Jazz Balance Share Code 2024 | How to Share Jazz Balance?

Jazz, a popular telecommunication company in Pakistan, provides a convenient facility for its prepaid users to share balances with friends and family. This service ensures that users can stay connected without the worry of running out of credit. Here we will inform you about the jazz balance share code and its methods step by step.

Jazz Balance Share Code

How to Share Jazz Balance?

  1. Ensure Both Users Have Prepaid Jazz Sims.
  2. Before initiating the balance-sharing process, both you and your friend must prepaid Mobilink Jazz sims.
  3. Dial the Jazz Balance Share Code.
  4. Open the dialer on your phone and insert the code: *100*<Recipient’s Number>*<Amount>#.
  5. Confirm the Sharing.
  6. After entering the code, a message box will appear on your screen. Type ‘1’ to confirm the sharing.
  7. Recipient Receives the Balance.
  8. Following confirmation, the recipient will receive the shared balance.

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Share Balance with Jazz World App

  1. Download and Log in to the Jazz World App.
  2. Begin by downloading the Jazz World App from the Play Store and logging in.
  3. Navigate to My Jazz and Balance Share.
  4. Go to the ‘My Jazz’ section and click on ‘Balance Share.’
  5. Fill in the Details and Confirm.
  6. Provide your number in ‘Send Balance From,’ the recipient’s number in ‘Send Balance To,’ enter the amount, and click ‘Confirm.’
  7. You will receive a PIN code via SMS, which you need to enter and click ‘Share.’
  8. Recipient Receives the Amount.
  9. Once you complete the sharing process, the recipient will receive the specified amount.

How to Make Jazz Balance Share Request?

If you find yourself running low on credit and need a little help from your friends or family, requesting a balance on your prepaid Jazz sim is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to initiate the process:

  1. To kick off the balance request, grab your phone and dial *107# on the dial pad. This code serves as the gateway to requesting Jazz balance.
  2. Once you’ve dialed the code, the system will prompt you to enter your friend’s MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number). This is the unique number assigned to their Jazz sim.
  3. Upon entering the friend’s MSISDN, the requested balance, along with service charges, will be deducted from the sender’s side. It’s important to note that the sender must be an active prepaid user of the Jazz sim.
  4. Great news for the requester. This service is entirely free of cost. Jazz dubs it “Jazz Yaari Load,” emphasizing the camaraderie among users helping each other stay connected.

Apply Terms and Conditions

  • Both Users Must Have Jazz Prepaid Sims,
  • For a successful transaction, both individuals involved must have Jazz prepaid sims.
  • Confirm Balance Before Sending,
  • Ensure to confirm your balance before initiating the transaction to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Transaction Cost and Limits,
  • Each transaction incurs a cost of Rs 4.77 + tax. Users can share a maximum of Rs 500 and a minimum of Rs 15 in a day.

Restrictions to Jazz Users

  • Balance sharing can only be done between two Jazz users. Transactions with users from other networks are not supported.

Sharing Jazz Balance between Jazz and Warid Numbers

Jazz to Warid Balance Share

  1. To share balance from Jazz to Warid, dial 100<Warid Number>*<Amount># and press ‘1’ to confirm.

Warid to Jazz Balance Share

  1. For Warid to Jazz balance sharing, send a message with the recipient’s number (0300XXXXXXX) and the amount (e.g., 100) to 2424.
  2. Wait for the transaction confirmation message.

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Final Words About Jazz Balance Share Code

In short, Jazz’s balance share service provides a convenient way for prepaid users to stay connected. Whether using the balance share code or the Jazz World App, the process is user-friendly. However, users must adhere to the terms and conditions, including the transaction cost and limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I share the balance with Jazz to Telenor or Jazz to Zong?

No, the Jazz Balance Share facility is only applicable for transactions between two Jazz users.

What is the maximum amount of balance I can share in a day?

You can share a maximum of Rs 500 and a minimum of Rs 15 in a day.

How much does each transaction cost?

Each transaction incurs a cost of Rs 4.77+ tax.

Are there any prerequisites for using the Jazz Balance Share facility?

Both the sender and the recipient must have Jazz prepaid sims to utilize this service.

Can I use the Jazz World App to share balance?

Yes, the Jazz World App provides a user-friendly interface to share balance seamlessly.

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