Royal Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 | Ceiling, AC\DC & Bracket Fan

Royal Fan is an unparalleled brand when it comes to cooling solutions in Pakistan. As a top name in ceiling and bracket fan technology, Royal has earned the trust of many households for providing reliable cooling solutions at affordable prices. Their legacy of excellence in providing top-tier fans has cemented Royal’s place as synonymous with comfort. Exploring comprehensively, This article thoroughly explores the Royal Fan price in Pakistan while exploring all their available options that help keep you cool, stylish, and comfortable.

Royal Fan Price

Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

As temperatures heat up across Pakistan, demand for efficient yet cost-effective cooling solutions is ever greater. Royal Fan meets this need with its range of fan options tailored specifically for various needs and budgets. Be it ceiling fans to keep air circulating through your living area or table fans for workspace cooling. They have something suitable.

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Royal Ceiling Fan Price

Royal Ceiling Fan Price Royal offers an affordable selection of ceiling fans that cater to different aesthetics and cooling requirements, from adjustable tilt angles to superior air delivery performance. Their price range stretches up to Rs. 12,000 so customers can find something suitable to their preferences and budget.

Ceiling Fan ModelPrice
Royal Deluxe ImperialRs. 7,195
Royal Regency – CRYSTALRs. 6,915
Royal Crescent Hi-SpeedRs. 6,995
Royal Deluxe Jem WavesRs. 7,195
Royal Galant – CHARMRs. 7,195
Royal Deluxe RegentRs. 7,065
Royal Passion – GRACERs. 6,995
Royal Deluxe Jem TrinityRs. 7,195
Royal RegalRs. 7,095
Royal OpalRs. 6,795
Royal DeluxeRs. 6,795
Royal Optima Hi-SpeedRs. 6,795
Passion – CUSHIONRs. 6,995
Royal ValorRs. 7,695
Royal Hi-StandardRs. 5,995
Royal Lifestyle – RevolveRs. 8,195
Royal PlatinumRs. 6,765
Royal NobleRs. 7,195
Royal Lifestyle OrnamentRs. 11,095
Royal GalantRs. 7,195
Royal Energy SaverRs. 7,195
Royal Passion – FLORARs. 6,665
Royal 3 Star EnerconRs. 6,995
Royal Water Proof – EMPERORRs. 6,895
Royal Lifestyle – RevolveRs. 8,195

Table Fan Price

Royal’s table fans provide an ideal localized cooling solution. Priced between Rs. 4,500 and 7,200, these portable fans provide portability and flexibility – perfect for working at your desk, eating lunch outdoors, or simply relaxing! A Royal table fan provides a refreshing breeze in just the place it is needed most.

Royal Table FanPrice
Royal Unique Pedestal StandRs. 7,195
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs. 6,895
Royal Petite Table FanRs. 4,495

Royal AC/DC fans Rate

Royal AC/DC fans offer the unique benefit of being operable even during power outages, providing uninterrupted comfort. Priced between Rs. 6,700 to Rs. 7,200, these fans ensure you remain cool no matter the electricity situation. Making them particularly useful in regions with frequent load shedding or power cuts.

AC/DC FanPrice
Royal Smart Expo Economy AC/DCRs. 6,695
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – GRACERs. 7,195
Royal Smart Regency AC/DC – CrystalRs. 7,195
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – FLORARs. 7,195
Royal Smart Crescent AC/DCRs. 7,195

Royal Exhaust Fans Prices

Exhaust fans play an important part in maintaining adequate ventilation and preventing humidity build-up in enclosed spaces, Royal’s exhaust fans can help ensure proper ventilation at prices ranging from Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 8,500 and are an investment that will contribute towards creating a healthier indoor environment.

Model of Exhaust FanRates
Royal Exhaust Window RoundRs. 1,795
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fan with GrillRs. 2,895
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fan PanelRs. 2,945
Royal Metal Exhaust FanRs. 3,345
Royal Exhaust Plastic Fan (2-Way)Rs. 3,345
Royal Exhaust Metal High SpeedRs. 8,495

Royal Bracket Fan Price

Royal offers bracket fans as an inconspicuous cooling solution that is great for mounting on walls and providing unobtrusive cooling solutions in smaller spaces or areas where there may be limited table or floor space. Their prices range between Rs 4,500 and 6,800; making these fans suitable for environments where space may be at a premium.

Royal Bracket FanPrice in Pakistan
Royal Elegant Bracket FanRs. 5,895
Royal Magnum Bracket FanRs. 6,795
Royal Petite Bracket FanRs. 4,495
Royal Deluxe Circo FanRs. 5,995
Royal Louver Bracket FanRs. 5,295

Royal Pedestal Fans Price

Are You In Search Of an Adjustable Fan? Our Royal pedestal fans provide an ideal solution, priced between Rs. 6,200 and 10,100, which are easily adjustable to different heights, making them suitable for cooling larger spaces as well as creating an enjoyable ambiance in rooms with variable occupancy.

Royal Deluxe Pedestal FanRs. 10,095
Royal LouverRs. 6,195
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs. 6,895
Royal Magnum Black Pedestal FanRs. 7,195
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand FanRs. 7,195

Factors Affecting Royal Fan Prices

The price of a Royal Fan depends on a variety of factors that impact its value and functionality, which are vital components in making an informed choice when selecting cooling solutions for any space. By understanding these elements you can make an educated choice when purchasing the appropriate cooling solution.

Type of Fan

Select Your Fan The type of fan you select plays an integral role in determining its price point. Royal offers a range of ceiling, table, pedestal, bracket, and exhaust fans. Each serves different purposes while coming equipped with unique features that could alter its final cost point.

Features and Technology

Adding advanced features and technology to a fan can greatly affect its cost. Fans with features like remote controls, multiple speed settings, timers, and energy-efficient motors often cost more due to the increased convenience they provide as well as the additional functions they add.

Design and Aesthetics

A fan’s design and aesthetics also impact its price, with fans that feature distinctive designs, premium finishes, or stylish aesthetics often commanding a higher asking price tag. Fans that fit seamlessly with different interior decor styles might come at an additional premium cost.

Size and Performance

A fan’s price is influenced by its size and performance. Larger models with higher air delivery may cost more, especially those designed for larger spaces due to their effective air circulation capabilities.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient fans aren’t just environmentally friendly. However, they also help you save on electricity bills. Fans with energy-saving features, like low-power consumption motors and smart controls, may come with higher upfront costs but could result in long-term cost savings.

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Overall Conclusion

In the scorching heat of Pakistan, having a reliable and effective cooling solution is essential. Royal Fan steps up to meet this need with a wide selection of ceiling, table, pedestal, AC/DC, bracket, and exhaust fans. The price range accommodates different budgets and preferences, making it easier for households to invest in quality cooling. By offering a blend of functionality, style, and affordability, Royal Fan cements its position as a trusted choice for staying cool and comfortable in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Royal ceiling fans come with adjustable settings?

Yes, many Royal ceiling fans come with adjustable tilt angles and multiple speed settings to customize your cooling experience.

Are Royal fans energy-efficient?

Yes, Royal fans are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you stay comfortable without consuming excessive energy.

What is the price range of Royal exhaust fans?

Royal exhaust fans are priced between Rs. 1,800 and Rs. 8,500, catering to different budgets and ventilation needs.

Are AC/DC fans suitable for areas with frequent power outages?

Yes, AC/DC fans from Royal are designed to operate even during power outages, ensuring continuous cooling.

Do Royal Fans come with a warranty?

Yes, Royal fans typically come with a warranty that varies based on the type of fan and model. It’s advisable to check the warranty details before purchase.

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