English Cables Price in Pakistan 2024 | 7/29, 3/29 & Other Wires

In a world where connectivity is key, cables play a pivotal role in keeping our devices powered and interconnected. When it comes to reliability, English Cables has earned a reputation as a top choice among consumers. We will explore English cables price that are sold in Pakistan this year. Also, we will uncover various types and sizes to assist you in making an informed decision.

English Cables Price

English Cable Price in Pakistan 2024

When considering the price of English cables in Pakistan for 2024, it’s essential to take your specific type into consideration. English cables come in various categories designed for various functions. However, below we outline prices of some of the more frequently used types:

English 2 Core Cable Prices

They provide competitive 2-core cable prices in Pakistan for 2024. Their cables can be used in a variety of applications for lighting and small appliances, and start from an attractive price of Rs. 6,700 to Rs. 70,000.

Cable TypesPrice
7/29 CableRs. 15,500
7/64 CableRs. 70,000
3/29 CableRs. 6,700
7/44 CableRs. 32,500
7/52 CableRs. 48,900
7/36 CableRs. 22,000

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English 3 Core Cable Prices

When it comes to more demanding electrical applications, 3 core cables provide increased durability and reliability. In Pakistan, these prices start from Rs. 7,800 to Rs. 22,000 in 2024.

Cable TypePrices in Pakistan
110/76 CableRs. 22,000
70/76 CableRs. 13,000
40/76 CableRs. 7,800

English Flexible Cable

English flexible cables are an increasingly popular choice for applications requiring flexibility and ease of installation, starting from 2024 when prices for English flexible cables in Pakistan start from Rs. 3,600 to 5,700, depending on size and length.

Cable TypesPrices / Rates
40/76 CableRs. 5700
23/76 CableRs. 3600

Single Cable Prices

English cables offer excellent value for money when it comes to single cables for basic household or office usage. As of 2024, standard English Cable prices in Pakistan start from Rs. 1,900 to Rs. 35,500, depending on length and quality requirements.

Cable TypePrices (2024)
7/44 (6.0mm) CableRs. 15,500
7/29 (2.5mm) CableRs. 8,437
7/36 (4.0mm) CableRs. 10,300
1/44 (1.0 mm) CableRs. 2,600
3/29 (1.5mm) CableRs. 3,935
7/52 (10mm) CableRs. 23,000
2 Pair CableRs. 3,500
1 Pair CableRs. 1,900
7/64 (16mm) CableRs. 35,500

English Coaxial Cable Price 2024

Coaxial cables are commonly used for transmitting cable television and internet connections. In Pakistan, English coaxial cable prices start from Rs 5,200 to Rs 7,700, making them an affordable solution to ensure quality signal transmission.

Coaxial Cable TypePrices
RG.6 CableRs. 5200
RG.7 CableRs. 7700

English Aluminum Cable Rate List

Aluminum cables are known for their lightweight properties and durability, ranging in price between Rs. 7,000 and 14,500 15-22/foot in 2024 depending on the gauge/length required. In Pakistan, they can be found for purchase.

Cable TypeRate in PKR
7/52 CableRs. 7,000
7/83 CableRs. 14,500
7/64 CableRs. 8,900
7/72 CableRs. 12,000

Benefits of Utilizing English Cables

Now that we have explored the English cables price in Pakistan, let’s consider their many advantages for your electrical and connectivity needs:

  • Reliability: English cables are known for their resilience and resistance to wear and tear, providing long-term solutions to your wiring needs.
  • Safety: English cables are manufactured to comply with stringent safety standards, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and fires.
  • Quality Assurance: English Cables have earned themselves a solid reputation for quality and performance, giving you complete peace of mind in making your choice.
  • Affordable Cables: English Cables offers highly reliable products at very competitive prices, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of consumers.

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Conclusion of English Cables Price

When you are thinking about reliable and affordable cables, English Cables are a top choice in Pakistan for 2024. With their wide range of options and competitive pricing, they cater to the needs of both residential and commercial customers. Whether you require single cables, 3-core cables, coaxial cables, aluminum cables, 2-core cables, or flexible cables, English Cables have you covered. Invest in the best for your electrical and connectivity needs, and experience the benefits of using English Cables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are English Cables available in different lengths?

Yes, English Cables come in various lengths to accommodate your specific requirements.

Can I use English Cables for outdoor installations?

English Cables offer options suitable for outdoor use, but it’s essential to choose the appropriate type for your specific application.

Do English Cables come with a warranty?

Many English Cables come with warranties to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

What is the typical lifespan of English Cables?

The lifespan of English Cables depends on factors such as usage and environmental conditions, but they are known for their durability.

Where can I purchase English Cables in Pakistan?

English Cables are available through authorized distributors and retailers across Pakistan. Be sure to purchase from reputable sources to ensure product quality and authenticity.

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