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Have you found yourself curious about the cost of upgrading your home with modern and durable doors? With PVC gaining popularity as a versatile and budget-friendly option, it’s natural to inquire about the PVC door price in Pakistan. PVC doors have taken the interior design scene by storm, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, and affordability. Join our exploration of PVC doors as we uncover the intricate web of influences that contribute to the formation of their pricing.

PVC Door Price

Current PVC Door Price in Pakistan Today

Prices for PVC doors in Pakistan can vary significantly, depending on several factors like door size, design complexity, and manufacturer brand reputation. On average though, Pakistan offers a range of prices. Here’s a breakdown for a better understanding:

PVC Plastic DoorPer Square Foot Price
Fiber Door (Multan)Rs. 300
Fiber Door (Peshawar)Rs. 400
Fiber Door (Lahore)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Karachi)Rs. 550
Fiber Door (Islamabad)Rs. 550
Fiber Door (Rawalpindi)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Faisalabad)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Gujranwala)Rs. 350

Factors Affecting PVC Door Prices in Pakistan

Understanding the cost implications of any home improvement project, like installing PVC doors, is vitally important. Multiple key factors influence their price points. let’s take a look.

1. Door Size and Dimensions
Door dimensions play an essential part in determining its price. Larger PVC doors that serve as main entrances or patio access often command higher costs due to increased material and manufacturing requirements.

2. Design Complexity and Aesthetics
PVC doors come in various designs and styles to meet a range of aesthetic preferences. However, their intricate patterns, textures, or embossing can affect their cost.

3. Additional Features and Hardware
Incorporating hardware elements such as handles, locks, and hinges can have a notable impact on the overall PVC door price of your purchase. Opting for premium options or customized features might result in additional expenses.

4. Thermal and Acoustic Properties
PVC doors are appreciated not only for their visual aesthetics but also due to their insulation capabilities. Doors designed with enhanced thermal efficiency and soundproofing may come at a higher upfront cost but can lead to significant energy savings over time.

5. Brand and Manufacturer
Brand reputation and manufacturer expertise both play an integral part in determining PVC door prices. Well-known and established brands may charge higher premiums as evidence of their commitment to quality and innovation.

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PVC Door Prices for Bedrooms

PVC doors offer an effective way of adding style, privacy, and security to your bedroom while simultaneously improving aesthetics. Let’s explore the price ranges available for these durable PVC doors designed specifically for bedrooms:

  • Standard-Sized PVC Doors:
    PVC options make an attractive and economical addition to standard bedroom doors, typically offering both visual appeal and reasonable costs. The expected range for standard-sized bedroom PVC door price is Rs. 2,500 to 6,500.
  • Customized PVC Doors:
    Looking for something truly individual and personalized? Customized PVC doors provide many creative design possibilities, with their prices depending on factors like design intricacy, size, and additional features.

Consider factors like the overall design and color scheme of your bedroom when choosing a PVC door for it. Select one that will enhance its aesthetic appeal while matching up with existing interior features and providing visual interest to create an engaging environment in your space.

PVC Door Prices for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another important area where PVC doors find use, and here are the price points of PVC doors designed specifically for bathrooms:

  • 3 Bay 7 Full Fiber PVC Doors:
    3 Bay 7 Full Fiber PVC Doors are an economical and sturdy choice for bathroom entrances, providing cost-cutting without sacrificing quality. Prices typically begin around Rs 1,360 per door.
  • Hop Fiber PVC Doors:
    Hop Fiber PVC Doors For those seeking an elegant and upscale bathroom door solution, hop fiber PVC doors may be a worthy consideration. Starting at approximately Rs 11,500 per door, these elegant door solutions add a sense of sophistication to any space in which they’re used.

Benefits of PVC Doors PVC

These doors provide homeowners with many advantages that make them an increasingly popular choice:

  • Durability: PVC doors are highly moisture resistant, making them an excellent solution for environments prone to humidity or dampness.
  • Low Maintenance Needed: With minimal upkeep requirements requiring polishing or painting on these doors, their longevity makes them ideal.
  • Affordable: PVC doors provide an economical alternative to wooden doors, making them a budget-friendly solution.
  • Design Versatility: With an array of modern and classic designs available, PVC doors provide the flexibility needed to fit different interior themes.

Comparing PVC Door Prices with Other Door Materials

PVC doors can provide several advantages over other types of doors offered on the market. However, it is important to evaluate the prices of different doors before making a choice. Here’s an overview of PVC door costs in comparison to other options that are commonly used:

  • Doors made of wood: Wooden doors are a classic option for homes. Unfortunately, their cost can be over the cost of PVC doors based on a variety of elements like the kind of timber used its design complexity, and the quality of workmanship in general. They can be significantly more expensive.
  • Steel DoorsSteel doors have been praised for their durability and security features, which makes them popular for exterior doors. They can cost more than PVC alternatives when they are equipped with security features, however, they provide more protection and are durable.
  • Fiberglass Doors: These doors have been relatively recently introduced to the market and offer the appearance of wood, but are also impervious to moisture and warping. Although fiberglass doors generally are more expensive than their PVC counterparts. However, they provide fantastic insulation properties and longevity benefits.
  • Doors made of aluminum: These light, yet sturdy and durable aluminum doors are usually used in commercial structures or entranceways. Their light weight makes them a desirable choice. Aluminum doors typically cost more than PVC due to the materials and structural qualities.

When comparing door prices to PVC door prices, you should consider various factors including durability, maintenance needs, energy efficiency, and their ability to meet your specific requirements. PVC doors are a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

TIPS for Buying PVC Doors in Pakistan

Before making your purchase, take note of these helpful hints to make sure you receive maximum value from your money:

  • Measure Accurately: Take precise measurements of your door frame to ensure an exact fit.
  • Explore Design Options: Compare various PVC doors until you find one that accentuates the decor in your interior space.
  • Check Brand Reputation: To guarantee quality products, opt for brands known for producing top-of-the-line PVC doors.
  • Request Price Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple suppliers to compare PVC door prices and offerings, before factoring in installation costs and expertise required for an efficient door fitting experience.

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Conclusion Of PVC Door Price

In the realm of home improvement, PVC doors have emerged as a reliable and stylish choice for modern homeowners. The PVC door price, durability, and design versatility make them an attractive option for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces. By understanding the factors that influence PVC door prices and following smart purchasing tips, you can make an informed decision that adds value to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are PVC doors suitable for exterior use?

PVC doors are primarily designed for interior use. However, some manufacturers offer PVC doors with enhanced weather resistance suitable for exterior applications.

Can I paint PVC doors to match my interior theme?

Yes, PVC doors can be painted to match your desired color scheme. Make sure to use paint specifically formulated for PVC surfaces.

Do PVC doors require regular maintenance?

PVC doors are relatively low-maintenance. Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep them looking their best.

Are PVC doors energy-efficient?

PVC doors offer good insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency by helping to regulate indoor temperature.

Can I install PVC doors myself, or should I hire a professional?

While DIY installation is possible for those with experience, hiring a professional ensures proper fitting and reduces the risk of errors.

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