China Visa Price in Pakistan | By Road Fee & Requirements

As part of their efforts to revitalize their tourism sectors, countries such as China are taking steps to revive their tourism sectors. One element of this revitalization includes private bus services in Pakistan offering budget-conscious travelers a budget-friendly option to reach China via road travel. Strengthening ties between both nations while offering adventure seekers an exciting journey experience. Here we explore details regarding China visa price traveling by road travel. While covering cost, requirements and overall experience of journeying by road to reach China.

China Visa Price in Pakistan

Pakistan To China By Road Visa Price

One of the main draws of bus services to China cities is their affordability; air tickets may cost several digits while bus rides start from just Rs 60,000. Before embarking on this trip, travelers must complete all requirements necessary to obtain a China visa by submitting relevant documents and paying any applicable fees.

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China Visa Applications Documents Required

  1. A valid passport with at least two blank pages, ensuring six months’ validity beyond travel.
  2. Copy of the first passport page showing personal data and previous visas, if any.
  3. Complete and sign the visa application form, accompanied by two recent biometric photos.
  4. Confirmed round-trip tickets to demonstrate proof of travel.
  5. Bank account details to substantiate sufficient funds for the journey.
  6. Proof of occupation such as employer letter, student certificate, or pension fund documentation.
  7. Accommodation details required, including an invitation letter or hotel reservation for the stay.
  8. Mandatory travel health insurance covering the entire period in the country.

Pakistan to China Bus Service

The bus service will be operated by a mini-Utong bus, providing cross-border operations for travelers. Traveling from Islamabad to Tashkurgan should take approximately 38 hours, including immigration procedures. Travelers leaving Pakistan will also have an overnight stopover at Sost Border located in Gilgit Baltistan region.

Advantages of Road Travel

Traveling from Pakistan to China by road offers a range of benefits for adventurous travelers. Here are the key advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Option: Road travel is a more affordable alternative compared to expensive air tickets to China.
  • Accessibility: Provides access to China for a wider demographic of travelers who may find air travel costs prohibitive.
  • Scenic Journey: Offers a unique and picturesque journey through the landscapes of Pakistan and China.
  • Cultural Experience: Allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local cultures and traditions of both countries along the route.
  • Flexibility: Freedom to stop and explore various locations en route, adding spontaneity to the travel experience.
  • Border Crossing Experience: Opportunity to experience the border crossing process, adding a sense of adventure to the journey.

Implications on Tourism

This bus service should have a positive effect on tourism between China and Pakistan, providing easier travel as well as cultural exchange between nations. As more travelers opt for this convenient yet budget-friendly option, its implementation could contribute to both countries’ economic development.

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Final Thouhgts About China Visa Price

Pakistanis traveling by road will find that China Visa Price provide an exciting opportunity to discover new horizons. With the launch of a bus service between Islamabad and Tashkurgan, travellers can embark on an affordable yet adventurous trip between Islamabad and Tashkurgan. This shows China and Pakistan have grown closer. Furthermore, this underscores their increasing ties, showing potential future collaboration. Finally, road access to China now more accessible than ever offers travelers an exciting adventure through which to travel – take it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply for a China visa by road travel?

Yes, travelers can apply for a China visa for road travel, but they must ensure all required documents are in order.

How far in advance should I apply for a China visa?

It is recommended to apply for a China visa at least one month before the planned travel date to allow for processing time.

Is travel health insurance mandatory for a road trip to China?

Yes, travel health insurance that is valid for the entire stay in China is a mandatory requirement for the visa application.

Can I show electronic copies of documents for the visa application?

It is advisable to provide original or certified hard copies of the required documents for the visa application. However, electronic copies may be accepted in some cases.

Are there any specific requirements for the biometric photos?

The biometric photos should meet China’s visa photo requirements, such as being recent (not older than 6 months) and having a specific size and format.

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