PTV Sports New Biss Key 2024 Today Updated

Have you ever thought about how some people manage to watch PTV Sports for free without any subscription or payment? The answer lies in a mysterious code known as the “PTV Sports New Biss Key.” This 16-digit hexadecimal session code, also called a key, allows access to the PTV Sports channel without any restrictions. In this post, we’ll explore Biss keys, their importance for PTV Sports, and how you can add them to your dish receiver to access free sports entertainment.

PTV Sports New Biss Key

PTV Sports New Biss Key 2024

As 2024 arrives, sports enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the PTV Sports New Biss Key 2024. Many viewers are keen to find this key to continue watching their favorite events on PTV Sports. However, its existence remains undisclosed, and only those with access can use it to view PTV Sports without subscription charges. Now, PTV channels have been shifted to Paksat 38° East. This makes its discovery one of the most highly prized pieces of information available to sports fans.

Channel NamePTV Sports
SatellitePakSat.1R@ 38.0°E
Symbol Rate15556
PolarizationV (Vertical)
Transponder4007 v 15557
Biss KeyAB CD 10 88 11 13 65 89
New Biss KeyAB CD 10 FF 11 13 65 FF

PTV Sport SD

PTV Sports New Biss Key09 01 20 2A 23 AB CD 9B

ALL PTV Sports HD Actives BISS Key

As technology evolves, so too need for encryption to protect satellite broadcasts from unwarranted access. PTV Sports utilizes Basic Interoperable Scrambling System (BISS) encryption as one measure against this threat. However, its key can change frequently to enhance security measures.

Biss keys vary depending on your receiver and satellite setup, making it essential to select an accurate key to view content smoothly. Below are some active PTV Sports HD Biss keys for 2024:

Frequency4005 V 15555
New BISS KeyABCD 10FF 1113 65FF
BISS KeyABCD 1088 1113 6589
PTV Sports HD KeyABCD 1000 1113 6500
BISS KeyABCD 10CC 1113 65CC

Note: Since Biss keys may change at any time, it is wise to monitor official sources and forums regularly to stay abreast of the most up-to-date codes.)

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According to Satellite Sports Channel

Here are some channels mentioned that are according to the satellite sports channels.


WATAN 2 HD is a high-definition channel that serves as a platform for informative and entertaining content in Afghanistan. It offers a diverse range of programs, including news, sports, entertainment, and cultural shows, catering to a broad audience. However, watching live matches with PTV Sports Biss Key is more fun than any other sports channel.

Frequency11150 H 2400
Satellite[email protected]
Video FormatMPEG-4/HD/FREE FTA

Below, you will find the satellite information for some other channels that you can use to set up your receiver.


PK SPORTS is a popular sports channel known for its extensive coverage of various sports events, including cricket, football, and more. With a dedicated fan base, it keeps viewers entertained with live matches and insightful sports analysis.

Frequency11843 V 27500
Satellite[email protected]
Video FormatMPEG4/HD/FTA


RTA SPORTS HD is Afghanistan’s official sports channel, offering live coverage of football, cricket, volleyball, and more. With high-definition visuals, it provides sports enthusiasts with an immersive viewing experience.

Frequency10887 V 27500
Satellite[email protected]
Video FormatMPEG4/HD/FTA
PTV Sports Biss Key

PTV Sports CBAND New Updated

PTV Sports CBAND New Updated is the latest version of the PTV Sports channel available on C-band satellite frequency. With this new update, viewers can enjoy enhanced sports coverage and improved picture quality. The channel continues to be a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts, providing live broadcasts of cricket and other exciting sports events. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated sports fan, PTV Sports CBAND New Updated offers a seamless and engaging sports viewing experience.

TP113020 H 2000
HD Dish Size4 feet
DCW FEED KeyAB CD 10 88 11 13 65 89

New Update

Channel NamePTV SPORTS
Using SatellitePaksat 38° East
Transponder4006 V 15556
PolarizationV (Vertical)
Symbol Rate15556
LanguageURDU & English
BISS KeyAB CD 10 88 11 13 65 89
PTV Feed KeyAB CD 10 00 11 13 65 23

Also, Try The New PTV Sports Biss Key

The new PTV biss key is given below. You can also check these new Biss keys that are given below with the region-wise here.

New PTV Sports BISS KeysF7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB
AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA
EF 30 78 30 C BD A0 34 305
Other All Receiver KeysF7 E9 A7 CC 19 57 CD CCK
China Receiver KeyF7 E9 A7 AA 19 57 CD AA

How to Add Biss Key on Dish Receiver?

For satellite TV viewers with compatible receivers, adding the Biss key for PTV Sports is an easy process. Here’s a step-by-step guide that should make this setup smooth and painless:

  1. Use Your Remote Control To Navigate the Menu
  2. Installation or Setup: Navigating through the menu system, locate any option about “Installation” or “Setup”, and click it.
  3. Access Key Management: Within the installation menu, look for an option titled “Key Management” or “Biss Key.”
  4. Enter Your Key: Once prompted to enter your Biss key for the channel, carefully enter its 16-digit Hexadecimal Code using your remote control.
  5. Save and Exit: Once the Biss key has been successfully entered, save and exit from the menu.
  6. Tune to PTV Sports: Simply tune your satellite receiver to PTV Sports and you should have no problems accessing this channel.
  7. Make sure that you use the correct Biss key to add channels, as misusing incorrect codes may lead to error messages or prevent accessing channels altogether.

Why Does PTV Sports Require a Biss Key?

PTV Sports relies on its key to protect its content from unintended viewers, especially since the channel invests heavily in broadcasting live sports events such as cricket, football, and hockey matches, for which broadcasting rights incur significant fees. Only authorized viewers can gain entry to these broadcasts.

This key encryption provides an extra level of protection to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing PTV Sports signals. Only those possessing a valid Biss key can decode and watch its programming. This way PTV Sports retains control over its content distribution. If these keys are not working then you can try the software that is set up by the Techno Record.

How To download and install PTV Sports Biss key Software?

  1. First of all, download the software.
  2. Then open the software by using the provided password.
  3. Transfer the software to USB.
  4. Now, Plug your USB into the Dish TV.
  5. Install the software.
  6. When software is installed, you can enjoy it on Dish TV.
Software NameFile SizeVersion
PTV SPORTS Biss Key2 MB10.0.1

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Overall Conclusion

To conclude, the “PTV Sports New Biss Key” plays an essential role in giving access to the channel without incurring subscription fees. With its 16-digit hexadecimal code allowing access without fees, users can unlock broadcasts of live sports events from the comfort of their homes. The Biss key itself remains unpublished but anyone with it can enjoy uninterrupted sports entertainment!

As technology and security measures advance, it is increasingly essential for PTV Sports viewers to stay abreast of the most up-to-date Biss keys so they don’t miss any thrilling sports matches. By following official sources and forums, audiences can stay abreast of active Biss keys so as not to miss their favorite shows!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the PTV Sports New Biss Key different for every region?

Yes, the New Biss Key remains the same for all regions. It is universally applicable to all satellite receivers that are compatible with the channel’s broadcasts.

What happens if I enter the wrong Biss key?

If you enter the wrong key, your satellite receiver will not be able to decode the signals correctly, resulting in an error message or a blank screen when trying to access PTV Sports.

How often does the PTVSports Biss Key change?

The Biss Key can change from time to time to enhance security. It is advisable to keep an eye on official sources and forums to stay updated with the latest Biss keys.

Can I watch PTV Sports without the Bisskey?

No, you cannot watch PTVSports without the correct Biss key. The Biss key is necessary to decode the encrypted signals and access the channel’s broadcasts.

Where can I find the latest PTV Sports Biss Key?

The latest Key can be found on official websites and satellite forums dedicated to sharing encryption keys for various channels. However, be cautious of unofficial sources, as incorrect keys may cause issues with your satellite receiver.

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