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Wood has always been an indispensable material in construction and craftsmanship, and its use remains timeless and versatile today. Wood can be found everywhere from building structures to creating exquisite furniture; its significance extends far beyond simple utility. One aspect individuals and businesses alike need to comprehend when using wood is pricing it properly. In this piece, we will explore the wood price in Pakistan in 2024. By exploring various wood types, factors that affect their prices, and their myriad benefits as an everyday material choice.

Wood Price in Pakistan

Wood Price in Pakistan Today

Wood Prices in Pakistan 2024 show significant variations based on species diversity and market dynamics, typically falling within a range between Rs 2000 to Rs. 22,500 per cubic foot (cf). This wide price differential may be due to various factors.

Wood TypesUnit QuantityRate in Pakistan (Per Cubic Foot)
Kail WoodCubic FootRs. 4,000
Tali WoodCubic FootRs. 6,000
Mahogany WoodCubic FootRs. 8,500
Oak WoodCubic FootRs. 9,500
Oud WoodCubic FootRs. 7,500
Shisham WoodCubic FootRs. 5,000
Sagwan WoodCubic FootRs. 22,000
Partal WoodCubic FootRs. 3,500
Deodar WoodCubic FootRs. 8,500
Yellow Pine WoodCubic FootRs. 6,000
Burma Teak WoodCubic FootRs. 22,500
Diyar WoodCubic FootRs. 8,500
Ash WoodCubic FootRs. 10,500
Teak WoodCubic FootRs. 21,000
Kikar WoodCubic FootRs. 2,000
Walnut WoodCubic FootRs. 15,000

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Factors Affecting Wood Price in Pakistan

Understanding the various influences affecting the wood price in Pakistan is of vital importance for consumers and businesses alike. Below are a few factors that contribute to their fluctuation:

Timber Species

Different wood species possess different properties and market values; rare or exotic varieties tend to command higher prices due to their exclusive features and limited availability.

Supply and Demand

Wood prices can be highly influenced by supply and demand dynamics; when demand outpaces supply for any particular wood type, its prices tend to increase, and vice versa when supply exceeds demand – potentially leading to decreased wood prices altogether.

Grading Standards

Wood quality plays a pivotal role in pricing. High-grade wood fetches higher prices while lower grades tend to be more cost-effective.

Seasonal Variations

External factors, including weather conditions, can impact wood availability and transportation. Heavy rainfall during monsoon season could wreak havoc with supply chains leading to price variations and fluctuations.

Geographic Location

Wood prices often differ based on geographical factors like the availability of wood resources and transportation costs; regions with more wood tend to offer lower prices.

Best Wood Suppliers in Pakistan

When buying wood in Pakistan, it is essential to source reliable suppliers who offer top-quality products at cost-effective prices. So, we have mentioned top suppliers where you can find wood in good quality:

  • Classic Wood Works
  • Wellcot Wood
  • Nazim Woodworks
  • Sana Woods
  • Pakistan Timber Store Wood
  • Global Wood Depot
  • Mughal Traders
  • Ejaz Khan Timber Merchants
  • Ghamkol Wood Works
  • Chaman Timber
  • Idrees Wood Works
  • ZNC Wood Works
  • Ahmed Ali Timber Wood
  • Al MAdin Wood Works
  • Saify Wood and Timber
  • Saudagar Woods
  • Siddique Wood Corporation
  • Khan Wood Suppliers
  • Musharaf and Brothers
  • Mustafa Timber Mart

Advantages of Using Woods

Understanding the full scope of advantages wood offers goes far beyond simply understanding pricing factors. Here are just a few compelling reasons why this material remains such an appealing option:

  • Eco-friendliness: Wood is an eco-friendly choice, thanks to its renewable nature. Proper forest management ensures the replenishment of wood resources for future generations.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wood’s natural beauty and versatility make it an excellent material for interior and exterior design projects, adding warmth, and character, and enhancing aesthetics.
  • Durability: Properly cared-for wooden construction can last generations with proper care, as its natural resistance to wear and tear ensures long-term strength.
  • Insulation: Wood insulation offers excellent thermal performance, helping maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while simultaneously decreasing energy use and costs.
  • Versatility: Wood has many uses in various fields ranging from construction and furniture making to artistic pursuits and creative work, making its versatility unparalleled.

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Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, wood price in Pakistan for 2024 is influenced by a multitude of factors, including wood type, grading, market dynamics, seasonality, and geography. Consumers and businesses should consider these factors when making decisions related to wood purchases. Despite the price fluctuations, wood remains a valuable and sustainable material with numerous benefits, from its aesthetic appeal to its durability and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are wood prices expected to increase in the coming years?

While wood rates can fluctuate, the long-term trend suggests a gradual increase due to factors like growing demand and limited supply of certain wood species.

How can I find affordable wood in Pakistan?

To find affordable wood, consider using locally available species, opt for lower wood grades if suitable for your project, and purchase wood during periods of lower demand.

What are some popular wood species in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, popular wood species include Sheesham, Teak, Pine, Deodar, and Oak, each with its unique characteristics and applications.

Is it environmentally responsible to use wood?

Yes, when sourced from sustainable forestry practices, wood is an environmentally responsible choice, as it is renewable and can be replenished for future generations.

How can I ensure the durability of wood products?

Proper maintenance, including sealing, staining, and protecting wood from moisture, can enhance its durability and prolong its lifespan.

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