HMT 5911 Tractor Price in Pakistan | Features & Specs

At the core of Pakistan’s vibrant agriculture sector stands the HMT 5911 tractor: an icon of reliability and extraordinary performance, revered by farmers across Pakistan for its durable engine and wide array of features tailored specifically for modern farming needs. In this post, we will explore the HMT 5911 tractor price, the influencing factors, and the specifications that set it apart.

HMT 5911 Tractor Price in Pakistan

HMT 5911 Tractor Overview

The HMT 5911 Tractor, boasting 59 HP, was meticulously designed to ease all kinds of tasks on farms with ease. Boasting four-cylinder engine technology that ensures optimal power performance, this tractor ensures improved productivity as well as optimal efficiency and improved productivity for farmers alike. Furthermore, its impressive lifting capacity of 1800 kg provides extra help when managing heavy loads effortlessly.

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HMT 5911 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Price is undoubtedly an essential consideration when purchasing the HMT 5911. Cost depends on factors like location, dealer pricing, taxes, and additional attachments or features included with the package. However, on average HMT 5911 Tractor price is Rs. 1,041,000 to own one in Pakistan.

Tractor ModelHorsepowerPrice
HMT 5911 Tractor59 HPRs. 1,041,000

Factors Influencing the HMT 5911 Tractor Price

Multiple factors play a pivotal role in determining the final cost of purchasing an HMT 5911 tractor in Pakistan.

  • Geographic Variations: Geography can have an enormous effect on pricing, with significant variations between regions. Understanding regional dynamics is paramount for making informed investment decisions.
  • Dealer Pricing Strategies: Dealer pricing strategies also make an impactful contribution to total costs. Farmers should explore different dealerships to secure the best deal.
  • Tax Implications: Local and regional authorities often impose taxes that affect final prices. Therefore, farmers need to remain mindful of all applicable taxes and factor them into their budgetary calculations.
  • Attachments and Accouterments: Additional attachments or accouterments, such as implements or tools, can significantly add to overall costs for farmers. It’s essential that they carefully consider whether their specific needs necessitate these add-ons before purchasing any.

Features of HMT 5911 Tractor

In addition to its affordable price point, the HMT 5911 tractor boasts many desirable features that contribute to its popularity among farmers.

  • Durability and Reliability: Engineered for strength, the HMT 5911 is designed with durability in mind and ensures its robust construction can withstand even challenging environments.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimizing operational costs is of utmost importance for farmers. The HMT 5911 strikes an ideal balance between power and economy for long-term use.
  • Versatility: Agriculture demands versatility, and HMT 5911 delivers in spades. From plowing and sowing to harvesting, this tractor adapts smoothly to different tasks for maximum farm efficiency.
  • Powerful Four-Cylinder Engine: At the core of HMT 5911 lies an impressive four-cylinder engine capable of producing an incredible 59 HP. Not only does this powerful four-cylinder powerplant ensure powerful performance for various agricultural tasks but it also ensures efficiency and reliable serviceability across various farming operations.
  • Lifting Capacity: A standout feature of the HMT 5911 is its impressive lifting capacity of 1800 kg. This ability empowers farmers to manage heavy loads easily, greatly increasing efficiency in tasks such as loading and unloading materials.
  • Advanced Transmission System: The HMT 5911 features an innovative transmission system, offering smooth and precise operation for optimal field navigation. Farmers can move freely around their fields thanks to this responsive and dependable transmission mechanism.

Specifications of HMT 5911 Tractor

Understanding the technical specifications is paramount for farmers seeking a tractor that aligns with their operational requirements.

Number Of Gears8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Engine Power59 HP
Brake TypeHydraulic controlled
Clutch TypeSingle Plate Clutch
Air FilterDry Type
Model Name/Number5911
Steering TypePower Steering
Fuel Tank Capacity70 Litre
Number Of Cylinders4 Cylinder
Wheel Drive2WD
P.T.O. HP56 HP
Lifting Capacity1800 kg
Engine Rated RPM2200 RPM

Tips for Maintaining an HMT Tractor 5911

Owning a high-performance tractor like the HMT 5911 comes with the responsibility of proper upkeep. Here are some suggestions to extend its longevity and ensure optimal performance of your HMT tractor.

Regular Servicing Scheduling: Regular servicing visits for your tractor are vital for its optimal operation, addressing wear and tear as well as maintaining peak efficiency. Regular oil changes, filter replacements, and overall system checks should all be undertaken regularly for maximum performance.

Cleaning and Storage: Proper care after each use and secure storage contribute significantly to extending the longevity of an HMT 5911 tractor, keeping it protected from elements and maintaining peak conditions for years.

Lubricate Moving Parts: Proper lubrication is key to preventing friction and wear on moving components. According to your tractor’s manual, regularly grease pivot points, joints, and any other moving components to optimize efficiency and extend lifespan. With proper lubrication in place, your tractor’s performance improves drastically while its lifespan also extends significantly.

Check Tire Pressure: Maintain the recommended tire pressure to achieve optimal traction and fuel efficiency in a tractor’s tires for maximum traction and fuel economy. Insufficient or excessive tire pressure can compromise performance and stability, so check and adjust it according to manufacturer recommendations regularly.

Regularly Inspect Electrical Components: Perform an annual examination of your tractor’s electrical system, including its battery, wiring, and connectors. Remove corrosion from battery terminals to ensure a secure connection and clean any corrosion off battery terminals as corrosion-infected terminals become potential starting issues or malfunctions. Faulty components could result in starting issues or other malfunctions that require immediate attention.

Maintain Air Filters: A clean air filter is vital to preventing contaminants from entering the engine, so regular checks and replacements are required to maintain optimal engine performance. A well-maintained filter ensures proper air intake and can improve engine performance by upholding optimal air intake pressure levels.

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Final words

In short, the HMT 5911 tractor stands out in Pakistan’s agricultural landscape as an essential companion. With competitive pricing and an array of features and specifications that make it is both reliable and powerful for farmers. Furthermore, its competitive pricing makes it an attractive proposition when looking for a versatile yet efficient tractor to aid their farming activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I attach different implements to the HMT 5911 tractor?

Yes, the HMT 5911 is designed to accommodate various implements and attachments, enhancing its versatility for different farming tasks.

How does the fuel efficiency of the HMT 5911 compare to other tractors in its class?

The HMT 5911 is known for its commendable fuel efficiency, striking a balance between power and economy. However, farmers should compare specifications with other tractors to make an informed decision based on their specific needs.

How does the HMT 5911 tractor handle uneven terrain and challenging field conditions?

The HMT 5911 is designed to navigate uneven terrain and challenging field conditions with ease. Its robust build, coupled with advanced features like a responsive transmission system, ensures optimal performance in various environments.

Are spare parts readily available for the HMT 5911 tractor in Pakistan?

HMT, along with its authorized dealerships, typically ensures the availability of spare parts. Buyers should check with local dealers to confirm the accessibility of spare parts and service support.

Can the HMT 5911 tractor be used with modern precision farming technologies?

Yes, the HMT 5911 is compatible with modern precision farming technologies. Farmers can integrate GPS systems, yield monitoring, and other precision tools to enhance the tractor’s efficiency and productivity.

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