Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Rate List Updated

In a country where a steady power supply is a perpetual concern, Osaka batteries have emerged as a symbol of reliability and effectiveness. With their established reputation, these batteries have gained extensive recognition in Pakistan, solidifying their status as a preferred solution for power requirements. In this comprehensive journey, check out the specifics of Osaka Battery, exploring their variety, classifications, and present prices in Pakistan in 2024.

Osaka Battery

Overview of Osaka Batteries

When it comes to energizing residences, enterprises, and industries, Osaka batteries have etched their identity as dependable companions. These batteries furnish a trustworthy power reservoir, ensuring uninterrupted access to electricity even in areas frequently affected by power interruptions. Osaka batteries are meticulously designed to address the energy challenges that numerous Pakistanis confront daily, offering a seamless transition to backup power during grid failures.

Current Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of Osaka 200 batteries in Pakistan varies based on several determinants, such as battery type, capacity, and power reserve duration. In the year 2024, the cost of Osaka batteries encompasses a broad spectrum to accommodate diverse financial constraints and requisites. Prices commence from as low as Rs 940 and ascend to Rs 73,500, contingent upon the specific model, capacity, and backup duration you opt for. This pricing adaptability ensures that individuals and enterprises can locate a battery that harmonizes with their necessities without straining their fiscal resources.

Light Range Batteries:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price (PKR)
S70R/L+1250Rs. 13,000
S75R/L+950Rs. 12,900
S100A+1172Rs. 16,500
S50R/L+934Rs. 10,000
CR65L+1140Rs. 11,200
S65R/L+1140Rs. 12,000
S105R/L+1380Rs. 17,500
S85ZR/L+1160Rs. 14,800
V110ZR/L+1585Rs. 19,900
NS95R/L+1370Rs. 16,900

Medium Range Batteries – Platinum Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Rate List
Platinum P-135 S17105Rs. 24,500
Platinum P-140 S17110Rs. 26,000
Platinum T-125 S15100Rs. 23,000
Platinum P-150 S19115Rs. 27,200

Heavy Range Batteries – Platinum Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price
Platinum P-250 S27180Rs. 43,800
Platinum P-260 S27180Rs. 44,500
Platinum P-290 Z33275Rs. 53,800
Platinum P-180 S21130Rs. 32,800
Platinum P-270 S31200Rs. 50,500
Platinum P-210 S23155Rs. 38,600
Platinum P-175 S19120Rs. 31,000
Platinum P-200 S21130Rs. 34,900
Platinum P-190 S23145Rs. 33,900
Platinum P-225 S25175Rs. 42,000

Ford 3600 & Ford 4000:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price
TA-18005185Rs. 48,800
TA-25007230Rs. 64,400
TA-17007170Rs. 51,500
TA-16009150Rs. 46,600
TA-20006230Rs. 64,000
TA-12007125Rs. 44,500
TA-15005140Rs. 41,200

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Osaka Battery Motorcycle Series Price in Pakistan

For motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a reliable power source, the Osaka Battery Motorcycle Series offers a range of options. These batteries provide dependable performance and are tailored to meet the unique power demands of motorcycles. The prices of this battery for motorcycles vary based on the specific model and capacity, ensuring that riders can choose the right power solution for their two-wheeled companions.

ModelA.H (20 Hr)Price List
Supreme 4 GEL3Rs. 1,270
NP7-127.2Rs. 2,650
Supreme 87Rs. 3,000
Supreme 65Rs. 2,200
Super 75Rs. 1,850
NP5-125Rs. 2,040
Super 65Rs. 1,850
Supreme 109Rs. 3,940
Super 109Rs. 2,950
Super 87Rs. 2,360
Supreme 43Rs. 1,250
NP12-1212Rs. 4,300
Super 43Rs. 940
6-GFM-1818Rs. 6,250

Ford 3600 & Ford 4000:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price
6LT20029145Rs. 37,500
6LT19025130Rs. 32,950

Generator Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price
12GEN-MR45725Rs. 8,200
12GEN-MR35520Rs. 6,450

Osaka Battery IPS Series

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Cost
IPS 130021130Rs. 36,300
IPS 120019120Rs. 33,600
IPS 160023160Rs. 39,700
IPS 200025170Rs. 43,700

Solar Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Rate
SR100A955Rs. 14,300
SOLAR 50520Rs. 6,400

Maintenance Free Batteries – Platinum Series:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price
MF 110 R/L1590Rs. 21,500
MF 80 R/L1175Rs. 16,500
MF 100 R/L1380Rs. 19,000
MF 50 R/L938Rs. 10,700
MF 70 R/L1148Rs. 13,000
MF 72 R/L1248Rs. 14,300
MF 60 R/L1140Rs. 12,000
MF 75 R/L950Rs. 14,000
MF 40GEN520Rs. 6,750

DIN Series Maintenance Free Batteries:

ModelPlatesA.H (20 Hr)Price
MF DIN 661366Rs. 26,500
MF DIN 881788Rs. 34,200
MF DIN 551155Rs. 22,800

Exploring the Varieties of Osaka Batteries

The diversity of Osaka batteries significantly contributes to their widespread acceptance. These batteries are accessible in various classifications, each meticulously tailored to suit distinct applications and energy prerequisites. From compact alternatives for household use to high-capacity models catering to industrial demands, Osaka batteries encompass a comprehensive range of requirements. Some of the prominent classifications include:

Conventional Lead-Acid Batteries

Conventional lead-acid Osaka batteries are widely employed for fundamental power backup needs. They present an economical solution for homes and small enterprises, providing steadfast energy storage.

High-Performance Deep Cycle Batteries

These batteries from Osaka are explicitly engineered to deliver sustained power over extended timeframes. These batteries prove optimal for applications such as renewable energy systems and backup power for critical machinery.

Cutting-edge AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries

Cutting-edge AGM batteries merge advanced technology with maintenance-free operation. These batteries are spill-resistant and apt for UPS systems, telecommunications, and scenarios where unwavering reliability is paramount.

Resilient Gel Batteries

Resilient gel batteries are renowned for their exceptional endurance and resistance to jolts and vibrations. They find applications in off-grid solar systems, maritime equipment, and outdoor setups.

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Overall Conclusion

The landscape of power solutions is ever-evolving, and Osaka Batteries has firmly established itself as a trusted player in this domain. With their diverse range, reliability, and suitability for various applications, these batteries have garnered attention and trust. As we’ve explored the current Osaka battery price in Pakistan and delved into the different types available, it’s evident that these batteries offer not just power, but also peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Osaka batteries suitable for residential use?

Absolutely. Osaka batteries come in various types and capacities, making them suitable for homes, small businesses, and larger establishments.

How do I determine the right Osaka battery for my needs?

Assess your power requirements, backup duration, and the specific application. Consulting with experts can also provide valuable insights.

Can Osaka batteries be used with solar panels?

Yes, Osaka batteries are compatible with solar panels and can store energy generated by solar systems.

Do Osaka batteries require maintenance?

While maintenance requirements are minimal, regular checks and ensuring proper charging practices can enhance battery longevity.

Are Osaka batteries a sustainable choice?

Absolutely. By facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources, Osaka batteries contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly power solutions.

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