Persian Cat Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | All Types Rate List

If you’re thinking about adopting a Persian cat in Pakistan, one of your first considerations may be cost. They make great pets and are popularly sought-after here. However, known for their distinct facial structure with round eyes and short noses, Persian cats are considered one of the oldest cat breeds. Here is our 2024 Persian Cat Price in Pakistan Guide with some insightful knowledge into various types and costs associated with these loved felines.

Persian Cat Price in Pakistan

Persian Cat Price in Pakistan 2024

Before we get too far into discussing Persian cat prices in Pakistan, let’s take a moment to admire these captivating animals. Persian cats are beloved pets known for their gentle temperaments and affectionate personalities; making them great choices for both seasoned cat owners as well as newcomers looking for their first pet. Their long coats add character and draw in many enthusiasts.

In Pakistan, an estimated average Persian cat price can range anywhere between Rs.12,000 and Rs.20,000 depending on various factors like its age, rarity, and lineage. Rates can also differ widely among breeds available on the market and thus it is essential to understand all types of Persian cats available on offer. And their associated costs before making your final decision.

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White Persian Cat

White Persian Cats have become an extremely desirable house pet in Pakistan, drawing huge fan attention due to their striking white color and luxurious long coats. Originating in Iran and the Middle East, this breed boasts a centuries-old heritage. Although highly desired among cat enthusiasts, they remain relatively rare within Pakistan, contributing to higher price tags. The average rate of these cats is around Rs. 15,000, making them a luxurious pet choice. 

White Persian Cat

Persian Triple Coat Kitten

For those who appreciate luxury and exclusivity, the Persian Triple Coat Kitten makes an exceptional pet choice. This rare breed features not one, not two but three layers of fur – top, middle, and bottom coats. That not only provides insulation against extreme temperatures but also enhances its aesthetic value. Keep in mind that this breed is extremely rare in Pakistan and could command an exorbitant price tag. The Persian Triple Coat Kitten is an incredibly rare breed and can be quite expensive, with rates reaching up to Rs. 20,000.

Persian Triple Coat Kitten

Persian Female cat

Persian Female cats are beloved companions who boast luxurious coats and gentle temperaments – ideal qualities for pet owners in Pakistan. Additionally, their adaptability makes them beloved companions – whether that means in various living situations or just providing elegance and grace in your home environment. If that describes what you seek then consider adopting one! The female Persian cat is priced at Rs. 25,000 and is available for sale in Pakistan.

Persian Female cat

Pure Persian cat Price

Pure Persian cats are one of the most sought-after breeds in Pakistan, known for their long, flowing coats and sweet disposition. Perfect companions for anyone seeking affectionate pets. What sets these cats apart is their adaptability to new environments – an advantage when living in homes with diverse lifestyles. Furthermore, Pure Persian cats have low maintenance needs, further adding to their appeal among cat lovers. The average price range for a pure Persian cat in Pakistan is around Rs. 10,000, depending on the age and size of the cat.

Pure Persian cat

White Persian Kitten

White Persian Kittens have become immensely popular in Pakistan due to their striking white fur and welcoming personalities, providing endless joy in any household. Their beauty comes at a higher cost compared to other Persian cat varieties. The average price range of a White Persian Kitten in Pakistan is Rs. 30,000, which may be out of budget for some pet owners. 

White Persian Kitten

Brown Persian Kitten

The Brown Persian Kitten features an extremely soft coat with distinctive coloring. This charming and playful kitten will undoubtedly draw in hearts wherever they go. Their playful nature is sure to win them many fans! If you want an exceptional pet that brings years of joy and companionship, the Brown Persian Kitten makes an excellent choice. This beautiful Brown Persian Kitten is a rare find in Pakistan and is priced at Rs.35,000.

Brown Persian Kitten

Best Persian Cats

Finding the Right Persian Cat for You Selecting the appropriate Persian cat depends upon your personal preferences and lifestyle. Each type of Persian cat – purebred, White, Triple Coat Female, Brown Kittens, or White Kittens. Possesses distinctive qualities that may influence your decision. Furthermore, consider factors like temperament, grooming needs, and budget when making your selection.

Persian Cats in Pakistan

As Persian cats become increasingly popular in Pakistan, owners must become acquainted with their price range. From purebred Persian cats to triple-coat kittens and everything in between, knowing each breed’s market prices and specific traits will help make an informed decision when buying one of these felines.

Have You Decided to Adopt a Persian Cat in Pakistan?

Once you’ve decided to bring one into your home in Pakistan, one of your next questions may be where can I buy one of these beloved felines? Persian cats are highly sought-after pets; knowing where you can purchase them is crucial for an easy adoption experience. In this section, we will explore some of the common places where you can purchase Persian cats in Pakistan.

Pet Stores

Pet stores can be an invaluable source of Persian cats in Pakistan, offering an assortment of breeds including Persians. By visiting a reputable store you can interact with the cats while also receiving guidance from experienced staff members on health and temperament assessments. Also, guidance regarding ethical breeding practices that ensure you receive proper care for the animal you purchase.

Breeder’s Homes

Many Persian cat breeders in Pakistan operate out of their own homes or dedicated breeding facilities, giving buyers access to knowing a cat’s lineage and health history. Reputable breeders prioritize the health and welfare of their cats while offering regular vaccinations and care. So, it is best to select a breeder with an outstanding reputation to guarantee yourself receiving a healthy, well-socialized kitten.

Online Marketplaces

In today’s digital era, online marketplaces are an increasingly popular means of buying and selling pets such as Persian cats. Websites and social media platforms dedicated to pet sales offer listings from breeders as well as individual sellers. While this may make buying online easier than ever before, buyers should still exercise caution. It is important to gather as much information about the cat’s health status, vaccination history, and lineage before making a purchase decision if possible. Arrange to meet both seller and cat personally before completing a purchase decision if possible! You can buy from OLX, TAJBirds, and DealMarkaz.

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Overall Conclusion

Now, we can say that Persian cats are treasured pets in Pakistan, known for their beauty, grace, and affectionate nature. When considering bringing one into your home, it’s vital to understand the varying prices associated with different Persian cat breeds. Whether you opt for a Pure Persian, White Persian, Triple Coat Kitten, Persian Female, White Kitten, or Brown Kitten, you’re sure to find a cherished companion that will bring joy to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are White Persian Cats relatively rare in Pakistan?

White Persian Cats have a rich history and origin in the Middle East, making them less common in Pakistan.

Are Persian cats low-maintenance pets?

Due to their calm temperament and adaptability to different living environments, cat enthusiasts generally consider Pure Persian cats low-maintenance.

What makes the Persian Triple Coat Kitten unique?

The Persian Triple Coat Kitten has three layers of fur, providing both protection and aesthetic appeal.

Which Persian cat variety possesses a playful spirit and distinctive color patterning?

The Brown Persian Kitten stands out in Pakistan for its soft coat and playful demeanor, captivating cat lovers.

What factors affect the price of Persian cats in Pakistan?

The price of Persian cats can vary based on factors such as the cat’s age, rarity, breed, and lineage.

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