ZIC Oil Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Zic Engine Oil Rate List

ZIC Oil has made waves in automotive care since it entered the scene, and that reputation continues to shine brightly into 2024. Their dedication to providing premium engine lubricants tailored specifically for modern engines has left an indelible mark on automotive care as we enter 2024. In this article, we explore ZIC Oil price in Pakistan while providing insight into the costs involved with maintaining your engine in peak condition.

ZIC Oil Price in Pakistan

ZIC Oil Price in Pakistan 2024

ZIC Engine oil has long been considered an industry standard when it comes to vehicle maintenance, yet understanding its price can be daunting. On average, one liter of ZIC engine oil may cost between Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,800 depending upon product line and location.

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ZIC Oil for Bikes Rate List in Pakistan

Pakistanis own bikes in practically every household, offering convenient and efficient transport solutions. Regular oil changes are essential to keeping these bikes running efficiently. ZIC Oil recognizes the need for bike engines. They offer motorcycle-specific lubricants at competitive prices accessible to customers in Pakistan.

Oil ModelsPrice of 0.7 LiterPrice of 1 Liter
M5 10W-50 (VHVI TECH)Rs. 1,150Rs. 1,635
M9 10W-40 (VHVI TECH)Rs. 1,305Rs. 1,860
M5 20W-40 (VHVI TECH)Rs. 940Rs. 1,330
M3 20W-50Rs. 720Rs. 1,025

ZIC Oil Price for Diesel Engines

While hybrid and petrol cars have become more prevalent, Pakistan still remains home to many vehicles that run on diesel, such as cargo trucks and transport buses. ZIC Oil recognizes this need by creating engine oils tailored specifically for these diesel-powered vehicles to ensure smooth operations and prolong engine lifespan.

Oil ModelsPrice of 1 LiterThe price of 4 LiterPrice of 5 LiterPrice of 6 Liter
X7000 10W-40/CI-4 (5000)Rs. 1,380Rs. 5,340N/ARs. 8,010
X7000 15W-40/CI-4 (5000 POWER)Rs. NoRs. 6,755Rs. NoRs. No
X5000 15W-40/CH-4 (SD 5000)Rs. NoRs. 5,080Rs. 6,350Rs. 7,620
X3000 20W-50/CF-4 (SD 3000)Rs. 1,340Rs. 5,340N/ARs. 7,980

ZIC Oil Rate for Petrol and Hybrid Cars

With the introduction of hybrid cars into Pakistani society comes a new need for engine oil lubricants that meet these advanced engines. Local oils may not always suffice. ZIC Oil offers a wide range of tailored lubricants for petrol and hybrid cars. These lubricants ensure optimal protection and performance in modern vehicles.

Product Name1 Liter Price3 Liter Price4 Liter Price
Top 0W-40Rs. 3,360Rs. 10,083Rs. 13,877
X7 FE 0W-30 (OW – Hybrid)N/AN/ARs. 10,307
X7 FE 0W-20Rs. 2,587Rs. 7,594Rs. 10,118
X9 5W-40 (XQ)Rs. 2,653N/ARs. 10,395
X7 FE 5W-20 (A+)Rs. 2,292Rs. 6,881Rs. 9,173
X7 10W-40 (A)Rs. 2,082Rs. 6,246Rs. 8,328

Benefits of ZIC Oil

ZIC Oil’s reputation rests not only on its cost-effectiveness but also on the numerous advantages it can provide to vehicle owners. Some of the key advantages associated with using ZIC Oil include:

  • Enhanced Engine Performance: ZIC Oil’s formulation reduces friction and wear on engine components, resulting in improved performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Extended Engine Life: The high-quality additives in ZIC Oil protect your engine from premature wear and help extend its lifespan.
  • Better Fuel Economy: With reduced friction, your engine operates more efficiently, leading to better fuel economy.
  • Environmental Responsibility: ZIC Oil ensures that its products meet the necessary quality and environmental standards by committing to environmentally responsible practices.
  • Wide Range of Products: ZIC Oil offers a diverse range of products, catering to various types of engines and vehicles, from motorcycles to hybrid cars and heavy-duty diesel engines.

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Overall Summation

As we move further into automotive care in 2024, ZIC Oil remains an affordable and dependable option for engine lubrication. No matter if you drive a petrol car, hybrid vehicle, or bike. ZIC Oil’s product offerings provide reliable lubrication solutions for them all. Plus its competitive pricing provides access to many vehicle owners. Thanks to its commitment to quality and performance ZIC Oil remains a trusted name within the automotive industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ZIC Oil suitable for all types of vehicles?

Yes, ZIC Oil offers a wide range of products suitable for various types of engines and vehicles, including petrol cars, hybrid cars, diesel engines, and motorcycles.

Are there any special formulations for hybrid cars?

Yes, ZIC Oil provides specialized lubricants for hybrid cars to ensure optimal performance and protection for these advanced engines.

What are the benefits of using ZIC Oil for bikes?

ZIC Oil for Bikes offers enhanced engine performance, extended engine life, improved fuel economy, and environmental responsibility.

Where can I purchase ZIC Oil in Pakistan?

ZIC Oil products are available at various authorized dealers, service centers, and automotive supply stores across Pakistan.

Is ZIC Oil environmentally friendly?

Yes, ZIC Oil is committed to environmentally responsible practices, and its products meet the necessary quality and environmental standards.

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