NARC G1 Garlic Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Latest Rate

Narc G1 Garlic has garnered significant recognition among farmers and consumers alike due to its outstanding qualities and potential benefits. With a focus on boosting local garlic production and reducing import dependency, Narc G1 Garlic emerged as a noteworthy variety after its development by Dr. Hamayun Khan at NARC in 2018. Let’s explore the Narc G1 Garlic Price in Pakistan and the key points of purchasing this garlic variety.

Narc G1 Garlic is highly recognized by farmers and consumers for its exceptional characteristics and promising benefits. It yields 200-250 maunds per acre, surpassing the local garlic average of 70-80 maunds, boosting productivity significantly. The weight of G1 Garlic bulbs ranges from 250 to 450+ grams, in contrast to the typical 30-50 grams of regular garlic. This enhances the economic value and opens up export opportunities, potentially saving over Rs 70 billion annually.

NARC G1 Garlic Price in Pakistan

Narc G1 Garlic Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of Narc G1 Garlic in Pakistan varies depending on whether it is dry or wet. Dry Narc G1 Garlic is priced at approximately 4500 to 5000 KG, while wet Narc G1 Garlic is priced at around 1500 to 2000 KG. These price ranges reflect the market value of Narc G1 Garlic in Pakistan. Their prices are given below in a table.

NARC G1 GarlicMinimum PricesMaximum Price
DryRs. 4500Rs. 5000
Fresh (Wet)Rs.1500Rs.2000

Factors Influencing Narc G1 Garlic Prices in Pakistan

Bulb Size

The size of Narc G1 Garlic bulbs has an immediate influence on their price. Consumers tend to favor larger bulbs because they provide greater value. Because larger-sized bulbs typically command higher prices in the market compared to their smaller counterparts.

Dry Garlic

The price of Narc G1 Garlic can be impacted by the way it is dried after harvest. Proper curing and drying methods result in dry garlic, which tends to have a longer shelf life and is preferred by many consumers. As a result, dry garlic often carries a higher price tag when compared to wet or freshly harvested garlic.

Wet (Fresh) Garlic

Although there is a significant demand for wet or recently harvested Narc G1 Garlic during specific periods, it generally carries a lower price compared to dry garlic. This disparity can be attributed to the shorter shelf life of wet garlic, necessitating prompt consumption or processing.

Government Policies and Subsidies

Changes in garlic production policies or import/export regulations can have a dramatic effect on Narc G1 Garlic prices. Import restrictions or subsidies that support local production can alter market dynamics and the price of Narc G1 Garlic as a result.

Pest Attacks and Diseases

They can wreak havoc on Narc G1 Garlic crops, leading to price fluctuations and crop losses. When affected crops suffer pest infestation, supply may decrease, leading to price spikes; but with effective pest control measures put in place, supply could increase, leading to price stabilization or even reductions.

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Understanding Pakistan’s Garlic Market

Pakistan’s agricultural sector plays an essential role in its economy, providing employment and contributing to GDP. There is tremendous room for expansion within this industry; garlic is one of the key crops cultivated.

Garlic in Pakistan

Garlic has long been a part of Pakistani cuisine and traditional medicine. Demand for it remains consistently high both domestically and internationally, making it an immensely valuable agricultural product.

Influencing factors affecting garlic prices in Pakistan

Numerous factors play a part in the fluctuation of garlic prices in the Pakistani market, such as supply and demand dynamics, weather conditions affecting production, market trends, competition among producers, and government policies and regulations.

Exploring Narc G1 Garlic

Narc G1 Garlic displays superior characteristics compared to Chinese and ordinary garlic varieties, surpassing local varieties in yield, weight, and nutritional value while simultaneously serving as an economic stimulus. As such, this product makes an invaluable contribution towards foreign exchange generation and improving overall economies.

Health Benefits Associated

Garlic, including Narc G1 Garlic, has long been touted for its many health advantages. From medicinal uses to providing natural alternatives to certain pharmaceuticals. Narc G1 Garlic consumption may help promote heart health, strengthen immunity systems, and provide antioxidant protection.

Culinary uses and flavors

Narc G1 Garlic brings unique flavor and aroma to culinary dishes, especially Pakistani cuisine, where it is frequently used to enhance curries, rice dishes, and various other recipes. Due to its extensive array of rich flavor profiles, it has become the preferred choice of both chefs and home chefs alike.

Production and Cultivation of Narc G1 Garlic in Pakistan

Geographic Regions Suitable for Narc G1 Garlic Cultivation

Narc G1 Garlic cultivation thrives in certain geographical regions of Pakistan that provide ideal climate and soil conditions to promote optimal growth and yield. Farmers who plan to cultivate Narc G1 Garlic should identify suitable regions to ensure maximum production.

Cultivation Techniques and Farming Practices

Successful cultivation of Narc G1 Garlic requires farmers to employ appropriate cultivation techniques and farming practices. These include selecting high-quality seeds, preparing the soil, employing mulching techniques, watering regularly, controlling pests, and managing weeds.

Harvesting and postharvest processes

Timing Narc G1 Garlic harvest is crucial for optimal quality and shelf life, and farmers must recognize any indicators of when it’s ready for harvesting. Furthermore, proper post-harvest handling such as drying and storage play a vital role in maintaining its freshness and maintaining quality.

Current Scenario for Narc G1 Garlic Prices in Pakistan

Historical price trends

Analyzing Narc G1 Garlic’s historical price trends provides valuable insights into its market performance and price fluctuations over time, which enable farmers and consumers to better comprehend price dynamics and make well-informed decisions.

Price Variations across Different Regions in Pakistan

Narc G1 Garlic prices may differ between regions of Pakistan depending on factors like production volumes, transportation costs, and local demand. However, farmers and consumers should take these regional differences into account when assessing prices.

Factors Contributing to Price Fluctuations

Multiple factors affect Narc G1 Garlic prices, such as seasonality, supply and demand dynamics, quality differentials, storage capacity constraints, transportation costs, market competition, etc.

Key Points When Purchasing Narc G1 Garlic in Pakistan

Quality Indicators and Grading Standards

When purchasing Narc G1 Garlic, consumers must consider quality indicators and grading standards to identify fresh, high-grade garlic. These markers help ensure consumers get maximum value from their money investment.

Tips for Recognizing Narc G1 Garlic

Consumers can easily identify fresh and high-quality Narc G1 Garlic using several key indicators, including looking at its appearance, texture, aroma, and weight of garlic cloves. Fresh garlic should have firm cloves with strong aromatic properties and no signs of mold or sprouting growth.

Marketplaces and sources for purchasing Narc G1 Garlic

Consumers looking for Narc G1 Garlic can locate it in various marketplaces and sources across Pakistan, such as farmers’ markets, grocery stores, online platforms, or specialist suppliers. These marketplaces may sell this much-desired variety.

Economic Benefits of Narc G1 Garlic in Pakistan

Contribution to Pakistan’s National Economy

Narc G1 Garlic production and trade have an enormously beneficial effect on Pakistan’s national economy. It offers employment to farmers, laborers, and industry stakeholders; in turn, contributing directly to GDP.

Employment in the Garlic Industry

Narc G1 Garlic provides numerous employment opportunities across its value chain – from farming and harvesting to packaging, distribution, and marketing of its garlic. Thus supporting rural livelihoods while strengthening economic development.

Export Potential and Foreign Exchange Earnings

Narc G1 Garlic provides Pakistan with an opportunity to earn foreign exchange earnings through export. By meeting international quality standards and targeting overseas markets, Pakistani growers can take advantage of the global demand for high-quality garlic to expand export opportunities.

Consumer Perspective on Narc G1 Garlic in Daily Life

Incorporating Narc G1 Garlic into Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani cuisine is famous for its vibrant flavors, and Narc G1 Garlic adds depth and richness to an array of Pakistani recipes ranging from aromatic curries and marinades to mouthwatering kebabs and rice dishes. Narc G1 Garlic brings depth and richness to all forms of Pakistani cooking!

Recipes and Cooking Tips With Narc G1 Garlic

Consumers looking to explore the culinary possibilities of Narc G1 Garlic can access various recipes and cooking tips as valuable resources. These resources offer both inspiration and guidance for incorporating this flavorful ingredient into everyday meals.

Consumer Reviews and Experiences

Reviews from consumers play an invaluable role in shaping perceptions and preferences. Hearing directly from those who have experienced Narc G1 Garlic first-hand can provide insightful opinions regarding its flavor, aroma, and overall satisfaction – helping others make informed choices.

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Overall Conclusion

Narc G1 Garlic stands as a remarkable achievement in the agricultural landscape of Pakistan. Its exceptional characteristics, economic impact, and potential for export make it a valuable asset to the country’s garlic industry. By continuing to prioritize its cultivation and supporting its market presence, Pakistan can capitalize on the immense potential of Narc G1 Garlic for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and the overall economy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Narc G1 Garlic?

Narc G1 Garlic is a specific variety of garlic developed by Dr. Hamayun Khan at NARC (National Agricultural Research Centre) in Pakistan. It is known for its exceptional characteristics and promising benefits.

Why Narc G1 Garlic is so expensive?

The higher price of Narc G1 Garlic can be attributed to its superior quality, increased productivity, and potential for export. Compared to regular garlic, Narc G1 Garlic yields a significantly higher quantity per acre and has larger bulb sizes, making it more valuable in the market.

How can I differentiate between Narc G1 Garlic and regular garlic?

Differentiating between Narc G1 Garlic and regular garlic can be done through several factors. Narc G1 Garlic has larger bulb sizes, typically ranging from 250 to 450+ grams, whereas regular garlic bulbs weigh around 30 to 50 grams. Additionally, Narc G1 Garlic exhibits distinct characteristics in terms of taste, aroma, and texture, which can be experienced upon consumption.

How much G1 Garlic is required for one acre?

The recommended quantity of G1 Garlic for one acre of cultivation depends on various factors such as the desired spacing and planting density. However, on average, farmers generally plant around 200-250 maunds (approximately 7,000-8,800 kilograms) of Narc G1 Garlic per acre.

What is the season of G1 Garlic?

In Pakistan, G1 Garlic is commonly planted in the fall or winter season. The cooler temperatures during these seasons provide favorable conditions for the growth and development of G1 Garlic bulbs. Planting during the fall or winter allows the garlic to establish its root system before the onset of spring, leading to healthier and more robust growth.

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