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Massey Ferguson’s MF 385 4WD Tractor stands out in Pakistani agriculture as an epitome of quality and performance, thanks to its robust features and adaptability. Renowned for its ease of use and adaptability, this 85 HP tractor has quickly become the go-to option for farmers facing modern farming’s varied challenges. From plowing to tilling, the MF 385 4WD Tractor exemplifies durability and efficiency, making it a steadfast companion in the field. In this exploration, we will discuss the intricacies of this agricultural powerhouse, exploring the MF 385 4WD Tractor Price, features, specifications, and maintenance tips to guide prospective buyers and enthusiasts.

MF 385 4WD Tractor Price

About MF 385 4WD Tractor

The MF 385 4WD Tractor is widely recognized for its efficiency and powerful agriculture vehicle, making field tasks simpler. Equipped with 85 HP, this tractor makes an excellent partner for plowing, tilling or pulling tasks on farms throughout Pakistan. Thanks to its exceptional performance and productivity, this tractor has become an integral component in farming life today.

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MF 385 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Staying abreast of prices in Pakistan’s highly dynamic agricultural machinery market is of utmost importance. At present, the price for an MF 385 4WD Tractor stands at Rs. 4,282,000 but may fluctuate depending on factors like location, dealer selection and inclusion of accessories or features.

Massey Ferguson (Model)Old PriceNew Prices
MF 385 4WDRs. 4,282,000Rs. 4,585,000

Factors Influencing the MF 385 4WD Tractor Prices


MF 385 4WD Tractor Price can differ significantly based on its geographical location due to considerations like logistics and demand/supply dynamics.

Dealer Markup

Every dealership has its own pricing strategies, from markups and discounts to promotions. Understanding this policy is key for potential buyers searching for the greatest return on their investment.

Additional Features

The base price of an MF 385 4WD Tractor may change with the inclusion of additional features or accessories, so buyers should carefully assess their individual requirements and their impact on overall costs before making their purchasing decisions.

Economic Conditions

Current inflation rates and currency fluctuations can have an effect on agricultural machinery pricing, with unstable economies having greater impacts than stable ones on the final costs of an MF 385 4WD Tractor purchase.

Subsidies Provided by Government

Government policies, subsidies, or incentives related to agriculture and farm equipment can have a direct effect on their prices, so staying abreast of any government support or changes in policies is vital for farmers considering purchasing one.

Features of Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Tractor

  • Max PTO Power: This tractor boasts an impressive 70 HP maximum Power Take-Off (PTO) Power, providing efficient operation of PTO-driven implements.
  • Clutch: Equipped with a dual-clutch system, this tractor ensures smooth engagement and disengagement of power to its transmission system.
  • Cooling System: Our 15.2-liter cooling system effectively prevents overheating when in extended use, ensuring optimal performance and providing seamless performance.
  • Sliding Spur Tires: Sliding spur tires offer superior traction and stability on different surfaces, improving tractor efficiency overall.
  • Gears: Equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, the Massey Ferguson MF 385 4×4 Tractor offers flexibility and adaptability in meeting different operational environments.
  • Speed: Max Forward Speed of 31 km/H and Reverse Speeds of 15.7 KMH for efficient field operations.
  • Hydraulic System: Equipped with a hydraulic system of 47.4 liters, the tractor makes for effortless attachment and operation of hydraulic implements. Further expanding its utility.
  • Horsepower: At the core of this tractor lies its powerful 85 HP engine, giving ample power for various agricultural tasks.
  • Fuel Tank: With a generous 108-liter capacity fuel tank, the MF 385 4WD Tractor ensures long operating hours without needing frequent refillings.
  • Steering: This tractor features an advanced hydrostatic steering system for precise maneuvering across even challenging terrains.

Specifications of Massey Ferguson 4WD Tractor

For the tech-savvy farmer, understanding the technical specifications of the MF 385 4WD Tractor is crucial. This section provides a detailed breakdown, catering to those who appreciate the intricacies of their machinery.

ClutchDual, 12 Inch
Fuel Tank108 liters
TiresSliding Spur
Max PTO Power70 HP
Number of Cylinders4
Gears8 Forward and 2 Reverse
Speed (Reverse)15.7 KM/H
Fuel TypeDiesel
Cooling System15.2 liters
Hydraulic System47.4 liters
Speed (Forward)Up to 31 KM/H
Horsepower85 HP @ 2200 RPM
Rear Tyre18.4/15-30 (8 PR)
Front Tyre12.4/11-24 (12 PR)
Maximum Lift Capacity2145 KG
Engine TypeDiesel / 4.41
Wheelbase2350 mm

Tips for Maintaining Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractor

Regular Servicing

Following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance can ensure maximum performance and lifespan for the MF 385 4WD Tractor. Regular check-ups also help protect its warranty.

Check Fluid Levels

Regularly examine and maintain adequate levels of engine oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and any other essential fluids necessary for smooth operations on your tractor. Lubrication is of utmost importance for optimal functioning.

Check and Replace Filters on Schedule

Filters must remain clean to protect vital components in your tractor from contamination, maintaining its efficiency. Clean filters prevent contaminants from infiltrating into crucial systems, keeping their efficiency intact.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Proper tire inflation helps ensure traction and stability, leading to improved fuel efficiency as well as reduced wear and tear. Proper inflation also protects against unnecessary wear and tear.

Calibrate Implements

When using various implements with your tractor, ensure they are calibrated correctly to maximize efficiency and protect its engine and components from unnecessary strain. Accurate calibration improves efficiency as well as reduces strain on its components.

Grease Moving Parts

Regularly grease all moving parts, including joints and linkages, to minimize friction, reduce wear, and prolong the lifespan of critical components. Doing this helps avoid friction, and wear reduction and extends component lifespan.

Examine Your Clutch System

Always inspect the clutch system to ensure its smooth engagement and disengagement, which ensures power transfer without breaking down or incurring breakdown risks. A properly functioning clutch allows smooth power transfer while decreasing risk.

Maintain a Clean Radiator

A regular radiator cleaning can prevent overheating, providing effective cooling even under harsh field conditions. A clean radiator offers more efficient cooling.

Storage Options

To prolong its life and protect it from environmental elements, store the tractor in a dry and covered environment when not in use. Proper storage helps protect its internal parts as well as extend its lifespan.

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Final Thoughts

In summation, the MF 385 4WD Tractor from Massey Ferguson is a beacon of excellence in agricultural machinery. With its robust features and versatile capabilities, it has become a trusted ally for Pakistani farmers. Considering the dynamic pricing factors and the importance of regular maintenance, farmers should make informed decisions when investing in the MF 385 4WD.

This tractor is not just a machine; it’s a symbol of durability, progress, and efficiency in modern agriculture. In the hands of farmers, the MF 385 4WD Tractor is more than equipment—it’s a catalyst for increased productivity and sustainable farming practices, contributing to the evolution of agriculture in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the MF 385 4WD Tractor unique?

The MF 385 4WD Tractor stands out for its powerful engine, versatile features, and robust build, making it a preferred choice for farmers.

How does the pricing vary for the MF 385 4WD Tractor?

The pricing can vary based on factors like location, dealer, and additional accessories or features chosen by the buyer.

Can the MF 385 4WD Tractor handle challenging terrains?

Yes, equipped with a hydrostatic steering system and sliding spur tires, the tractor excels in maneuverability on various surfaces.

What is the fuel efficiency of the MF 385 4WD Tractor?

With a fuel tank capacity of 108 liters, the tractor ensures long operating hours without the need for frequent refueling.

How can I maximize the lifespan of my MF 385 4WD Tractor?

Regular maintenance, following manufacturer guidelines, and proper operation are key to maximizing the lifespan of your MF 385 4WD Tractor.

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