Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 | AC/DC, Ceiling & Pedestal Fans

In the extremely hot climate of Pakistan, the need for effective cooling solutions transcends mere comfort; it becomes an absolute requirement. As temperatures surge, the clamor for fans capable of delivering relief from the searing sun grows ever more pronounced. In this pursuit of cooling comfort, Pak Fan emerges as an emblem of ingenuity, presenting a wide spectrum of fan choices tailored to diverse cooling needs. This article aims to describe the Pak Fan price, attributes, and the determinants influencing the pricing of these cooling apparatuses.

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Pak Fan, a distinguished name in the realm of cooling solutions, offers a comprehensive selection of fan categories to fulfill the precise requisites of consumers. Whether you are in search of a ceiling fan, pedestal fan, AC/DC fan, table fan, louver fan, exhaust fan, or bracket fan, Pak Fan has you encompassed. Let’s dissect the price structure for each category, aiding you in making a well-informed choice.

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Pak Fan Pedestal Fan Price

Pedestal fans constitute a preferred selection when it comes to furnishing tailored cooling solutions. At Pak Fan, the price spectrum for pedestal fans typically extends from Rs. 8,895 to Rs. 21,795. These fans are celebrated for their portability and adjustable height, rendering them a versatile choice for maintaining a cool ambiance in diverse settings.

Pak Fan Pedestal Fan ModelPrices
Pedestal Industrial New 3B12,595
Pedestal Industrial9,195
Pedestal Mist21,795
Pedestal Industrial New12,045
NTCP Remote9,995
Pedestal Industrial 3B16,895

Pak Fan Table Fan Rate

Table fans serve as valuable additions to any workspace or bedroom. Pak Fan’s table fans are renowned for their efficiency and compact form. Prices for these fans oscillate within the range of Rs. 5,645 to Rs. 8,895, rendering them ideal for personal utilization and for bestowing targeted cooling effects in compact spaces.

Pak Table FanPrice
Meeran model8,895
Table Fan Band Switch5,645
Table Fan Rotary Switch7,795

Pak Louvre Fans Price

For those pursuing effective cooling and aesthetic allure, Pak Fan’s louvre fans might emerge as the prime choice. These fans are obtainable in an assortment of designs and hues, empowering you to enhance the visual appeal of your surroundings. The price spectrum for these fans typically spans from Rs. 6,895 to Rs. 9,045, establishing them as a captivating option for individuals seeking a fusion of utility and style.

Pak Fan Louvre Fans ModelPrice in PKR
Louvre Box7,495
Louvre Bracket6,895
False Ceiling Louvre9,045
Louvre Pedestal Remote8,795
Louvre Pedestal7,995
Louvre Basket7,495
Louvre Bracket Remote7,895

Pak Fan Ceiling Fans Prices

Ceiling fans stand as an indispensable feature in every Pakistani household. Pak Fan’s pricing strategy for ceiling fans is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of budgets. Prices may commence as low as Rs. 6,995 and can ascend to as high as Rs. 12,295. The cost is contingent on variables such as fan dimensions, design attributes, and supplementary functionalities. Pak Fan presents an array of designs and sizes, enabling consumers to opt for a ceiling fan that aligns with their biases and room dimensions.

ModelPrice/Rates (Rs.)
Classic Super Ceiling Fan7,495
Diamond Plus9,395
Classic Ceiling Fan7,495
VIP Decoration8,495
Classic Gold Ceiling Fan7,595
Hilux Ceiling Fan7,595
Galaxy Big Ceiling Fan8,445
Jazz Ceiling Fan7,395
Floral Flowers9,395
Galaxy Gold Ceiling Fan7,695
Dynasty Ceiling Fan8,595
VIP Ceiling Fan8,395
Floral Kids9,395
Decora Classic8,795
Super Deluxe8,495
Smart Ceiling Fan8,495
Premio Big8,495
Floral Bless9,395
Classic Silver Ceiling Fan7,595
Golden Eye Ceiling Fan7,695
Deluxe Ceiling Fan6,995

Pak Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan

Enhancing air circulation and ventilation is imperative, notably in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Pak Fan’s exhaust fan range is meticulously crafted to fulfill this purpose. These fans are procurable at an attractive price range of Rs. 2,245 to Rs. 4,795, guaranteeing that you can sustain a fresh and well-ventilated environment without incurring exorbitant costs.

Pak Exhaust FanRates
Exhaust Double Action4,795
Exhaust False Ceiling New3,495
Exhaust Metal Black4,645
Window Exhaust2,245
Exhaust Metal Square4,195
Exhaust Metal Round4,745
Exhuast Single Action4,795
Exhaust False Ceiling3,295

AC/DC Fan Price in Pakistan

For individuals who accord top priority to uninterrupted cooling solutions, Pak Fan presents AC/DC fans. These fans are meticulously designed to operate seamlessly, even during episodes of power outages. Their price range fluctuates between Rs. 8,845 and 10,945, guaranteeing access to steadfast cooling, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

Pak Fan ModelPrice
Antique AC/DC10,945
Deluxe AC/DC8,645
Pride AC/DC9,345
Diamond AC/DC9,195
Aspire AC/DC9,695
Floral AC/DC8,845
Pedestal AC/DC Inverter8,945
Crystal AC/DC8,345

Bracket Fans Prices in Pakistan

Bracket fans, frequently deployed in commercial settings, are obtainable in a spectrum of designs that cater to diverse inclinations and airflow requirements. The price range for Pak Fan’s bracket fans stretches from Rs. 7,595 to Rs. 12,595, constituting a feasible choice for businesses and industrial setups.

PAK Fan ModelPrice (PKR)
Super King New8,095
Deluxe New8,095
Circo Industrial7,595
Mega Bracket8,195
Super King VIP8,195

Factors Influencing Pak Fan Prices

Numerous factors hold sway over the pricing of Pak Fans. These elements encompass:

  • Fan Type: Distinct fan categories are associated with disparate pricing structures. Ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and exhaust fans may exhibit variations in cost due to their specific designs and functionalities.
  • Size: The dimensions of a fan can have an impact on its price. Larger fans often come attached to a higher price tag.
  • Features: Fans with added features like remote controls, timers, and energy efficiency may cost more than basic models.
  • Brand Reputation: Established brands like Pak Fan can adjust product prices based on their reputation and quality.
  • Material and Build: The quality of materials employed and the overall construction of the fan can influence its pricing.

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Overall Consideration

Pak Fan’s wide range of cooling solutions at different prices makes them a top choice for many Pakistanis. From ceiling fans to pedestal fans, table fans to exhaust fans, and everything in between, Pak Fan ensures an option for every need and budget. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly solution or a fan with advanced features, Pak Fan has you covered. As you consider your cooling options, keep in mind the factors that can affect fan prices, allowing you to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the starting price of Pak Fan ceiling fans in Pakistan?

Pak Fan ceiling fan prices commence from Rs. 6,995.

Are Pak Fan table fans suitable for personal use?

Indeed, Pak Fan’s table fans are well-suited for personal use, delivering pinpoint cooling in smaller spaces.

Do Pak Fan exhaust fans incorporate ventilation features?

Certainly, Pak Fan’s exhaust fan range is thoughtfully designed to enhance air circulation and ventilation.

What factors have a bearing on Pak Fan prices?

Elements influencing Pak Fan prices encompass the type of fan, size, features, brand reputation, materials used in construction, and market dynamics.

Are Pak Fan bracket fans suitable for industrial applications?

Yes, Pak Fan’s bracket fans cater to various design preferences and airflow requirements, rendering them apt for businesses and industrial settings.

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