24k Gold Chain Price In Pakistan 2024 | Per Tola Rates

In Pakistan, with its traditions and elegance, gold has long been seen as a sign of prestige and an investment asset. Of all forms of gold jewelry available today, 24K gold chains stand as symbols of sophistication, reflecting both culture and luxury in equal measures. As we peel back the layers of exploration into this exquisite adornment further, one question arises: what is its price in Pakistan today? We set out on this journey to unravel its mystique while delving deeper into its valuation complexities. What does 24k Gold Chain Price today in Pakistan?

24k Gold Chain Price In Pakistan 2023

Pakistan Price of 24K Gold Chain in 2024

Step into the world of the golden of 2024 with prices that span a captivating spectrum. The average price of a 24K gold chain embarks on a journey, ranging from Rs. 17,556 to Rs. 141,588, offering options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

24K Gold Chain TypeMinimum PricesMaximum Prices
1 Gram 24K Gold ChainRs. 15,364Rs. 16,364
2 Gram 24K Gold ChainRs. 28,166Rs. 29,166
0.10 Tael 24K Gold ChainRs. 1,11,662Rs. 1,21,662
10 Gram 24K Gold ChainRs. 1,53,635Rs. 2,00,000
1.25 Tola 24K Gold Chain PriceRs. 1,79,200Rs. 1,90,200

Chain Types and Prices of Gold Chains

Explore a spectrum of elegance as we delve deeper into the world of gold chains. From delicate 1-gram wonders to weightier 10-gram statements, explore the diverse range of designs and prices that adorn Pakistan’s jewelry landscape.

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Price of One Gram 24K Gold Chain

When considering the rate of a 1-gram 24K gold chain, it’s essential to keep both quality and cost in mind. These exquisite works of artistry can range anywhere from Rs. 15,364 to Rs. 16,364, depending on their design complexity and purity of gold.

One Gram 24K Gold Chain

Price of 2 Gram 24K Gold Chain in Pakistan

Moving up in weight, the 2-gram gold chain segment offers an intriguing range. 18K gold pieces may cost approximately Rs. 28,166 while adding 24K pieces may increase their price to approximately Rs. 29,166.

2 Gram 24K Gold Chain

0.10 Tael 24K Gold Chain rate

For those searching for luxurious accessories, 0.10-tael 24K gold chains make an alluring investment piece. Their cost typically falls between Rs 111,662 and Rs 121,662, proving their exquisite craftsmanship and the inherent worth of gold.

0.10 Tael Chain

The rate for 10 Gram 24K Gold Chain

As one enters the realm of 10-gram 24K gold chains, prices vary depending on size, material type, and design preferences. Typically between Rs. 153,635 and Rs. 200,000 for quality designs catering to a sophisticated clientele.

10 Gram 24K Gold Chain

1.25 Tola 24K Gold Chain Prices in Pakistan

The 1 tola 24K gold chain offers the perfect piece if you prefer more substantial accessories. Prices typically range between Rs. 179,200 and Rs. 190,200 and reflect both the intricate artistry and the intrinsic worth of this noble metal.

1.25 Tola Chain

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Overall Conclusion

Gold has long been a hallmark of prestige in Pakistan’s culture and economy. 2024 saw continued demand for gold chains of various designs with prices reflecting this complex balance between design, weight, purity, design, and price. 24K gold chains remain timeless symbols of elegance and prosperity in Pakistani households today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the prices mentioned fixed, or do they fluctuate?

The prices of gold chains can be subject to market dynamics and variations in gold prices. It’s advisable to stay updated with current rates.

What factors contribute to the varying prices of gold chains?

The prices are influenced by factors such as the purity of gold, the intricacy of design, weight, and prevailing market conditions.

Are these prices specific to a particular region in Pakistan?

The prices mentioned are indicative and can vary based on the jeweler, location, and other market factors.

Do gold chain prices follow a predictable trend over time?

While historical trends can provide insights, the volatility of the global gold market can lead to fluctuations in prices.

Are there any other factors to consider before purchasing a gold chain?

Yes, it’s essential to verify the authenticity of the gold, understand the jeweler’s reputation, and ensure proper documentation for your purchase.

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