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Are You Searching for Premier Car Breaker Yards in London to Effectively Dismantle and Sell Your Vehicle for Cash? Knowing the top options when considering selling a vehicle as a whole, parts, or scrap metal is of utmost importance when planning to sell the same. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best car breaker yards in London for 2024 providing insight into their services, locations, and customer feedback. Choosing one with superior offerings ensures a smooth process and maximizes the value of your car! Join us and discover top car breaker yards across London City!

Top 10 Car Breaker Yards in London

Top Car Breaker Yards in London

Finding an efficient car breaker yard to dismantle and sell for cash can be challenging in London. Here, we explore your best choices of 2024’s standout choices; these yards not only offer efficient car dismantling but also recycling services, spare part sales, and secondhand car sales. Let’s come with us to ensure we make an informed decision for all our automotive needs!

Dunnford Street Car Dismantlers and Breakers Ltd

Dunnford Street Car Dismantlers in London offers exceptional car breaker yards. Focusing on environmental responsibility through dismantling and recycling, their focus has long been to offer competitive scrap car prices combined with rigorous testing of spare parts – both factors make them reliable options. Find them at 2 Dunnford Street South Tottenham London N15 5NQ United Kingdom or online at

Wembley Car Breakers

Wembley Car Breakers offers more than car dismantling services. They also specialize in recycling vehicles, finding spare parts for customer use, scrap yard services, selling second-hand cars, and offering their services at competitive scrap prices with excellent customer care. Customers have raved about Wembley Car Breakers’ competitive scrap prices and friendly customer service; visit them at 122 Mount Pleasant in Wembley or discover them online via to discover them further!

Howe R

Howe R, located at 6-40 Durnford Street in London N15 5NQ has long been recognized as a premier car breaker yard and supplier of spare car parts. Their staff have decades of experience dismantling cars to supply spare parts at competitive prices.

London Auto Parts

London Auto Parts Service can be trusted with all your car dismantling needs. They collect, salvage, and pay to scrap your vehicle – offering helpful staff members, friendly customer care service, and quick delivery as part of their scrap yard services. Come visit them at Alperton Lane Wembley United Kingdom HA0 1DX or online at to experience it for yourself.

London Scrap Car Collection

London Scrap Car Collection stands out as a highly rated car-breaker yard in London due to their fast and friendly service, not only offering car breaking but also free scrap collection services. Visit them at Thurston Road in London SE13 5HQ United Kingdom.

Scrap Metal Prices in the UK

Scrap Car Prices in the UK

Apex Car Breakers Ltd

Apex Car Breakers Ltd, with over ten years of experience in car-breaking services in London, is your reliable partners when it comes to dismantling old cars following your specifications. Their skilled specialists ensure every old car dismantled meets your standards. Find them at Georges Lane off Ellesmere Avenue NW7 3EX the United Kingdom or online at for further details.

KCB Scrap Car and Van Collection Services

Consider KCB Scrap Car Yard when seeking out car breaker yards and places to sell scrap cars. Visit their location at 120 Rochdale Road in London SE2 0UR or learn about their services at stands out for its expertise in car dismantling and spare part sourcing, with fast delivery times and accurate part locating. Their location at Unit 1, 330-348 Uphall Road in Ilford IG1 2JJ stands out for quick service delivery and accurate part location.

AJL Recycling

AJL Recycling of London SE7 8LX stands out among car breaker yards as an exceptional provider, thanks to their friendly service and efficient car-breaking jobs. Customers consistently express appreciation for AJL Recycling’s professional yet friendly car-breaking operations.

Vauxhall Spares and Repairs

Vauxhall Spares and Repairs is well-renowned for its fast car-breaking, helpful staff, friendly environment, and reasonable prices. Their location at 84-88 Elmer Road in London SE6 2NL makes them a convenient car breaker yard.

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Final Thoughts

Selecting the right car breaker yard in London is crucial for maximizing the value of your vehicle. The highlighted options for 2024 offer diverse services, from efficient dismantling to environmentally friendly recycling. Whether you’re scrapping your car or seeking spare parts, make an informed choice based on the unique offerings and customer feedback provided in this guide. Trust in these reputable services for a seamless and rewarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I sell my car to these breaker yards?

Contact the specific breaker yard directly through their website or visit their physical location for inquiries on selling your car.

Do these yards offer pick-up services for scrap cars?

Some yards, like London Scrap Car Collection, provide free scrap collection services, while others may have specific policies. Check with each yard for details.

Are the spare parts sold by these yards tested for quality?

Yes, many yards, such as Dunnford Street Car Dismantlers, rigorously test spare parts before selling them.

Can I buy second-hand cars from these breaker yards?

Yes, yards like Wembley Car Breakers offer the sale of second-hand cars in addition to their dismantling services.

How long does the process of dismantling a car usually take?

The time taken varies between yards. Contact the specific breaker yard for an estimate based on your vehicle and requirements.

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