Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan 2024 | 70CC, 100CC & 125CC Tyres

Servis Tyres stands as a mark of quality and reliability when it comes to tires in Pakistan, earning the trust of numerous riders with its extensive line-up of bike tires and other tire products. The tires of servis are considered the best choice for bike tires due to their quality and durability. Here we explore the servis tyres price in 2024 so that you can make an informed decision for yourself when shopping for two-wheeled companions.

Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan

Servis Tyres price in PakistanToday

In 2024, Servis Tyres has maintained its commitment to providing cost-effective and high-performance tire solutions. Whether you ride a 70CC bike, 100CC bike, 125CC bike, 150CC bike, or any other vehicle, Servis Tyres offers competitive pricing, ensuring that safety and quality are accessible to all. With these prices, Servis Tyres aims to meet the demands of the ever-growing Pakistani market while maintaining its reputation for durability and performance. Here we have described all the tires’ rate of service for bikes.

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70CC Bike Servis Tyre Prices

Servis offers an assortment of tires to meet the needs of riders on 70CC bikes, with prices ranging between Rs 2,357 to Rs 3,107 depending on the model and features you select. Their affordable options make these tires popular among budget-minded riders.

Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice List
Cheetah2.50-186FrontRs. 2,657
Hi-Speed2.50-176RearRs. 2,607
Vigo2.50-176RearRs. 3,107
Cheetah2.50-176RearRs. 2,707
Cheetah2.25-176FrontRs. 2,407
Winner2.50-178RearRs. 3,107
Gripper2.50-176RearRs. 2,357
Long Life2.50-184FrontRs. 2,407

Servis 100CC Bike Tyre Price

Do you own a 100CC bike and need replacement tires? They offer affordable yet quality solutions with prices ranging between Rs 3,557 to 5,257 in 2024. They are perfect for safe commuting experiences!

Tyre TypeTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice List
Cruiser90/90-186RearRs. 5,257
LongLife2.75-186FrontRs. 3,557

125CC Bike Servis Tyres Price

Riders of 125CC bikes can expect their 2024 tire servicing costs to range between Rs 2,707 to 3,857 for Servis 125CC bike tires in Pakistan. These high-performance tires feature excellent grip and stability features that are an attractive combination of safety and performance, making them a sought-after choice among many riders looking for both performance and safety.

Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearRate List
LongLife2.50-184FrontRs. 2,807
Winner3.00-178RearRs. 3,807
Cheetah3.00-176RearRs. 3,357
Vigo3.00-178RearRs. 3,857
Gripper3.00-176RearRs. 3,307
Gripper3.00-186RearRs. 3,757
Cheetah2.50-186FrontRs. 2,707

150CC Bike Tyre Rate

Servis offers 150CC Bike Tyre Rate in 2024 at Rs 5,007 to Rs. 5,607. However, these tires boast superior handling and traction characteristics that make them suitable for those seeking adrenaline-packed adventures.

Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice
Gripper3.00-186RearRs. 5,007
Cruiser100/90-186RearRs. 5,607

Service Tubes Price for Bike Tyres

Servis offers service tubes at prices ranging between Rs 507 and Rs 707 to keep your bike tires in top condition. They’re essential for maintaining tire pressure and prolonging tire lifespan. Don’t leave their upkeep to someone else!

TubeTyre SizeModelFront / RearRate List
Butyl Tube3.00-18125ccRearRs. 707
Butyl Tube2.50-1770ccFront & RearRs. 507

Servis Tyre Suppliers in Pakistan

When looking for Servis Tires, Pakistan boasts an expansive network of authorized dealers and suppliers offering genuine Servis products backed by quality performance guarantees. When shopping, be sure to purchase from reliable sellers to reap all the advantages associated with Servis tires. Here we have mentioned the best trusted seller of Servis tyres in Pakistan with original quality and price.

Supplier NameCity / District Name
MS Chaudhary TradersBahawalpur
AQ TradersWazirabad
Ali International Trading CoQuetta
Hassan Autos / Munaf TradersSukkur
Hassan Raza TradersRawalpindi
Rehman Pak ProgressiveLahore
Imperial Trade AgencyKashmir
Malik BrothersFaisalabad
Naveed Waheed AutosFaisalabad
Kamran Agency / Bilal AgencyKarachi
MA Jaleel and SonsPeshawar
Lalani TradersHyderabad
Waqas Autos / Waqas TradersMultan
A Rauf TradersGujrat
Al-Rehman TradersDG Khan
United TradersSahiwal
AG Traders / Start EnterprisesHyderabad
Gorsh Sales Agency / Hoorain Sales AgencyBahawalpur
Pak Autos / Pak TradersSargodha

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Conclusion of Servis Tyres Price

In conclusion, Servis Tires continues to be a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan. The Servis Tyres price in Pakistan for 2024 offers a range of options to suit various bike models and budgets. Whether you ride a 70CC, 100CC, 125CC, or 150CC bike, Servis has the right tires to keep you safe on the road. Don’t forget to consider service tubes to maximize the lifespan of your tires.

If you’re planning to invest in new tires for your bike, make sure to explore the Servis Tyres lineup and choose the ones that best match your riding needs. With Servis, you’re not just buying tires; you’re investing in safety and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Servis Tyres the best choice for motorcycles in Pakistan?

Servis Tyres are highly regarded for their quality and performance, making them a popular choice among motorcycle riders in Pakistan.

Where can I purchase genuine Servis Tyres in Pakistan?

You can find authorized dealers and suppliers of Servis Tyres across Pakistan. It’s essential to buy from trusted sources to ensure the authenticity of the products.

What is the price range for 70CC bike tires by Servis in 2024?

The price of 70CC bike tires by Servis in 2024 ranges from Rs. 2,357 to Rs. 3,107, depending on the specific model.

Do Servis Tyres offer service tubes for bike tires?

Yes, Servis provides service tubes for bike tires, which are essential for maintaining proper tire pressure and extending tire life.

Are Servis Tyres known for their durability?

Yes, Servis Tyres are known for their durability and long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for motorcycle riders in Pakistan.

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