10 Best Indoor & Rooftop Cricket In Lahore Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural heart, is widely revered for its deep-seated love of cricket. While outdoor grounds abound, indoor and rooftop cricket facilities have recently seen an upswing allowing cricket enthusiasts to enjoy their sport more freely with weather constraints and space restrictions out of mind. Here we present the best indoor and rooftop cricket in Lahore action for our readers’ consideration.

10 Best Indoor & Rooftop Cricket In Lahore

Top Places for Indoor & Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

Cricket has long been an integral part of Pakistani sporting culture, and Lahore stands as a hub of its cricket industry. Here, recreational and professional players alike will find plenty of opportunities for both indoor and rooftop cricket venues that provide thrills with breathtaking views while protecting them from unpredictable weather conditions.

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Rooftop Cricket

Rooftop Cricket in Shadbagh, Lahore offers an inviting cricketing atmosphere. Not only can it provide excellent playing conditions and snack services while you watch your favorite matches but its modern equipment provides safety for fans of cricket as well. Rooftop Cricket provides a truly delightful cricketing experience.

Rooftop Cricket

Al Rafy Rooftop Arena

Al Rafy Rooftop Arena in Zarrar Shaheed Road of Al-Faisal Town boasts cutting-edge facilities that elevate your cricketing experience to new levels. Conveniently located close to city centers, this facility is easily accessible for cricketing enthusiasts.

Al Rafy Rooftop Arena

Pavilion Top Cricket

The Pavilion Top Cricket in Lahore is a go-to spot for cricket enthusiasts in Lahore. Offering spacious courts equipped with floodlights, parking spots, refreshments, and restroom facilities as well as affordable pricing that represents great value. Furthermore, with friendly staff providing superior customer service it provides an ideal venue for enjoying cricketing fun!

Pavilion Top Cricket

Straight Drive Top Cricket

Straight Drive Top Cricket stands as Lahore’s premier indoor and rooftop cricket experience, offering one court equipped with floodlights, parking, refreshments, and restrooms at affordable rates starting at just Rs 1500 an hour – providing top-of-the-line cricket in an inviting environment.

Straight Drive Top Cricket

5th Generation Sports Complex

5th Generation Sports Complex in Sector Y DHA Phase 8 provides an unforgettable cricketing experience. Complete with one single court, floodlights, drinks, and parking, it provides budget-conscious cricket enthusiasts a cost-effective option to practice or casual play at their budget-friendly hourly pricing of Rs 1500 per hour. Making this location accessible and budget-friendly!

5th Generation Sports Complex

best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore: 1Q

Block Q Gulberg 2 offers the finest indoor and rooftop cricket experiences in Lahore for just Rs 4000 an hour! Access a full court for competitive or casual play. Don’t miss this chance. Book your visit with their team now by getting in touch with them today.

1Q the best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

Arena 360’s Top Cricket

Arena 360’s Top Cricket in Expo Avenue Society offers modern facilities designed to deliver an excellent cricketing experience, including spacious courts with modern equipment for optimal playing conditions at Rs 1500 an hour. An unbeatable option for cricket enthusiasts!

Arena 360's Top Cricket

Best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore: AIO Sports Arena

AIO Sports Arena in Block P, Dha Rahbar Phase 2 of Lahore is the premier destination for indoor cricket. You can rent their court for only Rs. 1500 an hour. The perfect opportunity to enjoy cricket with family or friends in an enjoyable atmosphere!

AIO Sports Arena the best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

Play On Lahore

Play On Lahore on Bedian Road offers an engaging indoor and rooftop cricket experience for guests of all levels. Perfect for cricket enthusiasts looking to enjoy this timeless pastime with family and friends, Play On Lahore features batting cages, bowling alleys, and much more. Open seven days a week, it ensures a safe yet fun environment.

Play On Lahore

Champions Arena the best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

in Lahore’s WAPDA Town Block H 1 is the premier indoor cricket venue. Boasting quality courts and excellent amenities, it makes an excellent venue for practice or league matches alike, with rates as low as Rs.1500 per hour making this an excellent option for cricket enthusiasts of all kinds.

Champions Arena the best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

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Other Places for the best indoor and Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

While the previously mentioned venues are among the top choices for indoor cricket in Lahore, there are several other options for enthusiasts to explore. Here, we’ll introduce you to a few more places where you can enjoy the thrill of cricket in unique settings within the vibrant city of Lahore.

  • Sports Pitch Arena Nasheman Iqbal Phase 1 Nasheman-e-Iqbal Housing Society Lahore
  • Sports In Sunny Park Lahore
  • Sports Brigade Al-Hamra Town Al Hamra Town, Lahore
  • Sporto – Indoor Cricket and Football 12 km Bedian Road Lahore
  • xx Sports Complex DHA Phase 3, Lahore
  • Titans Sports Arena Park View, Lahore
  • The Turf Block A Revenue Society Lahore
  • TeamUp – Sports Arena Street Number 1 Sadaat Town
  • Super Over Aabpara Housing Society Lahore
  • Stadium of Lights Valencia Main Blvd Block A Naz Town

Overall Summation

Lahore’s passion for cricket knows no bounds, and the city’s indoor and rooftop cricket facilities provide a unique avenue for players of all levels. From budget-friendly options to state-of-the-art complexes, these venues cater to the diverse cricketing interests of Lahore’s residents. Whether you’re a seasoned cricketer or just looking for some recreational fun, Lahore’s indoor and rooftop cricket options have something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these indoor and rooftop cricket facilities suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Many of these venues offer coaching and equipment rental for players of all skill levels.

Can I book these facilities for private events or corporate tournaments?

Yes, most of these facilities offer event packages and can accommodate private bookings and tournaments.

Are these venues open throughout the year, including during extreme weather conditions?

Many of these facilities are equipped to operate year-round, ensuring uninterrupted cricketing fun.

What safety measures are in place at these indoor and rooftop cricket facilities?

All these venues prioritize safety, with necessary safety equipment and trained staff to ensure a secure playing environment.

How do I book a session at these cricket facilities in Lahore?

Contact the respective facilities via the provided phone numbers to inquire about availability and make a booking.

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