Homage Battery Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Rate List Updated

Power outages have become an everyday occurrence across Pakistan, underscoring the urgent need for reliable backup power solutions in both residential and commercial settings. Homage battery is renowned among power and home appliance players for its performance, durability, and affordability. They have quickly established themselves as reliable options in Pakistan’s markets. This guide revolves around the Homage battery price in Pakistan, its features, and its benefits.

Homage Battery

Homage Battery Overview

The Homage Battery has long been considered an authority in power solutions, and its offerings stand as a testament to its commitment to quality. Their vast selection of batteries covers residential households as well as commercial establishments. However, innovative, reliable, and advanced technology features have cemented them as one of the top picks among consumers seeking effective backup solutions.

Current Homage Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

Homage batteries are designed to meet the budgets and needs of diverse consumers, with options that fit all types of budgets and lifestyles. Prices vary based on factors such as capacity, technology, and features, with high-capacity choices ranging from Rs 5,200 for entry-level models to Rs 29,300 for advanced options. This pricing range enables customers to choose an option that suits their power backup needs while maintaining quality. This broad price spectrum offers customers options to find a battery that best matches their backup needs without compromising on quality!

Battery ModelsPrice
HB45 33AhRs. 5200
HB165 120AhRs. 19300
HB196G 120AhRs. 21300
HB50G 33AhRs. 5500
HB146G 100AhRs. 17600
HB210G 150AhRs. 26100
HB65 45AhRs. 7000
HB70G 50AhRs. 7800
HB220G 150AhRs. 29300
HB195 150AhRs. 22700
HB200G 125AhRs. 25700
HB150G 110AhRs. 19500

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Factors Affecting Homage Battery Prices in Pakistan

Multiple factors affect the pricing of Homage batteries in the Pakistani market. These considerations not only influence costs but also determine overall consumer value proposition. Key elements include:

  • Battery Capacity: Batteries with higher capacities usually command a higher price due to their ability to provide extended power backup timeframes.
  • Battery Technology: Advanced technologies, such as AGM or gel-based designs, may warrant higher prices due to their superior performance and lifespan.
  • Features and Specifications: Batteries that include additional features like intelligent monitoring systems, overcharge protection, or fast charging capabilities may incur an extra premium in price.
  • Durability and Lifespan: Batteries with longer lifespans and warranties might come at a higher initial cost, but offer better long-term value.
  • Brand Reputation: Homage’s well-earned brand recognition as an industry leader in quality and reliability drives its battery pricing strategy, reflecting its dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Homage Battery Suppliers in Pakistan

Here are we mentioned some top Homage Batteries suppliers in Pakistan.

  • Pak Battery Traders
  • AAA BAttery Zone
  • Battery Max
  • Narada Dry Gel Batteries
  • Powertronix Dry Battery House
  • MS Electronics
  • Solution Inn
  • Azam Battery Centre
  • UPS Battery Shop
  • Pak Battery Dealers
  • National Battery Industries
  • Qazzafi Battery Traders
  • Narada Pakistan
  • Waqas Groups

Benefits of Homage Batteries

Homage batteries have become popular due to their numerous advantages for users:

  • Durability: Manufactured to withstand a range of environmental conditions, Homage batteries deliver consistent performance over an extended lifespan.
  • Reliability: Designed for uninterrupted operations and peace of mind, Homage batteries provide consistent and reliable power backup during outages for our users.
  • Affordability: With such an expansive selection of battery models and prices available today, consumers are sure to find something suitable that meets both their needs and budget.
  • Variety: They offer customers a selection of batteries to meet the unique requirements of each application, giving them complete freedom in selecting their battery of choice.
  • Performance: Homage batteries have gained recognition for efficiently converting and delivering energy, thereby maximizing the usability of stored power.

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Overall Conclusion

In a country where power outages are a recurrent challenge, having a reliable power backup solution is crucial. Homage batteries have emerged as a sought-after choice for consumers seeking quality, performance, and affordability. With a range of batteries catering to different needs and budgets, Homage continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply across Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Homage batteries suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, Homage batteries are designed to cater to a wide range of power backup requirements, making them suitable for both residential households and commercial.

What factors should I consider when selecting a Homage battery?

When selecting a battery that suits your requirements, consider factors like battery capacity, technology, features, durability, and brand reputation.

Do higher-priced Homage batteries offer better performance?

Higher-priced Homage batteries might offer advanced features, longer lifespans, and enhanced performance. But the choice ultimately depends on your specific power backup needs.

Can I expect consistent performance from Homage batteries over time?

Yes, Homage batteries are known for their durability and consistent performance over an extended lifespan. They are ensuring reliable power backup during outages.

Are there any special maintenance requirements for Homage batteries?

While Homage batteries are designed for hassle-free use, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance. By this, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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