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Are you planning on an adventure from bustling Karachi to peaceful Islamabad, perhaps by train? If that is the case, ticket prices for this popular route could be an important consideration. Traveling by train not only offers affordable transport solutions but also provides an unforgettable opportunity to discover Pakistan’s beauty first-hand via open scenery and interactions with fellow passengers. In this article, we will discuss various options available and train ticket prices on this route from Karachi to Islamabad.

Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Current Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

The train ticket prices for the journey from Karachi to Islamabad vary depending on the class chosen. There are many services mentioned below. Plan your trip and choose the class that best suits your budget and comfort preferences.

Green Line

The Green Line train service provides the quickest means of traveling between Karachi and Islamabad, covering the distance in 21 hours and 20 minutes. This premium service offers both AC Business class (ticket fare: Rs 9950) and Economy class tickets; those in AC Business pay an extra Rs 1000 while Economy tickets cost just Rs. 2300 each way.

Class NameBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / StandardRs. 9650N/A
AC BusinessRs. 12100N/A
EconomyRs. 5350Rs. 5250
Parlor CarN/ARs. 10850

Rehman Baba Express

Are you on a tight budget? If so, the Rehman Baba Express could be just what you need! Catering specifically to lower-class passengers who wish to travel between two cities at an economical cost – with 28 stops along its route and approximately 22 hours and 30 minutes journey time (economy class ticket costs Rs 3000; sleeper or seat cost 2900).

Class NameBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8100Rs. 8100
AC BusinessRs. 9050Rs. 9050
EconomyRs. 3550Rs. 3450

Pakistan Express

The Pakistan Express provides an enjoyable train journey between Karachi and Islamabad, taking approximately 26 hours. As an economy-class train, ticket prices remain the same at Rs 2950 for both seats and beds.

Class NameBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8100Rs. 8100
AC BusinessRs. 9050Rs. 9050
EconomyRs. 3550Rs. 3450

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Karachi to Islamabad Train Expresses and Ticket Prices

Awam Express

This passenger train travels between Karachi and Islamabad in approximately 29 hours and 50 minutes. This passenger train features both Business/AC Class and Economy Class seating. Tickets cost Rs. 3600 in each case with beds costing 1550 rupees while seats come out to Rs. 1450 each way.

Class NameBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8500Rs. 8500
EconomyRs. 3600Rs. 3500

Tezgam Express

The Tezgam Express runs daily between Karachi and Islamabad, offering passengers a comfortable travel option between both cities. It provides various ticket classes such as AC Business (Rs. 8650), AC Lower/Standard (Rs. 7100), AC Sleeper (Rs. 11350), Economy Sleeper (3900), and Economy Seat (3900).

Class NameBerth FareSeat Fare
Ac Lower / StandardRs. 8600Rs. 8600
AC BusinessRs. 10500Rs. 10500
AC SleeperRs. 13850Rs. 13850
EconomyRs. 4700Rs. 4600

Khyber Mail

Departing from Islamabad at 1:55 AM, the Khyber Mail arrives in Karachi at 5:15 AM. The train offers various ticket categories, including Air conditioning business (Rs. 7000), AC Lower Criteria (Rs. 7000), AC Sleeper (Rs. 10800), Economy (Rs. 3000 for seats, Rs. 2900 for sleepers).

Class NameBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8500Rs. 8500
AC BusinessRs. 9800Rs. 9800
AC SleeperRs. 13150Rs. 13150
EconomyRs. 3600Rs. 3500

Factors Affecting Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Prices

Multiple factors can have an effect on train ticket prices from Karachi to Islamabad. Key ones include:

Train Class

Your ticket price will depend upon which class you select – AC Business, Economy, or Sleeper – with premium classes typically coming with higher ticket costs due to additional facilities and comfort features.

Distance and Duration

The length and number of stops along a journey’s path can have an effect on ticket price; longer journeys often have higher fares compared to shorter ones.

Demand and Availability

Ticket prices can fluctuate based on demand and availability; during busy travel seasons or periods with increased demand, ticket prices may rise as demand for them rises.

Types of Train Services

Different trains provide unique services and amenities. Premium or faster services might require higher fares compared to slower services.

Booking Time

Your ticket price depends heavily on when and how soon it is booked; early purchases may offer discounts while last-minute bookings might require paying an increased price tag.

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Overall Conclusion

Traveling by train from Karachi to Islamabad is not only cost-effective but also offers a chance to experience the diverse landscapes of Pakistan. With multiple train options available, passengers can choose between various ticket prices and classes to suit their preferences and budgets. Whether you opt for the Green Line’s speedy service or the budget-friendly Rehman Baba Express, train travel provides a safe and comfortable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any luxury train services available between Karachi and Islamabad?

Yes, the Green Line train service offers premium AC Business class for a luxurious travel experience.

How long does it take to travel by train from Karachi to Islamabad?

The duration of the journey varies depending on the train service, ranging from approximately 21 hours to 29 hours and 50 minutes.

Can I book train tickets online for the Karachi to Islamabad route?

Yes, many train services offer online booking options for your convenience.

Are there any discounts available for group bookings?

Some train services may offer group booking discounts. It is best to check with the respective train service for details.

What is the most affordable train option for traveling between the two cities?

The Rehman Baba Express provides a budget-friendly option for passengers seeking an economical journey.

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