Jazz PUBG Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, & Monthly 2024

Jazz Telecom in Pakistan recognizes that gaming has become an integral part of daily life and has developed PUBG Internet Packages specifically to offer gamers an exceptional gaming experience at an affordable and high-speed internet connectivity price point. Here we will discover all the daily, weekly, and monthly internet offers for PUBG Mobile game.

Jazz PUBG Internet Packages

Jazz PUBG Internet Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Packages 2024

Jazz Telecom has made strides to meet the evolving digital connectivity landscape by offering customized PUBG Internet Packages designed specifically to meet gamers’ growing demands in 2024. These packages aim to offer seamless and immersive gameplay while offering high-speed internet at reasonable rates – offering seamless gaming at affordable rates! Let we discover the more details of Jazz’s PUBG Packages available daily, weekly and monthly for 2024 gamers!

Jazz Daily Internet PUBG Package

Jazz provides gamers seeking an easy gaming fix with its Daily Internet PUBG Package, priced at Rs 35 inclusive of tax. Users gain access to one gigabyte (GB) of PUBG data allowing 24 hours of intense gameplay! Simply dial *1174# to activate it now for an exhilarating PUBG experience!

Bundle NameJazz Daily PUBG Package
PriceRs. 35 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive1 GB data for PUBG
Duration01 Day
How to ActivateDial *1174#

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Jazz Weekly PUBG Offer

Jazz offers its Weekly New PUBG Offer at Rs 50 to avid gamers, providing 3GB dedicated solely for PUBG gameplay. For seamless gaming experiences for seven days dial *670# to sign up now and elevate your gaming adventures!

Bundle NameJazz Weekly PUBG Offer
PriceRs. 50 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive3GB data for PUBG
Duration07 Days
How to ActivateDial *670#

Jazz Weekly PUBG Package

For those in search of that extra boost, Jazz offers its Weekly PUBG Plus Offer at just Rs 212 (taxes inclusive). Simply dial *117*47# and activate this plan. Along with 7 uninterrupted gaming sessions during each week plus 50 all-network call minutes and 4GB of data!

Bundle NameJazz Weekly PUBG Package
PriceRs. 212 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive4 GB data (50 all networks call mins)
Duration07 Days
How to ActivateDial 117*47#

Jazz Weekly PUBG Offer

Enjoy multiplayer gaming sessions with friends using Jazz’s Weekly PUBG Offer for just Rs. 2887 (taxes included). It provides 10GB of data devoted solely to PUBG over seven days for just an affordable Rs. 2887 price point. To check your balance or activate it simply dial 1592# or type *159# respectively.

Bundle NameJazz Weekly PUBG Offer
PriceRs. 287 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive10GB for PUBG
Duration07 Days
How to ActivateDial *159#
How to Check Remaining DataDial *159*2#

Jazz Reviving its Weekly PUBG Plus Offer

With only Rs 338 (inclusive of tax), Jazz offers an amazing weekly gaming offer that extends gaming pleasure. To check remaining data MBs dial 4532# while dialling *453# will activate, taking your gaming experience to new heights!

Bundle NameJazz Weekly PUBG Plus Offer
PriceRs. 338 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive15 GB + 10 GB DATA (2 AM to 2 PM) for PUBG
Duration07 Days
How to ActivateDial *453#
How to Check Remaining DataDial *453*2#

Jazz Night PUBG Offer

For gamers who live to game late into the night, Jazz is offering its Night PUBG Offer at only Rs 15 including taxes for 2GB of PUBG bandwidth between 12 am and 12 pm at just Rs 15. Dial *757# to start gaming without restrictions hindering your gaming experience!

Bundle NameJazz Daily Night PUBG Offer
PriceRs. 15 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive2 GB data for PUBG (12AM to 12PM)
Duration01 Day
How to ActivateDial *757#

Jazz Monthly PUBG Internet Package

For gamers looking for an unparalleled gaming experience, Jazz offers its Monthly PUBG Internet Package at only Rs. 1000. Offering 25GB of gaming data specifically dedicated to this game, this deal provides uninterrupted playback for an unparalleled gaming adventure.

Bundle NameJazz Monthly PUBG Package
PriceRs. 1000 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive25 GB data + 10 GB YouTube + 250 Call Minutes for all Network
Duration30 Days
How to ActivateDial *2000#

Jazz Monthly PUBG Data Offer

For Rs 869 (including taxes), fans of PUBG can take advantage of Jazz’s Monthly PUBG Data Offer for 24GB+12GB (2 AM-2 PM). Simply dial #11732*2# and #11732# after 30 days to check the remaining MBs and continue their gaming spree!

Bundle NameJazz Monthly PUBG Offer
PriceRs. 869 (Incl. Tax)
Incentive24 GB data + 12 GB data (2 AM to 2 PM) for PUBG
Duration30 Days
How to ActivateDial 117*32#
How to Check Remaining MBsDial 117*32*2#

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Final Verdict About Jazz PUBG Internet Packages

Jazz Telecom’s strategic move to introduce specialized PUBG Internet Packages reflects the evolving landscape of digital entertainment. These packages not only cater to the diverse needs of gamers but also contribute to the broader gaming community. As the demand for immersive gaming experiences grows, Jazz remains at the forefront, providing affordable and high-speed internet solutions tailored for PUBG enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these PUBG packages available for all Jazz users?

Yes, these packages are available for all Jazz users, ensuring that a wide range of gamers can enjoy an enhanced PUBG experience.

Can I check my remaining data balance for PUBG usage?

Certainly, Jazz provides easy ways to check your remaining data balance. Simply dial the specified code mentioned for each package.

Are these PUBG packages applicable to other online games?

While these packages are designed with PUBG in mind, the data provided can be utilized for other online gaming experiences as well.

Is Jazz planning to introduce more gaming-specific packages in the future?

Jazz is committed to meeting the evolving needs of gamers. Stay tuned for potential future announcements and additions to their gaming package offerings.

How can I subscribe to these PUBG packages?

To subscribe to any of the Jazz PUBG packages, simply follow the activation instructions mentioned for each package. Dial the provided code, and you’re ready to elevate your gaming experience.

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