GFC Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 | Ceiling, Pedestal & AC/DC Fans

GFC fans have long been trusted as reliable cooling solutions in Pakistan. Thanks to their powerful air circulation, they have earned their place as indispensable appliances for both coastal and urban households alike. What makes GFC fans even more desirable are their modern sleek design and impressive features. Here we explore the GFC fan price in Pakistan in 2024 and cover various fan types as well as their respective price ranges.

GFC Fan Price

GFC Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

When shopping for a GFC fan this year in Pakistan, it is essential to know what price range to expect. GFC provides various fan models designed to address diverse cooling needs. Here is an estimate for specific GFC fan models:

GFC Ceiling Fan Price

Ceiling fans are an effective means of cooling homes due to their ability to cover wide areas. GFC offers various ceiling fan models designed for different interior designs; their prices typically range from Rs. 5,500 to 14,000.

GFC Fan ModelRate List
NabeelRs. 5,675 to Rs. 6,795
BraveRs. 10,450
MarvelRs. 7,045
Supreme PlusRs. 6,620
Deluxe Saver (60 Watt)Rs. 6,995
SigmaRs. 6,050
Alpha PlusRs. 7,595
KarachiRs. 5,675 to Rs. 7,150
DesireRs. 14,000
MonetRs. 7,195
Sigma VIPRs. 6,730
VintageRs. 10,780
Water ProofRs. 6,900
Crown PlusRs. 7,045
ProudRs. 8,475
Future ModelRs. 11,080
FantasyRs. 6,860
RaviRs. 6,745
SupremeRs. 6,585
SapphireRs. 7,235
DeluxeRs. 6,700
Marvel PlusRs. 7,045
PearlRs. 6,950

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Pedestal fans

Pedestal fans are well-known for their portability and effective air circulation, making them a fantastic option for larger rooms or outdoor areas. Prices typically fall within the range of Rs. 7,500-11,000 in Pakistan for these fans.

ModelMinimum PriceMaximum Price
MYGA with Cross BaseRs. 8,115Rs. 10,575
Designer with Cross BaseRs. 8,415Rs. 10,875
Standard Pedestal FanRs. 7,565Rs. 10,025

Mist Fans

Mist fans are designed to provide both cooling mist and air circulation, making them perfect for use in hot and dry climates. GFC mist fans come equipped with advanced features; starting prices in Pakistan start around Rs. 18,080.

Mist Fan ModelPrice in Pakistan
Pedestal Mist FanRs. 18,080

GFC Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are an essential tool for increasing ventilation and eliminating unpleasant odors from kitchens and bathrooms. GFC offers an assortment of exhaust fan options at prices typically falling between Rs. 1,800 and Rs. 8,400 in Pakistan.

Exhaust FanMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Duct ExhaustRs. 2,885Rs. 3,135
Window ExhaustRs. 1,790Rs. 2,090
Metal Exhaust SquareRs. 3,225Rs. 8,350
Plastic ExhaustRs. 2,090Rs. 3,450
Metal Exhaust VIP PlusRs. 4,450Rs. 4,460
Metal Exhaust RoundRs. 3,235Rs. 8,350
Plastic Exhaust WoodenRs. 3,650Rs. 4,030

GFC bracket fans

GFC bracket fans are an economical way to cool specific areas or workspaces. Their versatility means they can be mounted easily onto walls or ceilings. However, prices in Pakistan typically range from approximately Rs 4,500 to Rs 10,000 for this fan type.

Bracket Fan ModelRate in PKR
DeluxeRs. 5,850
Classic 12″/14″Rs. 4,740 to Rs. 4,885
MYGA without PanelRs. 6,810 to Rs. 9,015
Light Display with RemoteRs. 6,485
Classic 18″Rs. 5,850
IndustrialRs. 8,415 to Rs. 8,880
EliteRs. 6,000
MYGA with PanelRs. 7,060 to Rs. 9,265
Standard Model 12″/14″Rs. 4,540 to Rs. 4,730
Light DisplayRs. 5,950
Elite Wooden BaseRs. 6,400
Deluxe PlusRs. 6,125

GFC AC/DC Fans Price in Pakistan

GFC AC/DC fans are designed to operate from both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), making them suitable for areas with irregular power supplies. Prices typically range between Rs 4,600 to Rs 7,760 for these fans in Pakistan.

Fan ModelRate
Solar Ravi PlusRs. 6,845
Solar MansionRs. 7,260
Solar Perfect PlusRs. 7,735
Solar RaviRs. 6,795
Ceiling Solar Standard 52WRs. 6,760
Ceiling Solar GalaxyRs. 6,085
Solar PerfectRs. 7,345
Ceiling Solar Crown PlusRs. 7,160
Ceiling Solar Standard 60WRs. 6,950
Pedestal Solar Plastic BodyRs. 4,600 to Rs. 4,875
Solar Superior ModelRs. 7,760
Pedestal Solar Metal BodyRs. 4,830 to Rs. 5,575

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Overall Conclusion

In Short, GFC fans in Pakistan come in various types to cater to different cooling needs. Whether you’re looking for a bracket fan, pedestal fan, mist fan, ceiling fan, AC/DC fan, or exhaust fan, GFC has you covered. The prices for these fans vary based on the type and features you choose. It’s essential to consider your specific requirements and budget when selecting the perfect GFC fan to keep your space cool and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GFC fans energy-efficient?

Yes, GFC fans are known for their energy efficiency, helping you stay cool while keeping electricity bills in check.

Can I find GFC fans with remote-control features?

Yes, GFC offers fan models with remote control options, allowing you to adjust settings conveniently.

Are GFC mist fans suitable for humid climates?

GFC mist fans are designed for hot and dry climates, but they can still provide cooling comfort in humid conditions.

Do GFC ceiling fans come with different speed settings?

Yes, GFC ceiling fans typically have multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your preference.

Where can I purchase GFC fans in Pakistan?

You can find GFC fans at authorized dealers, home appliance stores, and online retailers throughout Pakistan.

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