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As summer heatwaves intensify, finding effective cooling solutions becomes crucial. Tamoor Fans, an industry leader with decades of experience providing fans for consumers in Pakistan. They offer various fan options designed to fit specific consumer requirements. Tamoor has built its reputation on offering stylish pedestal fans and energy efficient ceiling fans for those seeking quality cooling solutions. In this article, we explore Tamoor Fans price in Pakistan in detail, exploring their wide selection of models and series available to consumers today in 2024.

Tamoor Fans Price in Pakistan

Tamoor Fan Price in Pakistan

Tamoor offers a diverse range of fan options tailored to the needs of consumers in Pakistan. With prices varying to accommodate different budgets, Tamoor fans start at an accessible rate and extend to more advanced models, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every user. Stay cool with Tamoor’s quality and affordability in 2024. Here we will discuss all the model rates of tamoor fans in Pakistan.

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Tamoor Pedestal Fans

Tamoor Pedestal Fans presents a diverse range of options, catering to a multitude of preferences and budgets. With models starting at an affordable Rs. 7,800 and extending to more luxurious options priced at Rs. 25,000, Tamoor ensures there’s a perfect fit for every user in the year 2024.

Model NameSeriesPrice List
Eco Supreme Model 24” AC/DC BLDCAC/DC Series₨. 14,995
Table Cum Pedestal Fan₨. 7,800
Tamoor Mist FanPedestal Series₨. 25,000
Deluxe ModelAC Series₨. 12,935 to ₨. 12,995
Eco Supreme DC BLDCDC Series₨. 9,195
Pedestal FancyAC Series₨. 13,295
Eco Supreme 20” AC/DC BLDCAC/DC Series₨. 10,295

Tamoor Ceiling Fan Rate

Are You In Need Of Ceiling Fans? Tamoor has you covered when it comes to competitively priced options for ceiling fans, from Rs 8,260 up to Rs 20,195 in 2024. You are furthermore, providing effective cooling solutions without breaking the bank!

Model NameSeriesPrice Ranges
Super Pearl ModelAC Series₨. 11,695
Crystal Fancy ModelEco-Smart₨. 13,595
Waterproof ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,895
Classic ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,235 to ₨. 10,295
Executive ModelDC Series₨. 9,195
Sober Model₨. 11,695
Magnum Model₨. 12,495
Waterproof ModelEco-Smart₨. 12,295
Deluxe Model 3-StarAC Series₨. 8,795
Tamoor General ModelAC Series₨. 8,660 to ₨. 8,695
Grace ModelAC Series₨. 8,260 to ₨. 8,295
Tamoor General ModelAC Series₨. 8,660 to ₨. 8,695
Super Pearl Fancy ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,435 to ₨. 10,495
Crystal ModelAC Series₨. 10,660 to ₨. 10,695
Executive ModelEco-Smart₨. 11,695
Executive ModelAC Series₨. 9,160 to ₨. 9,195
Antique ModelAC Series₨. 11,960 to ₨. 11,995
Super Pearl Fancy ModelEco-Smart Series₨. 11,895
Executive ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,295
Antique ModelAC/DC Series₨. 12,995
Antique ModelEco-Smart Series₨. 14,395
Executive ModelAC Series₨. 9,160 to ₨. 9,195
Waterproof General ModelAC Series₨. 9,160 to ₨. 9,195
Antique ModelAC/DC Series₨. 12,995
Super Pearl ModelEco-Smart₨. 9,495 to ₨. 9,525
Super Nafees ModelAC Series₨. 8,560 to ₨. 8,595
Antique ModelEco-Smart Series₨. 14,395
Tamoor Mist FanPedestal Series₨. 25,000
Executive ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,295
Waterproof ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,895
Diamond ModelAC/DC Series₨. 10,895
Super Pearl ModelAC Series₨. 11,695
Penta ModelEco-Smart Series₨. 20,195
Nova Brave Model₨. 13,195

Tamoor Exhaust Fans

Ventilation is essential, and Tamoor Exhaust Fans provide various solutions to meet this need. Starting at Rs 4,230 for basic models up to Rs 10,430 for premium options available by 2024, their prices cover any budget.

Model NamePrice in Pakistan
Executive Model Special Metal Body Exhaust Fan₨. 4,230 to ₨. 8,230
Executive Model Special Metal Round Body Exhaust Fan₨. 8,230 to ₨. 10,430
Executive Plastic Body Special body Exhaust Fan₨. 4,470 to ₨. 5,125
Executive Model Special Metallic Square Body Exhaust Fan (Double-Action)₨. 5,320

Tamoor Bracket Fans Price

Tamoor Bracket Fans offer an innovative alternative for cooling. Their prices range from Rs. 8,000 to 15,200, providing something to meet every budget.

Model NameSeriesPrice in Pakistan
Fancy ModelBracket Fan₨. 8,000
Mega Bracket AC/DC BLDC₨. 11,595 to ₨. 15,200
Mega BracketDC Series₨. 10,295
Cabin FanAC SeriesRs. 12,185

Benefits of Tamoor Fans

Tamoor Fans offer more than just cooling. Their multiple advantages make them stand out among competitors in the market.

  • Energy Efficiency: Tamoor Fans are designed with energy efficiency in mind, to keep you cool without incurring an uncontrollably large electricity bill.
  • Tamoor Offers Multiple Solutions: No matter what style of fan you prefer from ceiling fans and bracket fans to table fans that provide targeted cooling. Tamoor has plenty of choices available for you.
  • Durability: Tamoor fans are designed for long-term use, offering reliable cooling solutions over an extended period.
  • Innovative Features: Certain models feature innovative features, such as remote control, adjustable height adjustment, and timer settings to further improve user experience.
  • Tamoor Fans Add Beauty: Tamoor fans add more than functionality to your living space; their stylish designs and modern finishes add aesthetic value.

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Overall Conclusion

Tamoor Fans has become the go-to brand in Pakistan when it comes to cooling solutions, offering a diverse selection of fan options tailored specifically for various needs and budgets. Energy efficiency, durability, and cutting-edge features combine together to make Tamoor Fans an unrivaled option among consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Tamoor Fans energy-efficient?

Yes, Tamoor Fans are designed with energy efficiency in mind, providing cooling without a significant impact on your electricity bill.

What is the price range for Tamoor Pedestal Fans?

Tamoor Pedestal Fans are available at prices ranging from Rs. 7,800 to Rs. 25,000, offering options for various budgets.

Do Tamoor Ceiling Fans come with additional features?

Some Tamoor Ceiling Fans come with features like remote control, adjustable height, and timer settings for enhanced convenience.

Are Tamoor Fans durable?

Yes, Tamoor Fans are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability for your cooling needs.

Where can I purchase Tamoor Fans in Pakistan?

Tamoor Fans are widely available in retail stores and online platforms across Pakistan.

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