Ats Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 | Features and Specs

In the expansive and ever-evolving landscape of Pakistani agriculture, the name ATS Tractor echoes as a beacon of innovation, reliability, and progress. With a rich heritage spanning numerous decades, ATS has consistently been a leader in the agricultural machinery sector, delivering cutting-edge technology and pioneering features to farmers. Here you will get all the information about the ATS Tractor price, examining their unwavering commitment to excellence, and the diverse range of models they provide.

Ats Tractor Price in Pakistan

Overview of ATS Tractors

ATS Tractor is an iconic name in agricultural machinery, boasting decades of outstanding performance. They combine cutting-edge innovation with the needs of modern farming to offer reliable performance. Making them indispensable tools for farmers throughout Pakistan.

Customizability is at the core of the brand’s approach, evident across its wide range of models from the powerful ATS-290 Manual to the agile ATS-290 Power Assist. Beyond machines, ATS fosters a sense of community among farmers through shared trust and fulfillment.

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Ats Tractor Price in Pakistan Today 2024

The price for ATS Tractors in Pakistan can vary depending on the model and features chosen. Currently, Ats Tractor price ranges from Rs. 2,889,000 to Rs. 4,195,000 as of 2024. When choosing the ideal model for you, make sure it fits within your budget while meeting all requirements and needs for farming needs and specifications.

ATS Tractor ModelsPrices
ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static)Rs. 3,148,000
ATS-290 ManualRs. 2,889,000
ATS-290 Special (4 x 4)Rs. 4,195,000
ATS-290 Power AssistRs. 2,989,000

Overview of Tractor Models Available in Pakistan

ATS-290 Manual

The ATS-290 Manual model boasts an 82 HP engine for reliable performance across a variety of agricultural tasks. Equipped with 12-inch dual clutch technology and an efficient water cooling system, this tractor improves efficiency. Boasting a load capacity of 2150 kg for smooth workdays.

ATS-290 Power Assist

Engineered to improve steering control and maneuverability, the ATS-290 Power Assist comes equipped with power-assisted steering. Boasting an impressive 82 HP of horsepower, this tractor delivers outstanding performance even under tough conditions.

ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static)

The ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static) tractor provides smooth gear changes through its hydrostatic transmission. Equipped with an 82 HP engine and 67 HP PTO system, this tractor is perfectly suitable for various agricultural implements.

ATS-290 Special (4 x 4)

The ATS-290 Special (4 x 4) was specifically designed to offer enhanced traction and stability on challenging terrain. Equipped with four-wheel drive capability and boasting an 82HP engine and 67HP PTO power source, its efficient performance enables it to handle heavy loads efficiently. This Model of ATS Tractor has a much higher price than all of the above.

Features Of an ATS Tractor

ATS Tractors have numerous features that are designed to improve efficiency and reliability in the field.

PTO Power and Lift Capacity

ATS Tractors boast a maximum power take-off (PTO) power of 67 HP at 2200 RPM that allows farmers to utilize various tools such as generators, pumps, and harvesters. Additionally, the 2150kg maximum lifting capacity allows for handling large loads easily.

Speed Capability and Transmission

The company has a reliable transmission system designed to provide smooth gear shifting and maximum performance. It features 8 forward gears as well as two reverse gears to satisfy the needs of farmers in their specific fields. With a speed of 30,0 km/h forward, as well as 14.50 km/H reverse the tractors can enable efficient field operations.

Horsepower and Engine

Every ATS Tractor model comes equipped with a powerful engine of 82 HP to effectively finish diverse tasks related to agriculture. The engines are reliable and robust 440 Tn (A4.248) which provides energy that is reliable for agricultural operations.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Steering System

This model has an 87-liter fuel tank for extended work without frequent refills. Some models include power-assisted steering for improved agility and control, reducing fatigue during long operations.

The Battery and Tyres

ATS Tractors feature high-quality sliding spur tires designed to give great traction over a variety of types of terrains to ensure greater stability and control in field operations. The front tires are 7.40-16 (6 PR) and 18-40/15-30 14RPs in the rear for superior traction even in the most difficult terrain. They also have 12-volt 110 Ah batteries to provide reliable power for starting and supplying electrical power to various devices.

Specifications of an ATS Tractor

Here are all the specifications that set ATS tractors apart:

ClutchDual, 12 Inch
Cooling SystemWater Cooled
Fuel Tank87 liters
SteeringPower Assist
Number of Cylinders4-inline
Gears8 Forward and 2 Reverse
Horsepower82 HP @ 2250 RPM
SpeedUp to 30 KM/H Forward, 14.50 KM/H in Reverse
TyresSliding Spur
Fuel TypeDiesel
Wheelbase2310 mm
Max PTO Power67 HP @ 2200 RPM
Battery12 V, 110 Ah
Maximum Lift Capacity2150 KG
Engine Type440 TN (A4.248)
Front Tyre7.40-16 (6 PR) Pressed
Rear Tyre18.40/15-30 (14 RP) Pressed

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Conclusion Of Ats Tractor Price

As the sun sets on this exploration of ATS Tractor specifications, it rises on the fields where these machines tirelessly toil. ATS Tractors are not merely vehicles; they are partners in the toil, the growth, and the sustenance of the agricultural heartland. With reliability ingrained in every bolt and innovation etched in every feature, ATS Tractors have rightfully earned their place in the fields and hearts of farmers nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which ATS tractor model is suitable for challenging terrains?

The ATS-290 Special (4 x 4) is specifically designed for increased traction and stability, making it ideal for challenging terrains.

What is the lift capacity of the ATS-290 Manual model?

The ATS-290 Manual model has a lift capacity of up to 2150 kg.

Are there any power-assisted steering options in ATS tractors?

Yes, the ATS-290 Power Assist model comes equipped with power-assisted steering for improved control.

What is the average fuel consumption of ATS tractors?

The fuel consumption of ATS tractors varies based on the model and usage. However, on average, these tractors are known for their fuel efficiency, making them cost-effective for farmers.

How often should the cooling system be maintained in ATS tractors?

The cooling system in ATS tractors should be regularly maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures optimal performance and prevents overheating issues.

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