Thermocol Sheet Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Updated Rate List

Thermocol sheets have revolutionized the way industries tackle humidity control, especially in construction and manufacturing. The use of Thermocol sheets has become ubiquitous across various industries, from manufacturing to construction, owing to its remarkable humidity-blocking properties. However, they find their niche in the home decoration of freshly built structures. Our exploration encompasses an understanding of the current thermocol sheet price in Pakistan, understanding the factors influencing their costs, and weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

Thermocol Sheet Price

Thermocol Sheet Price in Pakistan

As we explore the Pakistan Thermocol Sheet Market for 2024, it is imperative that we understand its pricing range. Prices can range anywhere from Rs. 210 to Rs. 770 depending on factors like size, type, and market demand generally speaking.

Thermocol sheets come in various dimensions and thicknesses to meet the diverse needs of industries across many different sectors, creating significant price differentials among these different sizes and thicknesses. Consumers should take great care in analyzing their requirements in order to select an affordable size and type of sheet.

Thermocol Sheet TypeSizePrice
Plexiglass Board / Plastic Acrylic Sheet11×14Rs. 770
Acrylic Sheet8×8Rs. 210
Thermopore24×18Rs. 280

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Factors Affecting the Price of Thermocol Sheets

Multiple factors contribute to the pricing of Thermocol sheets in Pakistan’s market, and understanding these is essential in making informed decisions:

Raw Material Costs

Thermocol sheets utilize expanded polystyrene (EPS), as the main raw material source. Fluctuations in global market dynamics may cause fluctuations in EPS prices to impact overall production costs and thus sheet prices directly.

Manufacturing Technology

Innovations in manufacturing technology can have a direct effect on production efficiency and prices. More advanced manufacturing methods may lead to faster production rates with reduced costs resulting in more affordable consumer prices.

Demand and Supply

Supply and demand play an immense role in Thermocol sheet pricing. A surge in demand coupled with limited supplies may drive prices up while an abundance of supplies could potentially reduce costs.

Market Trends

Market trends and consumer preferences can have an influence over Thermocol sheet prices. For instance, an increased demand for eco-friendly options might drive manufacturers towards investing in sustainable production practices that reduce production costs.

Best Suppliers of Thermocol Sheets in Pakistan

When it comes to sourcing high-quality Thermocol sheets in Pakistan, it’s essential to identify the top suppliers who provide reliable and top-notch products. In this section, we’ll mention some of the best suppliers of Thermocol sheets in the Pakistani market. These suppliers are known for their commitment to quality, diverse product offerings, and customer satisfaction.

  • Al-Madina EPS Industry
  • Thermopore Pakistan
  • Thermopore Packaging Industries
  • Saudagar EPS Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Thermocut
  • Atlas Thermopore Industry
  • White Pearl Thermopore
  • Home Insulation System
  • Thermopore Industrial Enterprises
  • Insulation Experts Pakistan
  • Thermopore Insulation Sheet Company
  • Style Styrofoam Industries

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermocol Sheets

Thermocol sheets offer numerous advantages and drawbacks that should be carefully considered before incorporating them into their applications. Here is an in-depth examination of this material’s advantages and disadvantages:


  • Humidity Control: One of the primary advantages of Thermocol sheets is their impressive humidity-blocking property, making them invaluable tools for controlling humidity in different settings. By acting as barriers against moisture intrusion, Thermocol sheets serve as effective ways to manage humidity.
  • Thermal Insulation: Thermocol sheets offer excellent thermal insulation properties that help regulate indoor temperatures by minimizing heat transfer, contributing to energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Lightweight: Thermocol sheets are lightweight, making them easy to manage and install, which makes them particularly beneficial in construction and packaging applications where weight considerations are crucial.
  • Cost-Effective: When it comes to insulation and humidity control materials, Thermocol sheets stand out as being relatively cost-effective compared to others on the market. Thermocol sheet price makes them accessible to an array of consumers.


  • Environmental Impact: Thermocol sheets are usually constructed of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which comes from petroleum sources. Production and disposal of this nonbiodegradable substance can present environmental concerns due to its nondegradability.
  • Durability Issues: Although Thermocol sheets are lightweight, they may lack the durability required for certain heavy-duty applications. Furthermore, improper handling could result in damage.
  • Flammability: EPS used in Thermocol sheets can release toxic fumes when ignited, creating safety risks should any fire start to spread quickly.
  • Vulnerability to UV Radiation: Overexposure to sunlight and UV radiation can degrade Thermocol sheets over time, potentially decreasing their lifespan and effectiveness.

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Overall Conclusion

In the evolving landscape of construction and manufacturing, Thermocol sheets play a pivotal role in humidity control. Thermocol sheet price is subject to a multitude of factors, including raw material costs, technological advancements, market trends, and supply-demand dynamics. While these factors come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, consumers should make informed decisions by considering their specific needs and the potential implications of cost-saving measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Thermocol sheets primarily used in the construction industry?

Yes, Thermocol sheets are commonly used in the construction industry for home decoration and humidity control purposes.

How do market trends influence the thermocol sheet price?

Market trends can drive changes in demand and supply, affecting Thermocol sheet prices. For instance, a surge in eco-friendly preferences might impact prices if manufacturers adopt sustainable practices.

Can technological advancements lower Thermocol sheet rates?

Yes, innovative manufacturing technologies can enhance production efficiency and reduce costs, potentially leading to lower Thermocol sheet prices.

What are the potential drawbacks of fluctuating raw material costs?

Fluctuating raw material costs can lead to price volatility, disrupting consumer budgets and influencing overall market stability.

Are there eco-friendly alternatives to traditional Thermocol sheets?

Yes, manufacturers might develop alternative materials or production methods in response to sustainability concerns, providing consumers with more choices but potentially raising quality questions.

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