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In the ever-evolving arena of energy solutions, batteries have emerged as a linchpin, enabling us to bridge the gap between power demand and supply. Battery technology has quickly become crucial in meeting energy demand and supply. Phoenix Batteries stand out as leaders in this space due to their reliability and performance. However, the Phoenix Battery price in Pakistan offers us a range of options that cater to various needs. As we explore the realm of their prices in Pakistan, we uncover a spectrum of choices that cater to a wide array of requirements.

Phoenix Battery

Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan Today

Phoenix Batteries provides an extensive range of energy solutions designed to meet varying energy demands in residential settings as well as larger commercial establishments, with prices depending on specifications, capacity, and application needs. They have become known for their quality and consistency over the years and continue to make an impressionful statement about quality products at an economical price point.

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All Models With Rate List:

Phoenix Battery ModelsPrices
XP 170 R 21PLRs. 18000
XP 50 Plus R/L 9PLRs. 6000
UGS 175 21PLRs. 16500
XP 95 R/L 13PLRs. 11300
TX 1200 7PLRs. 26800
XP 60 L 11PLRs. 7000
XP 230 27PLRs. 26500
XP 200 + 23PLRs. 23000
UGS 55 9PLRs. 6260
Euromax 85 9PLRs. 8700
XP 250 31PLRs. 32300
UGS 220 25PLRs. 24000
XP 260 33PLRs. 34000
4DLT 180 23PLRs. 20000
XP 85 R/L 11PLRs. 9400
XP 105 R 13PLRs. 11300
XP 210 25PLRs. 23500
TX 1800 5PLRs. 28800
TX 3000 7PLRs. 37000
EXT 125 15PLRs. 14500
TX 2500 7PLRs. 36000
XP 110 R/L 15PLRs. 12000
XP 145 19PLRs. 16000
XP 135 17PLRs. 15400
XP 70 R/L 13PLRs. 8400
TX 1400 9PLRs. 29500
4DLT 205 27PLRs. 23500
UGS 205 Limited Edition 23PLRs. 22800
TX 3500 9PLRs. 44500
XP 165 21PLRs. 17800
UGLT 200 Special Edition 23PLRs. 21500
UGS 90 11PLRs. 10000
UGS 205 23PLRs. 22800
TX 1100 7PLRs. 24000
R40 7PLRs. 4400
XP 100 R 11PLRs. 10000
Euromax 65 11PLRs. 7100
Euromax 55 9PLRs. 6400
TX 700 5PLRs. 13000
Euromax 110 11PLRs. 11500
CNG 65 11PLRs. 7200
XPO 75 R 9PLRs. 8200
XP 120 R 11PLRs. 10100
UGS 140 17PLRs. 15800
GSb 35 5PLRs. 4300
XP 230 27PLRs. 26500
XP 300 31PLRs. 32300
XP 60 L 11PLRs. 7000
TX 1000 5PLRs. 14500
UGS 125 15PLRs. 14700
TX 2000 23PLRs. 23000
TX 1500 19PLRs. 21000

Factors Affecting Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan

There are various factors which contribute to variations in the Phoenix Battery price across Pakistan:

Capacity and Performance

Battery price is determined primarily by capacity and performance; batteries with higher capacity and extended backup times naturally command a higher price due to their ability to power multiple devices and appliances for extended periods.

Technology and Features

Innovations in battery technology such as extended cycle life and faster charging capabilities can have a dramatic impact on price. Batteries offering advanced features may command higher prices to reflect their added benefits.


Broughton Batteries designed specifically to meet specific applications, like deep cycle solar batteries or high-discharge inverter batteries, feature tailored properties. Their pricing reflects these specific capabilities.

Brand Reputation

Well-established brands, like Phoenix Batteries, known for their reliability and quality may require slightly higher prices compared to lesser-known alternatives. However, their assurance of performance usually justifies this difference.

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Overall Conclusion

In a country where power outages are still a reality, having a dependable power backup solution is not just a convenience but a necessity. Phoenix Batteries have carved a niche for themselves by offering a diverse range of batteries that cater to various energy needs. From standard household use to specialized industrial applications, Phoenix Batteries have earned their reputation as a reliable backup power source.

As the demand for efficient energy storage solutions continues to grow, understanding the factors that influence Phoenix Battery prices becomes crucial. While prices may vary based on capacity, technology, and application, the investment in a quality battery translates to peace of mind and an uninterrupted power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Phoenix Batteries suitable for solar energy storage?

Yes, Phoenix Batteries offers specialized models designed for solar energy storage, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in solar setups.

Do higher-priced batteries have better performance?

Higher-priced batteries often offer advanced features and technology, but the best choice depends on your specific energy needs and budget.

Can Phoenix Batteries be used for both homes and businesses?

Absolutely, Phoenix Batteries cater to a wide range of applications, from residential households to industrial establishments.

What is the average lifespan of a Phoenix Battery?

The lifespan of a Phoenix Battery varies depending on usage and maintenance but typically ranges from 2 to 5 years for standard models and longer for specialized models.

Do Phoenix Batteries require special maintenance?

While Phoenix Batteries are designed for minimal maintenance, regular checks and ensuring proper charging practices can extend their lifespan and performance.

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