights into the costs involved, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your trip. Keep reading to discover the latest Oman visa prices for Pakistani travelers.

Sponsored Visit Visa

Foreigners living or visiting Oman with sponsors such as friends, relatives or companies can apply for sponsored visas through sponsorship. Costs will depend on type and duration, typically between OMR 5-50 per visa type; commonly issued visa types include the following:

  • Family Visit Visa : The Family Visit Visa fee is (OMR 20). Provides for stays ranging from one week to three months and valid for between one and three months of stays.
  • Tourist Visa: The fees range from OMR 5-20; applicable for 10-30 day stay only.
  • Multi-entry Visit Visa (Sponsored) The Multi-entry Visit Visa fee is (OMR 50), which covers six months to one year stays with an extended stay of three months, is available.

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Unsponsored Visit Visa

For foreigners without sponsors in Oman, unsponsored visas are available, either applied online or upon arrival. Fees range from OMR 5 to OMR 50 for various durations:

  • Visit Visa Multi-entry: Priced at OMR 50, valid for 1 year with a 30-day stay per visit.
  • GCC Resident Visa: Costs OMR 5, allowing a 28-day stay.
  • Multi-entry Visa: Priced at OMR 50, valid for 10 years with a 6-month stay per visit.
  • Tourist Visit Visa: Fees range from OMR 5 to OMR 20, valid for 1 month with a 10 to 30-day stay.

Please be aware that visa prices may change. For the latest updates, please visit the Royal Oman Police’s Electronic Visa System website.

Oman E-Visa Price in Pakistan

Applying for an Oman visa online has never been more hassle-free! Follow this step-by-step guide (Liz).

  • Fill out an eVisa Application: Fill out the applictaion with all the required details (Lisa’s application online).
  • Pay the Application Fee: Using a debit or credit card, pay online using the current exchange rate to cover the application fee.
  • Get Your Visa: After processing, receive your visa via email. Once processed – be sure your provided email is accessible so your document arrives without delay!
  • Print and Use an eVisa: Print your visa before packing it with your passport when traveling to Oman.

Basic Requirements of an Oman Visa

Ensure you meet these requirements when applying for an Oman visa:

  • Fill out the application form accurately.
  • Possess a valid international passport with at least 60 days’ validity after the visa expires.
  • Provide two colored passport photos.
  • Show the original receipt of the visa application fee.
  • Have your travel itinerary ready.
  • Present bank statements from the last three months as financial proof.
  • Obtain travel insurance.

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Conclusion of Oman Visa Price

Understanding visa prices and requirements when traveling from Pakistan to Oman is critical for an enjoyable journey. Oman provides various visa types tailored towards various purposes of visit such as tourism, family visits and business trips – with fees dependent on factors like duration and type of visit visa type. Travelers should remain up-to-date on current fees by regularly consulting the Royal Oman Police’s Electronic Visa System website to keep informed. Being well-informed ensures a smooth application process so Pakistani travelers can focus on exploring all that Oman offers them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an Oman visa cost in Pakistan?

The cost of an Oman visa in Pakistan varies depending on the type and duration of the visa. Generally, visa fees range from OMR 5 to OMR 50 for different visa types.

Are there different fees for different types of Oman visas in Pakistan?

Yes, there are different fees for various types of Oman visas in Pakistan. The fees differ based on factors such as visa type (e.g., tourist visa, family visit visa, multi-entry visa) and duration of stay.

How can I find out the current Oman visa fees for Pakistani citizens?

To find out the current Oman visa fees for Pakistani citizens, it’s advisable to visit the official website of the Royal Oman Police’s Electronic Visa System. This platform provides up-to-date information on visa fees and requirements.

Are the visa fees the same for all nationalities in Pakistan?

No, visa fees may vary for different nationalities in Pakistan. Each country may have its own visa fee structure and requirements. It’s essential for applicants to check the specific visa fees applicable to their nationality.

What payment methods are accepted for Oman visa fees in Pakistan?

The payment methods accepted for Oman visa fees in Pakistan typically include debit and credit cards. However, it’s important to note that digital wallets such as Easypaisa may not be accepted for visa payments. Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted for online visa payments.

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