Mahrose Beauty Parlour Price List 2024 | Packages, Menu & Deals

Mahrose Beauty Parlour & Salon in Karachi stands as an oasis of beauty and transformation. For any special event or wedding ceremony or just to treat yourself, they have packages tailored specifically for each beauty need: bridal makeup, party makeup, hair styling services and salon services all under one roof! Mahrose provides everything needed to look your best from hair styling services and salon services all the way up to bridal makeup application and more. Here, we will provide all information, including Mahrose Beauty Parlour price list, packages, and deals.

Mahrose Beauty Parlour Price List

Mahrose Beauty Parlour Prices

On a mission to redefine beauty, Mahrose Beauty Parlour provides services tailored to individual preferences and budgets. Ranging from minor tweaks like trimming and threading, through dramatic makeovers and budget services priced between Rs 300 to Rs. 30000. However,Mahrose has you covered for every style imaginable whether it’s everyday wear or special event style! With services tailored specifically for both, they have something suitable for every special event or everyday look. Make an appointment now with them today and see the transformation!

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Mahrose Beauty Parlour Price List

Beyond basic services, Mahrose Beauty Parlour goes above and beyond with services such as face polishing, instant whitening glow, acne derm facials by Janssen whitening, de-pigmentation facials and serum whitening facials. Mahrose also provides manicure & pedicure services, waxing/threading/body massages that range in prices from Rs. 500 to Rs.4500 per treatment session.

Face PolishRs. 1200
Herbal FacialRs. 800
Acne Derm FacialRs. 1500
Whitening Bleach + CleansingRs. 1000
ThreadingRs. 40 to 600
CleansingRs. 500
Instant Whitening GlowRs. 1500
De-pigmentation FacialRs. 2000
WaxingRs. 50 to 3000
Janssen WhiteningRs. 2000
Serum Whitening FacialRs. 2500
Manicure & PedicureRs. 500 to 1000
Body MassagesRs. 500 to 4500
Face BleachRs. 300

Mahrose Beauty Parlour Bridal Makeup Price List

When it comes to bridal makeup, Mahrose Beauty Parlour offers several packages tailored to every bride’s vision and budget. Classic Makeup starts at Rs.12000 while Model Bridal Makeup costs Rs.13000. For an extravagant feel, Glamour Shimmer/ Smoky Makeup costs Rs.14000 while Versatile Makeup with complimentary hair extension starts at Rs.15000. Furthermore, Vintage Makeup comes at Rs. 20000 while Signature Makeup package with complimentary Hair Extension is priced at Rs. 25000 while for an exclusive experience Makeup by Owner is priced at Rs. 30000.

Makeup TypesPrice List
Glamour Shimmer Smoky MakeupRs. 14000
Classic MakeupRs. 12000
Model Bridal MakeupRs. 13000
Signature Makeup With Complimentary Hair ExtensionRs. 25000
Vintage Makeup With Complimentary Hair ExtensionRs. 20000
Makeup by OwnerRs. 30000
Versatile Makeup With Complimentary Hair ExtensionRs. 15000

Mahrose Beauty Parlour Packages

To make a bride’s special day even more memorable, Mahrose Beauty Parlour offers a range of bridal packages:

Golden Bridal Package

Experience bridal luxury with Mahrose Beauty Parlour’s Golden Bridal Package. Priced at Rs.6000, it includes a Bridal Whitening Facial for a radiant glow. With waxing, a whitening manicure, pedicure, and threading for eyebrows and upper lip, this package ensures meticulous pampering. Mahrose Beauty Parlour goes beyond services, offering an opulent journey to bridal radiance at an affordable price. Transform your wedding day with the enchanting Golden Bridal Package.

Golden Bridal Package
Threading Eyebrows and Upper Lip
Whitening Manicure & Pedicure
Bridal Whitening Facial
Price is Rs. 6000

Silver Bridal Package

Immerse in bridal elegance with Mahrose Beauty Parlour’s Rs. 5000 Silver Bridal Package. It brings luxury to your special day with a radiant Bridal Golden Facial. This inclusive package features meticulous waxing, a pampering manicure, pedicure, and threading for eyebrows and upper lip. Mahrose Beauty Parlour’s commitment to a comprehensive bridal experience shines through the thoughtfully crafted Silver Bridal Package. Elevate your wedding day affordably with this opulent offering, promising an unforgettable journey to bridal radiance.

Silver Bridal Package
Threading Eyebrows and Upper Lip
Bridal Golden Facial
Manicure & Pedicure
Price is Rs. 5000

Exclusive Bridal Package

Indulge in luxury with Mahrose Beauty Parlour’s Rs.7500 Exclusive Bridal Package. Tailored for those desiring a lavish touch on their special day, it includes a Bridal Facial for radiance, body waxing for smoothness, and a whitening manicure and pedicure for meticulous pampering. Threading for eyebrows and upper lip adds the perfect finishing touch. Mahrose Beauty Parlour’s Exclusive Bridal Package is a testament to their commitment to an opulent bridal experience. Immerse yourself in bridal beauty with this comprehensive package ensuring you shine on your wedding day.

Exclusive Bridal Package
Threading Eyebrows and Upper Lip
Whitening Manicure & Pedicure
Bridal Whitening Facial
Price is Rs. 7500

Royal Bridal Package (2 Day Service)

Mahrose Beauty Parlour invites brides-to-be on an exquisite two-day journey with their Rs.15000 Royal Bridal Package, an indulgent two-day experience that goes far beyond traditional pampering to help ensure they glow on their special day. Experience pure glamour as part of their rejuvenating and glamorous pampering treatment designed to ensure they look their absolute best on this momentous milestone in their lives.

Day one features a luxurious body polish, unique whitening facial and body stone therapy to leave your complexion radiant. Additionally, this day will include hair treatment and blow-dry for gorgeous locks followed by body waxing as well as Therma Spa manicure and pedicure services to leave you refreshed for your celebration!

Day two focuses on adding glamour, with threading for eyebrows and upper lips to perfect your look. This Package provides a comprehensive experience that transcends aesthetics. This transformational journey celebrates you ensuring your wedding day will not just be special but truly unforgettable!

Exclusive Bridal Package
Threading Eyebrows and Upper Lip
Hair Treatment + Blow
Whitening Manicure & Pedicure
Body Polish
Body Stone Therapy
Bridal Whitening Facial
Unique 1 Whitening Facial
Price is Rs. 15000

Mahrose Beauty Parlor Bridal Mehndi Price List

Mahrose Beauty Parlor takes pride in offering a diverse range of bridal mehndi services, including ordinary and side mehndi, feet mehndi, engagement mehndi, and the exclusive bridal special mehndi. Prices are competitively set and vary depending on the chosen mehndi service.

Mehndi TypePrice
Engagement MehndiRs. 4000
Ordinary Mehndi / SideRs. 150 to 300
Feet MehndiRs. 1000 to 2000
Bridal Special MehndiRs. 4000 to 8000

Mahrose Beauty Parlour Address & Contact Number

For those eager to experience the magic of Mahrose, here are the details:

  • Address: 172-Y/2, Tariq Road, PECHS, Karachi.
  • Landmarks: Dolmen Mall, MahRose Beauty Parlour, Tariq Road, Karachi.
  • Phone Numbers: +92-21-34314498, +92-21-34314499 & +92-21 34543647

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Conclusion of Mahrose Beauty Parlour Price List

As Mahrose Beauty Parlour continues to redefine beauty standards, it beckons individuals to indulge in a world of transformation and elegance. The diverse range of services, coupled with competitive pricing, makes Mahrose a go-to destination for anyone seeking a beauty metamorphosis. From everyday grooming to grand bridal makeovers, Mahrose Beauty Parlour stands as a testament to the artistry of beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the bridal packages customizable?

Yes, Mahrose Beauty Parlour offers customization options to cater to individual preferences and needs.

Can I book an appointment online for Mahrose Beauty Parlour?

Yes, Mahrose Beauty Parlour provides online booking facilities for added convenience.

Are the beauty products used at Mahrose safe?

Mahrose Beauty Parlour prioritizes the use of high-quality and safe beauty products for all services.

What sets Mahrose apart from other beauty parlors?

Mahrose stands out for its diverse range of services, expert stylists, and competitive pricing.

Does Mahrose Beauty Parlour offer beauty consultations?

Yes, Mahrose provides beauty consultations to understand and fulfill the unique requirements of each client.

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