Sufi Products Price in Pakistan | Simply Sufi Frozen Product Rates

Sufi stands out in Pakistan’s vibrant culinary world as an esteemed and reliable name, known for its legacy that spans years and the delight it brings discerning taste buds. Their offerings range from time-honored traditional spices to cutting-edge frozen creations. Providing generations with an experience they will remember fondly! Here we will give you all the Sufi Products price list in Pakistan in 2024.

Sufi Products Price in Pakistan

Sufi Products Price 2024

In 2024, Sufi is pleased to unveil a new pricing structure for an array of products that appeal to every palate. Their frozen offerings in particular have proven popular, attracting customers at prices as low as Rs 500 up to Rs 1200. However, making their products accessible and appealing to a broader range.

Sufi takes great pride in offering customers only top-quality food, so all their products are certified 100% Halal for easy consumption by all types of customers. Enjoy Sufi’s biryani or tikka at home in just an hour, thanks to competitive prices that exceed customer expectations!

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Sufi Products Price List 2024

For those eager to explore the specifics, here’s a detailed breakdown of the Sufi Products rate List for 2024. The range includes a variety of products, each offering its unique flavors and culinary experience. From the tantalizing taste of kebabs to the comforting warmth of parathas, Sufi ensures that its customers get value for every penny spent. The affordability of these products, coupled with their exceptional quality, sets Sufi apart in the culinary market

Sufi Frozen Chicken Products Rate List 2024

Navigating the culinary landscape can be an exciting adventure, particularly with a comprehensive guide of Sufi Chicken Products in hand. This comprehensive price list highlights Sufi chicken products that meet various tastes and preferences, from delicious Nuggets to Chapli Kabab. Each product offers something delightfully different!

Sufi ProductsPrice
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab 12 Pieces 888gRs. 1105
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab 4 Pieces 296gRs. 450
Sufi Chicken Nuggets (Poly Bag) 1000gRs. 1210
Sufi Chicken Seekh Kabab 18 Pieces 540gRs. 1020
Sufi Chicken Poppers 260gRs. 430
Sufi Chicken Poppers 780gRs. 1100
Sufi Chicken Samosa 30 Pieces 420gRs. 765
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab 9 Pieces 200gRs. 460
Sufi Chicken Seekh Kabab 7 Pieces 205gRs. 465
Sufi Chicken Tenders 225gRs. 420
Sufi Chicken Xinger Patties 5 Pieces 550gRs. 1130
Sufi Chicken Wings 850gRs. 1165
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab 23 Pieces 515gRs. 1020
Sufi Chicken Rolls 300gRs. 540
Sufi Chicken Shami Kabab 17 Pieces 612gRs. 1000
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab 4 Pieces 296gRs. 450
Sufi Chicken Reshmi Tikka 515gRs. 1100
Sufi Chicken Samosa 15 Pieces 210gRs. 370
Sufi Chicken Tenders 12 Servings 675gRs. 1120
Sufi Chicken Poppers 780gRs. 1100
Simply Sufi Chicken Paratha 330gRs. 420
Sufi Chicken Nuggets 270gRs. 430
Chicken Wings 850gRs. 1165
Space Nuggets 275gRs. 445
Space Nuggets 800gRs. 485
Badami Kofta 300gRs. 1085
Sufi Chicken Poppers 780gRs. 430
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab 9 Pieces 200gRs. 460
Sufi Chicken Samosa 30 Pieces 420gRs. 500
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab 9 Pieces 200gRs. 460
Sufi Chicken Tenders 225gRs. 420
Sufi Chicken Poppers 260gRs. 430
Badami Kofta 810gRs. 1160
Sufi Chicken Nuggets 270gRs. 1035

Sufi Frozen Vegetarian Products Price List 2024

Sufi Frozen Vegetarian Products offer you a journey of flavor. Specially created to appeal to those who appreciate plant-based delights, 2024 brings not only an assortment of delectable options but also a transparent pricing structure designed to maximize your culinary experience.

Simply Sufi Potato Paratha (360g)Rs. 270
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha (400g)Rs. 250
Simply Sufi Roghni Naan (450g)Rs. 390
Simply Sufi Plain Naan (425g)Rs. 285
Fajita Topping (500g)Rs. 960
Potato Cutlet (500g)Rs. 585
Tikka Topping (500g)Rs. 910
Sufi Vegetable Samosa (30 Pieces) (420g)Rs. 500
Sufi Vegetable Samosa (15 Pieces) (210g)Rs. 255

Sufi Frozen Menu and Prices

The Sufi Frozen Menu, one of their signature products, boasts an assortment of frozen food products from their well-renowned Sufi range, including parathas, kababs, and snacks that customers can prepare quickly for unparalleled convenience. Perfect for busy weeknights or impressing guests at dinner parties. Sufi’s Frozen Menu has something suitable for every taste bud and every budget!

The Sufi Frozen Menu caters to varied palates with offerings such as Tandoori Parathas and Fruity Kababs. It provides an excellent option for anyone seeking a hassle-free dining experience, thanks to its ease of preparation and delectable flavors.

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Final Verdict

Sufi stands out among Pakistan’s culinary options with its commitment to quality, affordability, and variety. Making them a top pick among culinary enthusiasts. Their 2024 pricing reiterates this dedication. You’ll discover as you explore their offerings that Sufi offers more than just products; rather it provides moments of culinary joy! Trust Sufi as your go-to brand when it comes to the quality, affordability, and variety they deliver for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all Sufi products 100% Halal?

Yes, Sufi ensures that all its products adhere to strict Halal standards.

What is the price range for Sufi frozen products?

Sufi frozen products are priced between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1200.

Can I find the Sufi Frozen Menu at my local store?

Yes, the Sufi Frozen Menu is available at various stores for your convenience.

Does the Sufi Frozen Menu offer vegetarian options?

Yes, the menu includes a variety of options, including vegetarian choices.

How can I stay updated on any future promotions or new product launches from Sufi?

Stay connected with Sufi through their official website and social media channels for the latest updates on promotions and new products.

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